Shadow Visitors: Sleep paralysis and discarnate “dark ones”

Louis Proud: Dark IntrusionsA week or so ago I finished reading Louis Proud’s fascinating book Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Published just last year, it argues that sleep paralysis is actually a cousin to spirit mediumship, in that the experience represents an actual visitation by paranormal entities that live constantly among us. Usually we remain in a condition of mutual ignorance — we don’t see these entities, and they don’t see us — but sometimes they become aware of us, and then, if they’re the lower and more craven kind, they latch onto us to feed on our life energy. Sufferers of sleep paralysis thus serve as conduits to the spiritual or daimonic realm in a manner roughly similar to mediums or, in a slightly different context, the teenager that’s typically identified as the focal point for a poltergeist disturbance. (For a detailed explanation of Proud’s ideas, see the interview he gave to TheoFantastique a couple of months ago.)

You’ll recall that I myself suffered for years from savage episodes of sleep paralysis. I still have them occasionally, only they’re much milder and less dramatic than they used to be. In the beginning they were fully as shattering and spiritually transformational as what Proud — a sleep paralysis sufferer himself — describes in his book. Although I never bought fully into an all-out paranormal explanation of the whole thing, remaining mostly skeptical about such matters, I was unable, as a matter of psychological fact, to escape the awful pall that the experiences cast over my life for a few years, just as I was unable to deny the clear impression that the figure or figures that visited me during those episodes were objectively real, as opposed to subjective dream figures generated by my brain. Of course, that doesn’t mean they actually were (or are) real. But as in all things, it’s prudent here to make sure you’re informed before you pass judgment, and in this case that might mean reading — for instance — the work of David J. Hufford, the brilliant pioneer of sleep paralysis studies (and a professor of both humanistic medicine and religious studies in the Penn State and University of Pennsylvania systems). Among the several aspects of his work that are guaranteed to provoke a reaction deeper than a mere shrug are his findings that the phenomenology of the sleep paralysis experience (what it feels like, and what the “entities” encountered during it look like and act like) remains constant across cultures, even among those that are fully isolated from each other, thus giving the lie to the idea that cultural expectations determine the content of the attendant hypnagogic visions; and that even among educated moderns who have been taught, or who have sometimes eagerly sought out on their own, the voluminous medical literature that explains the neurological aspects of sleep paralysis, it’s still quite common for them absorb this medical-scientific knowledge without changing their opinion that their experiences have a metaphysical or paranormal basis.

Reading Proud’s book has got me to reflecting seriously on everything that happened to me during those years, a task that’s made easier by the fact that I wrote about a lot of it in my journal at the time.

Here are two things about my experiences that I’ve never mentioned to anybody, including family and close friends. I bring them up now because I figure they might prove interesting to those of you who are fans of my horror fiction and want to know more about its origins.

First, I’ll highlight two famous images from Hollywood that, although they’re very distinct from each other, manage in tandem to illustrate the thing that I encountered during one of my earliest and most powerful sleep paralysis experiences (which I described in a kind of glossed-over fashion in “Fun with nocturnal assault“):

"The Beast Within" and "John Carpenter's The Thing"

If you can imagine these two images — which are probably familiar to you — mingled together to the point where they’re concomitant, then you’ll have a good sense of what I encountered in my bedroom one night in 1993. On that occasion, I emerged circa 3 a.m. from a sleep so deep that it was almost a coma, to find myself paralyzed by a dark figure hovering over me at the foot of the bed. When I say I was paralyzed by the figure, that’s precisely accurate: I had the sense that this thing was responsible for the awful state of paralysis that had unaccountably taken hold of me. And yes, I do know, and I think I may even have known then, about the physical paralysis that naturally occurs during REM sleep. In the presence of that dark figure, I was immediately panicked, horrified, positively sickened with terror and dread, in a way and to a degree that I had not only never experienced but had never even conceived. And this horror was a result not only of my paralysis, nor of the figure’s presence and frightening appearance, but of the awful knowledge of its reason for being there, which gripped me suddenly and totally. The thing was a vaguely man-shaped vortex of darkness, and I knew, with a kind of psychological weight that I had never imagined, that it was the anti-me, that it was like my own personal black hole, and that its presence, in fact its very existence, meant my utter annihilation. I actually felt it sucking my entire being into it, like a roaring, devouring hurricane meant for me and me alone.

Yes, cue thoughts of the Jungian shadow, the disjected and repressed aspects of the total self, objectified in a moment of involuntary hypnagogia to confront me. But does such an explanation, even if accepted (and it sounds valid to me), necessarily negate and exclude all others? Can’t the “explanation” of many things be multivalent?

So that’s the first of the two things mentioned above: In 1993, during my worst-ever episode of sleep paralysis, I encountered a demonic-seeming figure whose very essence and raison d’etre was my utter negation, and which looked a bit like the cinematic images I’ve supplied. I didn’t think of the movie pictures until sometime afterward, though, when I was trying to come to grips with the whole thing, and was trying to remember what the entity had looked like, which was singularly difficult because although it definitely had a visual appearance, which definitely felt like I was looking at it in just as real and wakeful a fashion as I’m now looking at my laptop screen, its appearance was also, somehow, psychological or spiritual, so that what it looked like to the physical eye was completely intermingled with what it “looked” like to thought, emotion, and the imaginal eye.

The second thing is a little anecdote from my college years that has come back to haunt me from time to time, and that has now pushed its way to the front of my thoughts thanks to Proud’s book. As I mentioned in a recent Demon Muse post (“Stoking Your Creative Fire: Embrace your Creative Demon’s Rhythm (1)”), when I was an undergraduate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I took a class titled The Creative Process. It was offered through the honors college, and was created and taught by Dr. Betty Scott, who in addition to being a noted trumpet player was and is a long-time adherent of alternative spiritualities and health modalities. Her Creative Process class, which I took when it was brand new and had only been offered once or twice before, was ostensibly about the subject named in its title. It was supposedly intended to teach students the psychology of creativity and help them increase their creative potential. And while it really did cover this territory, it also ended up being so chock-full of non-mainstream spiritual and psychological stuff that it could validly have been titled New Age 101. Under Dr. Scott’s tutelage, I and my fellow students engaged in guided visualizations to find internal creative guides. We drew and shared personal mandalas. We created and endlessly wrote affirmations. We listened to subliminal learning tapes consisting of New Age electronic music accompanied by subaural messages aimed at increasing our creative focus and energy. We discussed Richard Bach’s newest book at the time, One, which continued the author’s tale of his transcendent love affair with his “soulmate,” Leslie Parrish-Bach, that he had begun in The Bridge Across Forever. (Having been mesmerized first by Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull and then his Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah back in high school, I was an easy mark for this one. Of course, the whole thing seemed to fall apart retroactively when he and Leslie divorced in the late 1990s.)

At first I dug the hell of the whole thing, and I started out as one of the star pupils in the class. But partway through the semester I dove with gusto into researching a paper for another class about the then-hot New Age movement in America, and by the time I had finished writing that paper, which touched on the channeling phenomenon (including J.Z. Knight and her Ramtha swindle), neurolinguistic programming, crystal mania, UFOlogy, and all the rest of that ill-defined, Shirley MacLaine-helmed phenomenon, I had shifted into full-blown skeptic mode, and for the rest of my foray through The Creative Process I was barely able to contain my scorn for what we were doing. Poor Betty, who really was a great lady, couldn’t help but notice the change. Of course she was a lot older and wiser than I was, so I think she just endured my altered demeanor as she had probably endured the attitudinal volatility and pseudo-schizophrenia of a great many college students before me.

