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Mayan calendarIn the past The Teeming Brain has proceeded on a schedule dictated by personal, mercurial whims, energy levels, and availability. But for those of you among the extended teem (as we like to think of our readers) who prefer some structure and regularity to your online engagement, we’ve now got you covered. Here’s the official posting/publishing schedule for the new Teeming Brain. (Note that the accompanying Mayan calendar is for illustration purposes only, and should not be taken as any kind of metaphor for any kind of apocalyptic enfoldment and overcoming of clock time by daimonic-liminal-spirit time.)


  • Mondays – Liminalities by Matt Cardin (launching July 23). Delving into the mutual collision of horror, spirituality, apocalypse, dystopia, sleep paralysis, and daemonic creativity at the interstices of consciousness and culture.
  • Tuesdays – De Umbris Idearum by David Metcalfe. An ongoing exploration of anomalous and transpersonal experiences as they are codified, cultivated, and encultured through narrative, art, corporate governance, and popular culture.
  • Wednesdays – Cinema Purgatorio. Short films and other delicacies for viewing online from the Internet’s cinematic treasure trove.
  • Fridays – Recommended Reading. Our popular weekly profusion of fascination from articles, essays, and blog posts, culled and selected by real humans from the vastness of the media webs.


  • First Wednesday (Aug. 1, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, etc.) – Sparking Neurones by Stuart Young. Reflections on literature, cinema, comic books, television, pop culture, and the ideas that drive them.
  • Third Wednesday (Aug. 15, Sept. 19, Oct. 17, etc.) – The Extinction Papers by T. E. Grau. Dispatches from the end of the world as we know it.

And of course this regularity will be interwoven with the usual ongoing posting of links, articles, observations, mini-essays, and asides from the apocalyptic multiverse of ideas.


About The Teeming Brain

The Teeming Brain is a blog magazine exploring the intersection of religion, horror, the paranormal, creativity, consciousness, and culture. It also tracks apocalyptic and dystopian trends in technology, politics, ecology, economics, the arts, education, and society at large.

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