Then, a year or two after I was out of her class, a mutual friend named Robert who had been in there with me, and who had gone on to spend more time with Betty in The Creative Process II (a class that I naturally opted to skip), told me something that came blazing up from my memory several years later when I was suffering my near-meltdown from repeated sleep paralysis attacks.

Specifically, Robert told me that when he was talking with Betty one time after a class meeting of Creative Process II, he brought up my name for some reason — an understandable occurrence, since the three of us, he and Betty and I, were all mutual acquaintances. And then for some reason she shared with him that she was concerned that I might have a “dark one” attached to me. I blinked when he told me this, and replied, “Huh?” since this was the first I had heard of such an idea. So he explained that, according to Betty, a dark one is an unincarnate or disincarnate spirit that longs for fleshly existence, and that sometimes one of these spirits will attach itself to a person and live vicariously through his or her bodily experiences. But when it does this, it accidentally and involuntarily imparts a kind of night-sided emotional cast to its host, simply by the fact of its own nature and presence, so that its host’s outlook, mindset, attitude, and overall view and experience of life are tilted in a certain dark-ish, anti-life direction.

And that, my friends, is something that Louis Proud describes very specifically in Dark Intrusions.

As I have explained before — for example, in my Strange Horizons review of Unexplained: An Encylopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries, and also in some blog posts here and at Demon Muse — I’ve been very interested in the paranormal, in ghosts and UFOs and cryptozoology and all the rest, since I was a kid, when Daniel Cohen’s books about these things were a delight to me. As an adult that interest has continued,. and I’ve gone on to read books of a much more sophisticated nature, everything from Colin Wilson, John Keel, Patrick Harpur, and Anthony Peake to explicitly skeptical stuff like Skeptical Inquirer and a couple of the hardcore skeptical titles from Prometheus Books. And I’ve done all that while earning a graduate degree in religious studies and pursuing a side career as a supernatural horror writer and independent scholar of such matters. So it’s not like I haven’t thought about such things in awhile. It’s not like I haven’t been “up” on the mediumistic and parapsychological theories of earthbound spirits and all that. But reading Proud’s book, and finding him not only saying things about “lower order spirits” that recall Betty Scott’s odd speculation about me all those years ago, but doing so explicitly in the context of a study of sleep paralysis, which is an experience that helped to define who I am now, has really knocked the bolts loose on some of my mental doors. Multiple interpretations indeed. I feel like I’m living out a metaphor.

If you’ve experienced sleep paralysis yourself, and if you have any thoughts about any of what I’m saying here — or even if you haven’t and you don’t — I’d love to hear your reactions. The comment threads on my previous posts about sleep paralysis have been most enjoyable to read, so if you’re so inclined, please speak up.

Oh, and for those who may be wondering, the answer is yes, the nocturnal supernatural assault scene near the end of my story “An Abhorrence to All Flesh” in Divinations of the Deep, where a character is horrifically destroyed by a man-shaped hole or vortex that appears at the foot of his bed, does indeed hail from the experience I’ve described here.

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  1. Matt, I’m glad you were able to finish the book and find it not only helpful, but inspirational (perhaps in unsettling fashion) in some sense. It is indeed amazing what sources we may draw upon for our creativity. Makes me wonder about folks like Poe. And just as some of your horror fiction finds its roots in these experiences, no doubt more of our classic horror literature and cinema is likewise. As a fellow scholar and one on the journey regarding not only sleep paralysis, but also the paranormal and “the fringe,” I hope the bolts come back together for you in even more promising and creative ways.

    • Thank you, John. As has been well said, we only grow by being knocked off balance and out of our comfort zone.

    • When I has a shadow person encounter I had turned off a film with a ghost theme. I can’t say I was in a state of sleep paralysis because I was sitting up. I might of felt tired because it was late but the shadow creature appeared in the room before I hit the hay. It stood under 5 foot tall and appeared to be wearing a cape. No eyes, just a cutout negative black space shape in the room that stood still. I tried to wake my fiancee. I told him to wake up because a ghost was in the room. He said I was hallucinating and I should take go to sleep..nap. I turned to look at the figure still standing less than 3 feet away neat the door. I said, You are right, I am hallucinating “. In my heart I know this was a real entity but I grabbed a throw blanket over my head and buried myself into the futon hoping it would go away. An hour later I woke up and it was gone.

  2. Hello, Matt Cardin. Your blog is very informative and your literary talents as a writer shine through it. I am 19 and last year I had a similar sleep paralysis “visit”. It resembled the images you posted and a character from the anime “Gurren Lagann”:

    I only gazed at the figure’s “face” and an intense panic rushed throughout my body. I actually screamed “within” myself; for an instant I felt unbelievable horror and broke free from the paralysis to see everything became okay…

  3. I am a 28 yr old man who has been dealing with sleep paralysis my entire life along with a certain “visitor” who stands at the side of my bed…..I was 5 yrs old when i had my first experience. A shadowy dark-cloaked figure who at times seems as though he is looking away towards my door as if to give the impression that he is guarding or watching out for me. Other times he watches me. i have become so accostom to these experiences that fear is no longer a factor, i just get angry with him for waking me and attempt to yell at him as i yearn to know why he has been doing this. He just stares at me. What is most odd is the feeling of protection he offers and not feelings of threat.His presence gives me a sense of security. WHY???

    • What you say about the sense of security that comes from your “visitor” really is striking, Mike. Please feel free to post more about it here if any further developments come to light.

    • Dear Mike, what struck for me to write back is that i can COMPLETELY had the SAME “most odd is the feeling of protection he offers and not feelings of threat.His presence gives me a sense of security.” it took an unknown drug that till this day i cannot figure out what it was (my dealer told me it was Xanax)… but it wasn’t. and until then, i have stopped after i got a visitor coming above me, a black cloud over me as i slept high, off the unknown drug. i felt glued to my bed, even trying to open up my eyes. my body was moving right and left, right and left, right and left, very quickly. my mind was all awake, but something was controlling my body. as hard as i tried opening up my eyelids, the nosier it became inside my head but i couldnt scream bc i felt something either sucking the life/energy out of me or bc i had the feeling as i was drowning. this was no dream. as i finally open up my eye lids all i remember was seeing AND feeling a DARK cloud of bad energy (let me remind you my room is quite dark as always). i felt a storm over my body as i lay on the bed and then thinking… all i was thinking about was God. I’ve had doubts of wether or not he was real the past couple of months, but it all came down to me thinking about him. It’s as if you are an atheist until the airplane starts falling. so i talk to him (or at least in my head) but the bad energy was so big when i spoke, i could only whisper and could barely hear myself speak bc of how loud the black cloud was above me. It connected with God saying, “if you help get through this, then you are real, if you get me through this, then you are real, if this black cloud goes away with me praying to you, then you are real”… I felt as a nod was given to me from somewhere as a “Yes”, so I began praying. “Hail Mary, full of grace the lord is with thee .. blessed..” (Prayer #1) & “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed by thee name, thy kingdom come.. thy will be done….”(Prayer #2). those were only prayers i knew by heart and ones my mom said were important. i spoke/mumbuled them really quickly and throughly over and over and over and over. it felt like 20 min and as i did, opening my eyes now and then(it was hard), the black shadow began getting smaller. and it was NOT only my mouth that the bad energy overcame and has gotten to move.. it was also my hands which eventually began to move. i raised my hands, bent at the torso and began move them symmetrically out and in, creating a light or a ball of energy in between my two hands. and as this ball of energy got bigger (i was praying the whole time as i was moving my hands), the shadow above me began to disappear. and then.. as soon as ALL of it disappeared.. my upper body stood up on my bed , and i was still sitting on the bed but i could BREATH… i was gasping much more air than usual, and my eyes were wide open.. i looked around the room.. looked up, nothing. and the best part was, i was completely sober. i had no doubts that i was high. and as soon as i saw that nothing was above me.. my head threw itself back into my pillow and closed my eyes and fell asleep.

      Can someone please help me what this was?
      Being born into Russian Orthodox Christian, praying, and it went away.

      Merry Christmas 2013, everyone.

    • Ok, Ive seen the dasrk shadow’s since I was 10. Im 45 and I was having sleep paralysis. I mentioned it a week later to my girlfriend and she said she seen the dark shadow right next toi me. I think it is a angel proctectingme? Anyone? I repeat my girlfirend witness the dark shadow..anyone? explainantion? Please?

      • I personally don’t think an “Angle” would appear dark. You may have something latched onto you sense you where a child. Do you feel safe when you see it?

      • I saw a “black mass” in my bedroom. I was watching a cable show called The Dead Files w/Amy Allen & she was in the process of telling someone on T.V. how to rid their house of a demon & allof a sudden there was a LOUD,CRACKLING & CRUNCHES OF PLASTIC & THEM A HORRENDOUS CRASHING OF METAL!
        I looked to where the sound came from & I saw a HUGE, PULSING, BLACK MASS OF GOD KNOWS WHAT but I could feel pure evil & I hate to say I was frightened but I was (& still am). This thing was
        Huge & Intimidating & it did NOT WANT ME TO HEAR HOW TO GET RID OF IT!
        This Nasty EVIL THING KILLED MY DOG…GAVE HER KIDNEY STONES THAT WERE IN A SPIRAL DESIGN….EACH STONE EQUAL IN SIZE & PERFECTLY SPACED APART..OVER 54 OF THEM MY HUSBAND COUNTED & THE DAMNED VET COULDN`T REMOVE THEM ALL, IT WAS HORRIBLE, SHE HAD TO BE PUT TO SLEEP….I WILL NEVER GET OVER LOSING HER. I had my little girl almost ten years….she was put to sleep two weeks before her tenth birthday. Now this EVIL PIECE OF CRAP IS ATTACKING ME. I KEEP HITTING MY APT. WITH SAGE (WHICH MAKES IT LEAVE….THEN IT JUST COMES RIGHT BACK AGAIN, & AGAIN & AGAIN. I HAVE EVEN PRAYED TO JESUS CHRIST & HE HAS ACTUALLY “SMUDGED” THIS APARTMENT IN THE MAIN ROOM WHERE IT DWELLS (now the living room) & it comes flying into my room & attacks me with: fireballs (demons throw them up into your face or your body & you’re hotter than hell, you get violently nauseas….& throw up hard, WELL, THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!) They can poke you, slap you & push you. I’ve been paralyzed before by an entity…not this one though. I’m trying REALLY HARD TO GET RID OF THIS EVIL! It is not easy, if I could afford it, I would move….I myself did NOT PICK THIS APARTMENT. When I first walked this place I did NOT like it but it was too late. A so-called friend picked it out. Horrible feelings when you’re in my place, I hate it when this thing follows me…I can tell because it drains all my iPod use on the spot…I see the green energy line disappearing & this “thing” (for lack of a better word) picks SELECT on my iPod & starts sending me songs with weird titles, like Queen’s song Dead, All dead & One by One. You all like that? Not so funny when you are listening & it happens, it is just really creepy & scary. I know a lot about the paranormal but these “black masses” are nothing to be messed with. I am no kid, JESUS CHRIST IS HERE FOR US! I’LL JUST KEEP PRAYING U TIL SOMETHING GIVES.I PRAY & WAIT. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM LIKE THIS …..MOVE. GO TO CHURCH & GET HOLY WATER & BLESS EVERYTHING THAT YOU TAKE WITH YOU SO YOU DON’T CARRY THIS PROBLEM TO ANOTHER PLACE, THIS IS NOT LIVING…NOT WITH EVIL INCARNATE IN YOUR HOME!

        • My sincere condolences for your beloved dog.
          What has worked for me is getting angry at this thing.
          For some reason WE have authority that we have not been told about because the powers that be want us to be powerless and useful.

          From my direct experience this thing attacks you? Get angry and COMMAND it to leave, and say it out loud like you mean it. As far as i can tell, you don’t have to ask or beg anybody, as a human you COMMAND.
          My guess as someone versed in Christianity and other some other religions is that Christedness was universally given to mankind and that you indeed have the authority and power to command it.

        • I want to meet this entity, I look into it’s eyes ~ do the oposite of what it expects of me. I am learning new ways. Contact if you have any questions info:

  4. I had a similar experience to the one you described here. There was a dark figure similar to the one you described dark, ‘cloaky’ hovering above me. I still have the similar issue of what it looked like because I guess, I had an OBE with it.. at one point it felt like it was behind me tugging on me at others I remember seeing it from the outside pulling me out of my body.

    I guess this is where we differ there was a chain attached to my spiritual back linked to my body. I felt as if this thing were able to pull me completely free from my body then I would die so I fought it. My memory of it is spotty but eventually the episode was over and I was just paralyzed with no illusions and then I was able to awake. Like you said this was my most intense episode

    I guess what I was most intrigued about with your article was the dark-tilt that is associated with the ‘dark one’. I’m a skeptic of all things supernatural now.. as of recent I guess since that experience though one would expect opposite. Initially I suppose it fueled my appetite for the supernatural but something changed and I’m not sure where or why.

    6 – 8
    When I was younger I also had a visitor that was an old lady she seemed to always stand near my bed watching me or looking out the window.. I never really felt afraid of her but I can’t say I felt secure just aware of her presence..

    But one night I woke up screaming to a host of dark entities that seemed to surround me in my room and I could see them in the hallway outside my door. My dad came running to me.. I saw him walk through them and turn on the light, they were gone.. when he turned the light back off I screamed they were still there. They were more like what Sepehr described with the link.. only they weren’t glowing at all. and just congregated like idle zombies.

    He being a religious man.. prayed and they were gone.

  5. I’ve had a hand full of these episodes nothing like a dark figure. One I was in my bed sleeping on my back I remember having a dream and I woke up from it and couldn’t move my vision was shaky like my head was vibrating I tried with everything I could just to try to move a finger but couldn’t it was so hard to breath then above my head looked like a white see through long cloth was being swayed over my face. My eyes scanned the room and I thought I was going to die was pretty scared I closed my eyes just hoping if I was going to die then let it be over I think I may have went back to sleep when I closed ’em and woke up scared thinking it had to be a dream but I remember the way everything was in my room like the sunlight coming through my certains the time of the clock laying next to my bed. My other episodes will make me sound like a lunatic so going to keep them to myself.

  6. Hey was up my name is will n Ive been experiancing this demonic presence trying to posess me since a child . It happened to me over 20 times and the most recent time was interesting . I was on a trip with my brother who Ive always discuss this with and we were talking about Bruce Lee and how concious he was as a person who made his bidy this best it can be physically mentally and spiritually and was effected by sleep paralysis which was interesting to me because how can a man so healthy die at the age of 33. As we discuss that and how weird that was I got tired and went to take a nap the last time I experianced that was months ago and was not thinking something like was going to happen to me . Once I fell asleep I felt like I was concious while my physical eyes were close my spiritual eye was open and scanned the room in which I saw a short figure looking upon me on my bed and quickly moved to the shadows I immediatly woke up because I felt it was about to attack me with the paralysis . I then went downstairs and told my brother what I saw and said their a presence in this house thats evil . He looked at me like I was bugging out . So as we talked he was on the couch and said hes going to nap I said okay thinking nothin of it because I thought the spirit wouldnt justify what I had told him. But as he took his nap I played playstation 3 in about 20 minutes he woke up and said he was attacked I saw it in his eyes and he swore to evryone knowing im sensitive about this he wouldnt lie about that. He told me that the spirit took him to a dark realm which he could not move until he chanted in arabic I rebuke u in the name of jesus . In which it freed him and he awoke. I dont know evrything but I know the spirit world is real and we are vulnerable to these experiances when we are far from god . Anyone that reads this just know that jesus loves u and will always forgive you for whatever sin u commit . Just after u repent to not continue on that path and gain a sort of conciousness to do better starting with yourself and become a child of light not of darkness. I can go on forever about this but I dont type very good so anyone get something from this please give feedback.

  7. Hi. I have myself experienced this type of sleep paralysis whilst dark hooded creatures were chasing after me, I was about 6-8 years old at the time. I noticed that if I screamed nothing would come out, however I could clearly hear the screaming and groaning of these creatures. Even weirder,the ghost hunters have caught something similar on camera at the eastern state penitentiary to what I experienced and a lot of people have accounted experiences of these same creatures, has anyone else seen these beings? However the sleep paralysis just suddenly ended, and I have had no other experiences at my present age of 22. Though there is still a heavy presence in my room back at my mums address. which my partner has even picked up on, but it has been there all my life, and thankfully I don’t think it can get to me. Though it was such a scary experience, and I will remember it for the rest of my life

  8. Oh and to reply to Kevin my room was also exactly the same as if I was waking up normally, I could see my alarm clock, I could feel the duvet on top of me and I could feel the mattress! Very real and frightening experience.

  9. Stumbled on this page looking for an explanation for a similar experience. In my case I triggered it myself when I was awake and I know exactly who my dark shadow is. I’d be interested if any of you also experience this in waking condition or know who your shadow is.

  10. Hi. A couple of weeks ago I had a horrible experience with sleep paralysis. I suddenly woke up in in the middle of the night in my bed to see a woman (she wasn’t really black, I could see her face) who was looking at me from the corner of my room. Before I knew it, she was on top of me, choking me. Naturally, I tried to move or scream but I couldn’t move a single muscle or make a sound. Then she suddenly disappeared and I could move again, as it if nothing had happened. Should I be worried? This hadn’t ever happened before and it hasn’t happened again. Was the woman a figment of my imagination or was it something else? Please, any help will be most welcome

  11. Hey I wanted to share my experience, seeing how I have not yet seen anyone with a full similarity. Starting from the beginning I am a recovering addict, finally beating it after about 5 years of trying. I have had many encounters with death including a trip to the hospital from my drug use most recently and have always felt as if I have had been saved a few times by someone watching over me.
    Anyway, to the night it happened I was having a very intense dream in which my sister was in trouble and these things were after her, and I ended up finding her hurt and screaming for my parents and not knowing what to do when they didnt come. So I decided to run to get them as I couldnt carry her and she was unconscious and the things were coming, but as soon as I got back seconds later she was gone and the room I left her in was completely devoid of anything. Looking back after the dream seemed oddly like a test to me? Not sure why I just got this strange feeling that it was a test. I screamed in agony as I realized I had let her be taken or die or whatever.
    I wake up, Im groggy and still calming realizing it was just a dream when I turn my head to the left side of the room I see a dark figure.
    It was very short, maybe 4 and a half, 5 feet and very slender with long arms. This is the strangest part I havnt seen anywhere else.. The being had an elongated skull, and gave me the appearance of an alien as soon as i saw it. It was completely black, devoid of any features, like a black hole it was consuming all light. It was standing at the foot of my bed and I had my window open, so right in front of my open window at the corner of my bed. It seemed startled when I noticed it, like it was not expecting me to wake. When it noticed, it began moving its arms over me in very rapid and precise movements, but completely unhuman. It moved so quickly its as if it was in an altered state of time, its arms would be in one spot then another, almost the way someone looks when viewed moving quickly in a blacklight. No movement, they were just here, then there, then in another place. As soon as I saw it I tried to scream and it began its arm movements over me, then I tried to get up and felt my body paralyze completely, and finally I started blanking out like I was being forced into unconciousness. The rapidity of its movements and the way I could not even see it move just where its movements ended and the alien like physique near my open window really freaked me out. I blanked out completely like a g-force push on my consciousness almost, then instantly woke and it was gone and I ran out of the room. It completely felt real, Im 24 and never have experienced anything like this. I have had double dreams and all but I was in my bed and looking around my room and it did not seem like I was dreaming before I saw the being.
    The next day I was riding my bike along the side of a main road, with oncoming 50 mph traffic pretty constant coming towards me. Suddenly my bike had a nut pop loose and my handle went left and wheel went right throwing me right into oncoming traffic. Somehow there was a lull in the constant traffic I had been riding near, and the one car coming head on swerved just in time, and somehow I didnt fall even with no direction control.
    I feel almost like the being cast a protective like spell or something on me, thats what I get from the whole experience. I was extremely scared when I saw it, but I felt no evil just frightened to wake up to such a thing I think. And then for the near death experience to happen literally about 12 hours later really had me thinking it somehow put a barrier around me knowingly. Its extremely strange, and this is the only time I have ever had one of these dream paralysis or visions or anything.
    So I get either angel or demon, but I feel like it was testing me in the dream beforehand and somehow protected me from that crash.. But why did it look like an alien in form? Could not make out any features but that it was solid and the outline of it, because of its darkness, like a black hole it was as if it sucked in the light from around it.
    Anyone have anything like this or some insight? Would much appreciate it, thanks!

  12. I’ve been fascinated to watch as this post of mine has become a magnet for people to share their own experiences. Thanks, all.

    Addressing some people’s specific questions:

    Andrés, you ask, “Was the woman a figment of my imagination?” Since your story sounds like a classic variation on the so-called Old Hag experience, which has been known cross-culturally by many people, I think the best answer is: Yes, but that doesn’t mean the woman wasn’t real. The real meaning of your question devolves down to the question of the imagination’s reality. If something is imaginary, does that make it utterly unreal? Or are creatures and events in the imagination real in their own right, but in a way that’s different from objective reality? When you felt assaulted by this spectral woman, where exactly was the boundary, the division, the borderline, the limen, between your subjective sense of identity as the assaultee and her reality as the assaulter? These are some of the questions that occur to me as most pressing, and not just theoretically but quite practically. I strongly recommend seeking out some writings by Jung on the objective reality of the psyche, and by Patrick Harpur on what he calls “daimonic reality,” and by David Hufford about sleep paralysis, as you’re trying to sort through what happened to you.

    Nate, your experience sounds both fascinating and horrifying — just like my own. I recommend some of the same reading I just mentioned to Andrés. The alien appearance of the being you encountered may well be a metaphor — a living, real, existential one, not just a symbolic one — for the fact that the being is ultimately a part of your own psyche, or rather that you’re both part of a wider psyche, or perhaps that it arose/arrived as a kind of literalized visitation from and encounter with your own shadow self in the Jungian sense. In other words, the fact that it looked and seemed “like an alien” may indicate its relationship to you-as-ego, to you as your customary sense of being a self known as Nate. Alienness means utter, absolute otherness. As I describe in my article above, I experienced my own shadow figure as an anti-me, as my anti-self, my absolute antithesis, the negation of Matt, my own personal soul-sucking black hole. Following the clues provided by the very seemingness and the very vocabulary that we spontaneously use when describing such things may be the golden thread to arriving at some sort of understanding.

    • My question is, do they really share reality with us or could they just be created from the thought sphere? The reason I say this is because, when you look at some of these shadow characters like the hat man, the type of hat he wears is something of 1800’s era. And what I want to know is did they experience the hat 1000 years prior? I highly doubt it since it wasn’t invented. So I think it is an inorganic being. None the less, it does not make it less real or scary. What I find interesting is that when I had my first experience, I did not feel sketched out or paranoid, I was very peaceful and all of the sudden that changed and did not seem like it came from my mind.

  13. I too stumbled upon this by chance when trying to figure out a similar occasion.
    I’ve been having sleep paralysis bouts since I was a child; I just didn’t realize what it was until my college years. I’m 20 years old and I’ve progressed from just hearing sounds to being able to move away from my body. It feels as if I’m projecting myself from my body when this happens… Usually my room is void and empty, or I’ll hear non-threatening sounds (sometimes I get creepy whispers but I usually wake up).

    Just last night however, I felt a presence lurking in the corner of my room and I felt the urge to almost cast a, for lack of a better word, a “power-up” in an effort to take control of the situation; however, in doing so I became paralyzed and only my peripheral vision could scan the side of my bed. I saw a figure in a white/beige gown walking, in a hunched manner, along the side of my bed, its hair went down past its knees and it was making wavering breathing sounds… I immediately started that pseudo-hyperventilation associated with sleep paralysis… thankfully my brother in the adjacent bed, of whom shares similar experiences, heard me and called me out of it.

    Creepy. Rather Creepy.

    • I wish you the best with it, Ash. Don’t be afraid to let it change your worldview.

    • Ash, what is so interesting is that my first experience with this thing was when I was actually in my dream and in the dream, I visited a very old mansion building ( My history classroom to be exact ) It was very random because I just ended up in that classroom all by myself without realizing what I was dreaming prior to that. I felt completely at peace and wonderment why everything felt so real in my dream, and all of the sudden I felt like something big was going to happen and I felt it right above me; I looked up and saw this blob of black ( very much like a huge black thing of undefined blob of oily type of substance) and it landed on my chest and pinned me on the ground seeming like it was choking me with his hands, sucking the life out of me. I then starting moaning off the top of my lungs and my dad all the way from the other room heard me. And this is where it gets pretty interesting, later on I asked him if he ever had this happen to him, and he said after him waking me up, he has had them sense as well. I have had about 6 experiences with 3 different looking characters. I have seen the hooded figure, the black shadow with the strong hands, and the black blob ( which just stared at me with no attack )

  14. Oh man! I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was about 12 years old (I am now 22). One night a couple months ago I had the scariest sleep paralysis ever. I was in my boyfriends bed and woke up around 5 am. He left for work at 4am. As I woke up to turn to my side I saw a light float into the fish tank we had for some baby turtles. I lied down on my back and put the blanket in front of my face so I wouldn’t see anything. I woke up about 10 minutes later paralyzed. I didn’t think much of it since i’ve had it so many other times before. Anyway, about 5 minutes later I turned to my side facing his door and noticed two dark shadowy figures standing there. I got instantly scared and horrified. I have NEVER felt like that before in my life. I closed my eyes as fast as I could and when I opened them again they were standing even closer. I was so scared I could barely breathe. I remember peeking through part of the covers and seeing one of them walking toward the edge of the bed and I felt the bed kind of fall through like someone was climbing into it. I was so scared I couldn’t even scream. I think I fell asleep right after closing my eyes as tightly as I could. I have no idea what happened after that. I didn’t remember the incidence till around noon that day. 🙁

    • That’s an excellent description of the real thing. Thank you, Winter, and good luck with it all.

      • Rob hernandez

        Whats up Matt,
        I think I might have a dark one
        A couple years ago I was going through some changes in my life. I didn’t like the way I was living my life .I stop smoking cigs
        Going out with friends drinking
        I completely did a 180
        Everything was great, I started school for audio engineering I had my business on the side
        My own place I felt like everything I told my self I wanted to accomplish was happening right before my eyes ..until one night everything changed in a heart beat night I couldn’t sleep ..I was excited because I just recently invested in a in/home-music studio so that night I got up ..I started working on my music
        Hours into my session I start feeling tired
        I lay down on my sofa
        I fall asleep while
        I cant remember but I felt that I was awake but I told my self its only a dream..I saw a dark shadow on my ceiling flying around
        suddenly it started to approach me
        I remember saying clear as day
        stop leave me alone however it came with such force pushing down on my chest as if it was trying to go inside of me .I tried to talk but I couldnt..I finally managed to push it away
        and then thats when I snapped out of it

  15. My husband had just left for work it was about 4am, and all of a sudden, I see this goblin looking thing (almost like that white creature in lord of the ring-precious) but a dark black image come and whisper in my ear. I started to sing church songs (I did this as a child whenever I was scared) to try to scare it away. It wouldn’t leave, so I got up and chased it out of my bedroom and into the living room. That’s when I saw about 20 zombies/dead looking people congregating in my living room. All I can think of was to open the door and tell them to go home. That’s when I realized I was actually still laying in bed, but I felt like I was being held down and couldn’t move. Also found myself repeating “go home”. I finally broke away from the hold and felt this numbing paralyzing feeling throughout my body. I got up out of bed, got ready, and left the house at 5am… Is this the same thing as sleep paralysis? Why was I able to get up and leave? I don’t recall how I got back to bed. Please help. I’m terrified.

    • I like how you say congregating because it makes think since you were praying prior to that and right after that I can see the mind creating something like zombie type creatures “congregating” (which is a religious term) and you sound like a religious person who prayed prior to that. Which then, your mind was able to create an experience that seemed all too real.. But then again, who knows?

  16. Hello Mr. Cardin,

    I just found this article, while looking for answers to my experiance two years ago. I was at school, it’s a military college in the north, and while there, I experianced multiple events with the paranormal. Two moment of living on the campus never scared me more than anything. The first would be a demon chasing and taunting me for a few weeks and the second is my sleep paralysis episodes. Now I was on the bottom bunk in the room and my roommate as asleep in the top bunk, the door was to the left of the bunks and would hit them if the door was opened. Well this happened to me two nights in a row, I awoke suddenly from a pretty good dream, to see my door opening up (it’s a heavy fire door) and we’d have the door unlock because we trusted the people on the deck. So as I was watching the door open I thought it was going to be one of my buddies coming to get a cigarette, but I see this 6 foot 3 slender, black figure glide into my room. It’s face was pail, and almost looked like an opera mask yet the eyes were wide and black. I could look around, but I couldn’t move, I tried to yell to my roommate to see if he could see the same thing I was seeing, but I couldn’t speak. As I was trying to yell it notices me looking at it, it turns to look at me, we make “eye” contact and dives face first into my face and I fall asleep. I wake up the next morning feeling different yet still the same person, the day seemed smooth and yet dark. I thought it was just some crazy dream, but when it happened to me again that next night, I knew it was something dark that wanted something. Supposedly on that campus, theres a demon, ghosts and other “things”, yet I didn’t know how to deal with it. To this day I haven’t had any episodes, so I guess the “being” is a part of me and has what it wants. What are your thoughts?

  17. hi.i have just found this site and find it very intresting to read about so many similar 26 and have had sleep paralysis since i was a a serving british soldier and untill a recent tour off afghanistan the expirience had always been qite i child i would always complain about a dark figer at the end of my bed whith a head shaped like an anvil(it even became known as anvil too my mother)and i couldnt move.some times i would just hear somthing in the room and i would open my eyes only too see the shadow and not be able too move.this continued for most of my adult life untill i was away on tour with my battalion.with out going in to too much detail was in my sleeping bag in a deep sleep at the end off a paticularly dificult day.i could feel someones breath on my face.i opened my eyes and was stuck as usual exept there was a very angry arabic man breathing very heavily in my face and the shadow was sort off stood behind him.i was so terified.i had almost come acustomed to the usual state but this re awoke the fear and has been the same ever since i have returned.i now dread this happening even more so and sort off get the feeling that some how the shadow has brought this man too terify me to the point that my fear turns to aggression and i scream and try to attack but cant move untill i snap out of it and sit up.this does not feel like a dream or even sleep it seems very real.but it is comforting to know people are having similar expirences.please give your view on this.and i also appologise for my awfull spelling lol.

    • These things are demons.. They are not figments of imagination or a part of your psyche.. They are real demonic shadows that terrorize man..They can touch you, talk and they know your innermost fears.. It is their job to terrorize man until Christ returns. Just get tight with Jesus, they are afraid of me now because I will send them to the abyss in the name of Jesus before they can even get their shadowy figures manifested. I hate these things and now I am rid of them. You can do it too. The name of Jesus strikes fear in these shadows and sends them running. Trust me, I’ve done it.

      • I agree with Charli. There is a thin veil between us and the dark spiritual world – they easily pass between and are free to do Satan’s will. I’ve had demons try to bother and scare me. The first time I was scared…I called out to Jesus, like Charli says, and they vanish and I can move (I called out in my mind because I couldn’t speak or move). Subsequent ones came clumped in a time frame of a month – I have said aloud in my bedroom, “I’m not afraid of demons; I belong to Jesus”. Haven’t been bothered by them since.

        Yes, they’re real, but they have no power – only to frighten you – knowing also that no one will believe you!

  18. I was forcebly shaken awake by something i had a pressure on my chest keeping me down, i couldnt move except my eyes but i did not see any thing at the time which was the most scariest even though i could feel something sitting or holding me down. I couldnt talk scream or whatever but i tried reciting the lords prayer i my head and i could move, it was the most teriffing experiece ive ever had, I have not had another attack as of yet i fhink due to me sleeping with the rosery under my pillow at night. I am not a religious person i dont go to church but something happened to me that night and it didnt like the fact i calked apon god! ta zoex

  19. Hi, I have been reading through every ones description of this sleep paralysis black shadow figure which looks to me like a dark hooded, grim reaper like , which I have been experiencing since I was 12 I’m now 25 but the worrying thing is matt, though what your friend betty said.”so that its host’s outlook, mindset, attitude, and overall view and experience of life are tilted in a certain dark-ish, anti-life direction, is worrying cause if this is true it can effect your daily life and if this can thing can be stopped

  20. Hello there. I’ve had similar experiences as well and find it odd that all of these stories are similar. The same dark cloaked figure is in most of these posts. If I want to be scientific about it by referring to them as hallucinations, why don’t they differ from each other? It doesn’t make sense that they would all be eerily similar.

    I’ve had sleep paralysis off and on since I was 13 I believe. And it’s always been the same. I feel as though something is sitting on my chest, and I can’t speak or move. My worst experience was this past year (i’m 28) and my sleep paralysis turned into an OBE. At first I was being pinned down but then it was as if my spirit had left my body. Then a dark cloaked figure started chasing me throughout my apartment, violently thrashing at me. I was terrified and angry at the same time. So I started screaming at the figure and I began to chase it out of my apartment. I was saying prayers as well but i’m not very religious and I’ve never gone to church before. I finally chased the figure out of my apartment and haven’t had an episode since.

    I’m pretty terrified this will happen again.

    What struck me as odd was how realistic the “dream” was. I’m not even sure it was a dream. I’ve never had a dream where I was in my apartment and everything was exactly as it is in real life. I’m talking little details in my apartment. I try and tell myself it was a dream…but it was so real.

  21. Hello,

    I had this experience happen to me many years ago when I was 19 years old. I am 33 now and have not had anything like this happen since then, although, at times I have had the feeling like there was some kind of presence in a room with me. This presence that I had felt from time to time was not a good presence, conversely, it was more of a dark and evil presence, which would give me a very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Anyway, back to my experience.

    I remember clearly and vividly the entire experience. At the time of my experience I had been a drug user, but I remember that the night this happened I was completely sober minded. At first I had told a few people about this and they would accuse me of being on acid, high, or drunk but I insisted I was not. Most people do not believe that I am telling the truth.

    I was lying in my bed, I remember it was very late at night. Everyone else in the house had been sleeping for awhile. With the bedroom light still on, I dozed off fully clothed. Like many people have posted before me, I experienced a very vivid dream. I remember standing in a dark abyss. It seemed almost as though, although it was me in the dream, I was my spirit or soul standing in this dark abyss. The darkness was infinite and I remember not being able to see my hand directly in front of my face. The feeling that I got from this darkness was complete emptiness and hopelessness. A feeling that I felt deep within my soul and all around me, utter loneliness. Then I heard an eerie whisper that said, “Help Me!” After I heard the voice I saw a vision of a small boy, blindfolded, and bound to a chair in front of me. I could see it clearly as though there was a spotlight shining down upon him, as something you would see in a rock concert or a play. Then I heard the voice again! This time it was louder and seemed to be standing next to me whispering directly into my ear, “HELP ME!”

    I then immediately woke up frightened and terrified. As though the dream were not frightening enough, I looked to the left of my bed, and there stood what seemed to be a dark cloaked figure standing directly beside my bed. My first thought was that my eyes were playing tricks on me in the dark. I turned my head to the right, and then left again, and I saw this figure clear as daylight. It stood about 6 to 7 feet tall. It had no face, no arms or legs. It was just fully cloaked from head to toe, almost that of the image of the grim reaper but no skeleton. Just as soon as I began to realize that this thing was real, it began to bend over me. I tried to move but could not. I tried to scream but could not. In fact I was screaming at the top of my lungs and only a small sound came out, like that of a small groan, kind of like the sound the boy in the “Grudge” makes.

    Frightened and terrified I closed my eyes and began to pray to Jesus. I just remember repeating over and over in my head, “Help me Jesus, Jesus please save me,….” When I finally got the courage to open my eyes back up I saw this cloaked figure standing back up at the side of my bed. It then began to float, not walk, down toward the foot of my bed and then out of the door. When it got into the doorway I could clearly see this figure in the hall light. When it was gone I remember sitting up in my bed hyperventilating.

    The strangest thing about this, other than the fact the the entire experience was strange in and of itself, was the fact that when I fell asleep in my bed, the bedroom light was on. But while this figure was there the room was dark. Then when it left the room was light again. I don’t know what this thing was, like I said, this has not happened to me since then. Though at times, I do get this strange feeling that there is something in the room with me even though I can’t see it, but the same feelings I felt when this (I call demon) was present is the same feeling that this unseen entity gives me in the pit of my stomach. Ever since that night, I have slept with a nightlight on the side of my bed.

    Another strange thing is that, this happened to me while I lived at my mother’s house, and since then my sister-in-law stayed in that same room and said she saw the same thing, only not as vividly as I can recall it. Since then I have become a Christian and can’t help but wonder if this happened to me to test me or whether this experience has some greater significance in my life. It is a total mystery to me.

  22. THIS was much disturbing I have never in my life ever heard of this as well as go thru this, But last night I was so scared, a black mass appeared in my room over to the left of my bed, it mas horrific sounds and i was frozen I could not move but I remember feeling a vibration in my chest, I keep pleading the blood Of Jesus and it went away, and I was able to move again, but I have never been so tired in my life.

  23. For the past year ive been having nightmares of a black shadowy person. one of my dreams was that I was at my bestfriends and it was quiet when all of a sudden she pointed to a corner in the room and when I looked there was a black shadow person standing there as soon as I seen it. it was almost if it was choking my j couldn’t breath in my dream or out. when I thought I woke up I was laying there and couldn’t move or speak I was like that for a good 30seconds and then it stopped and I could breath as I tried to catch my breath my door creaked I thought it was just my imagination from the dream but in the last year ive had at least 40 of these dreams. they no longer scare me as much but last night I had one and decided to see if I could find anything on it and what do u know I did. I’m not sure what it is but I wish id stop.

  24. how the f… can u make such a intresting topic boring you are one of the worse writters ever

    • applegeese fore teh bad writting dark shadow ill triy too beteter thaks.

      • One thing I might want to add about my very vivid like nightmare is that when I was in my old history classroom, there were no desks in the classroom ( Which the school was getting ready to move at the time, and the lights were shut off and it was dark looking at the windows. It all seemed very detailed as if I thought I was out of my body. What are the odds that these things might be some sort of gatekeepers that don’t want for our dreams to get too lucid since it is easier for us to spot them, and they feel much more threatened by us? Just a thought.

  25. I had an experience a few years ago.

    I had fallen asleep only to wake up around 3AM and not be able to go back to sleep. I started to watch TV, then I felt really sick to my stomach very suddenly. I actually threw up which surprised me because I wasn’t really feeling bad at all before that. I turned the TV off and thought maybe it was because it was so early in the morning. Either way, I had an unusually calm and content feeling as I lay there ready to fall asleep. I felt the presense of one of my late Aunts, which was comforting to me because I hadn’t felt her presense for many years prior to this night. I heard a high pitch noise, then out of no where I hear an evil whisper (female) in a language I didn’t recognize. I opened my eyes and above me was a dark shadow figure, darker than dark – I mean like the blackest black you can imagine. Once I saw it, it started to come at me over and over, each time it ‘hit’ me I would hear a very resounding noise. I remember struggling to try and get away, but I was not able to move. I tried to scream to my daughter, but my voice was gone. Then my body started to convulse and I just remember thinking what the f*ck is happening. The thing kept hitting at me and I finally was able to muster out leave me alone, whether I lipped it or I thought it, the attack stopped and I could move freely again. I felt really drained physically and emotionally, but I picked up my phone and sent a text to a friend saying I was just attacked by something. I did end up falling asleep because I was so drained. A little while later I had this weird dream, but it wasn’t really like a dream since I had a certain awareness I don’t normally have. I looked at my door, my cat walked in followed by my dog followed by a black and white cat I never seen before.
    When I woke up in the morning, my kids walked in the door and said guess what we found? I replied, a black and white cat? They asked me how I knew. I just said I had a feeling.
    I’ve never had this experience again and hope that I never do.

  26. I have sleep paralysis on very normal occasions , once I fell asleep with my eyes open & I seen a 3 foot shadow with a top hat on , it very much resembled the neighborhood watch logo & when I seen it , it looked at me & as it walked towards me I tried to hurry up & wake up but I couldn’t , I was face to face with it & it laughed a mischievous cackle that Ive never herd & will never forget before it went into my forehead , when I awoke I knew it was real but nobody believed me. Another time I awoke around 3am , I fell asleep on my stomach & I awoke on my stomach but I could see my entire room , all of a sudden I felt cold hands on my back , it felt like somebody was putting Bengay on my back , I knew I wasn’t alone by this time so I asked it “who are you” & in a demonic whisper it replied “I am the sign of death” & I replied “I am the light of Christ” & it got off me & I woke up , then immediately I was filled with an overwhelming sadness so I knew I was dealing with an upset or sad spirit , I protected my room with sage the next day I realized I’m at war with dark forces. So the last time sleep paralysis happened to me , these very very extremely smart kids came from the stars & what they told me about myself is a entirely different story but my connection with them was telepathic & their knowledge of things was indescribable they answered any question I had , there were 4 of them & i can only remember two of them the bigger boy & girl but they all 4 actually told me these dark shadows are like the vampires that feed off of us & they helped me chase down the dark shadow entity that stood in the crease of the corner of my wall , they came into my room & the shadow figure tried to run & together we killed it , right across the street from my house & ever since then I haven’t had sleep paralysis , however Ive been tirelessly studying the supernatural because I believe there really is something else out there & idk if those kids were really real , somebody respond please .

    • Marv you really sound like you want to be protected, and it can be felt in your dream. It all seems as though your mind is creating this from your sequencing of your dreams. From seeing that thing. To you saying you are the light of the christ, to these telepathic kids telling you they scared the thing off.. My question is, who do you think scared it off, you or the kids? From my point of view, it sounds like your mind created all of this since you seemed to scare it off with your words, then you needed all these protections, and THEN you had another dream that had these kids that were saying they scared it off and are your protectors. Sounds all too comforting huh? The mind can create many things in order to sustain itself! But then we can always look at it from the opposite perspective and wonder if I am just trying to scoff it off as fake in order to feel less frightened..Now we are back in square 1! But nevertheless take all the information for a grain of salt, but still keep it in the back of your head with the information that you might find relevant, and who knows, maybe we will solve this unnerving mystery once and for all. Great posts to all!

  27. Once several years ago, I seemingly woke up, and noticed a dark figure standing by the door, as if it had just entered. The fear that came over me was the worst fear I’ve ever experienced. It was a horrifying and threatening feeling. I actually, physically sat up in my bed with my eyes open. I know this because 1.) I remember it, and 2.) when I sat up, it woke up my fiancé beside me. I put my right arm over her as if I was trying to protect her. The dark figure began to move from the door, to the foot of the bed, and around to her side of the bed. My eyes were open the entire time, I had my mouth open screaming, with no audible noise coming out. I remember hearing my fiancé ask me “what’s wrong? Are you ok.” I couldn’t respond to her or do anything for that matter. I had one arm on my fiancé, and the other arm reaching to this figure.. Just as soon as this figure got within arms reach, I forcefully laid back down, almost slamming myself down, eyes closed, immediately back to sleep. My fiancé immediately woke me up and was explaining what happened from her perspective, and asked if I was ok. I remember EVERYTHING about this event. She was asking questions and I had very clearly had the answers. By far, the strangest, most horrifying time of my life.

  28. Why is it that everytime i have a visitor when ever i cannot yell or move i always scream gods name to help me 3-4 times in my head and suddenly it stops but i always hear a whisper, scream or some weird language saying something as it leaves? What is it? What is this? Does this usually happen to all those with this sleeping issue? Is it in my head or is this a visitor?

    • i first was visited at 5 years old on xmas eve 1960 i remember the paralysis very clear it happened through
      my youth there was no information about at that time and at 20 i remember a hooded person above me with the same paralysis after i got married it continued until a point where at abduction i repeated the lord prayer and the visits have stopped ,i have a inbuilt feeling of destiny to end time and protect my son in a similar way his name is jordan and was baptised from the river of the same name whats going on???

    • Vanessa, it seems to be a “common” experience voiced by a few. They are demons with power only to scare you. You have control over them by calling out to Jesus because He has power. They are terrified of Jesus because they know who he is! I have heard weird words twice when they left (it made them mad). Demons are all around us, all the time in the unseen realm. Perhaps they only bother us when we’re vulnerable – trying to sleep – because they have no power.

  29. Note that i rarely see the “visitors” but i always feel them and i’m trying to wake up and move. Just a couple mins ago i saw a “visitor” the second time out of all my experiences i usually never see them just feel and hear them but this time i was dreaming that i was with a friend but i knew it wasnt really him so as i was moving to get away my body froze and became paralyzed and i saw myself try to get up from my bed and the visitor started speaking in a weird language kind of like an alien type voice and i said God 3 times and i was able to move. It never fails when i scream for Gods name. What’s going on?

    • Jody Jean Bowers

      What is going on is what has been going on for centuries. God & the Fallen Angel Lucifer are preparing for war. They are gathering souls for their Army’s. Satan challenged God & was evicted from Heaven. He feels that he will be able to destroy what God has built. Lucifer is aka the Trickster & he uses human nature to fool people into following him. Some go willingly. I actively decided to join the Good side & try to do Good at every turn. I’m not a Bible freak, but Iam vpritually aware. I’m serious, it’s all true.
      I have experienced the dreams. The paralysis, the lack of a voice, the desperate attempts to roll yourself off the bed to wake up, the sensations & the awareness that something else has control of your body & whatever it is, it’s Evil. I had a visitor this afternoon. My arms & legs had an intense, almost electric pins & needles feeling & “activity” in my nether regions which was very unwelcome. I had been pulled down into the darkest place in my psyche & I struggled to pull myself out. As the entity realized it was losing control, I started dreaming that my kids & neighbor girl were on my bed playing with their chiuawa (sp??), chasing the dog on the bed. The dog kept trying to crawl underneath me as I lay on my back. I fealt the bed shaking as though the kids were really there. It was the visitor’s attempt to continue his “whatever it was doing” by tricking me into thinking it was just a dream. Fail! I continued to “climb” to consciousness, breaking through long enough to open my eyes for a second only to be pulled back down. Each time I broke through, I let out a gutteral sound associated with, oh, I don’t know, when you’re pulling at something really, really hard &you finally release what youare pulling. “Aaah!!” By the third time I surfaced, I was awre enough to see (in my mind’s eye) a dark figure outlined in a slightly lighter background. It tried to put a piece of fabric over my head again, which served to keep me under. I had my wits about me by then & in my mind I said “Oh, this is some bull shit!” & called to my Heavenly Father. The experience stopped. I feel that these cloaked, hooded beings are associated with Satan’s army. Perhaps they are trying to weaken our faith. Maybe if they get into our consciosness deep enough, they can control us to some degree. Maybe they want our energy to use for their purposes. One thing I know is that every little thing on this earth bows & bends through the Will of God. The Angels, Demons, flora, fauna, animal & human being all belong under Him. When one of his precious children is under attack by his adversary, the Old Serpant, he rushes to oour defense. Whatever you do, don’t be scared. To be scared is to doubt the Absolute power of God. Stand up, fight back using the power of the Holy Spirit. St. Michael standss with us & aids in our offense. Never lose your faith, because through faith, if you believe that the power of God can work through you, you can send Satan straight back to Hell. Remind the visitors that through the power of Christ, they MUST obey our Heavenly Father. Many of you have experienced this firsthand.

      • that is a good way to explain what happened to me last night

        “The paralysis, the lack of a voice, the desperate attempts to roll yourself off the bed to wake up, the sensations & the awareness that something else has control of your body & whatever it is, it’s Evil. I had a visitor this afternoon. My arms & legs had an intense, almost electric pins & needles feeling & “activity” in my nether regions which was very unwelcome.”

  30. i have been searching from time to time about this experience that i had, i found this thread and have been reading. it has taken me some time to respond mostly because im crying. hystarically for a while. someo of the stories are just like my experience, but what disturbes me the most is that i feel that i have taken it with me. i wake at night in a cold sweat to voices in my head of a child screaming for help. feeling drained and lethargic almost like when in a dream and you cant run feeling. the last year has been the worst, i have slipped into severe depression, i have uncontrolable crying spells, some times i go into a flying rage out of the blue, i have been to the dr. im seeing a counsler but to no avail. I am begining to wonder if this is real, or if im going crazy. i dont know what to do….

  31. JAMES pray to God he IS the only answer! I had a rem dream 3 nights ago, I’ve never had this experience before, I was up late at night @approx 2am I feel asleep exausted, immediately it was like I woke again everything in my bedroom was the exact same as when I fell asleep except at the foot of my bed there was a dark black shadowy figure with many hands swaying (like the Hindu God) being a Christian for 2 years now I knew this was demonic I quickly looked away from it, being paralysed full body I could only move my eyes, I looked away to my right & I saw another dark figure, a turantula looking spider the size of a human lay upside down directly over my son’s cot bed fully covering the cot it lay hanging in the air but it did not move. I haven’t been this afraid EVER in my entire life, I freaked out and started screaming & realised no sound could come out of my mouth immediately I thought of God who could only help me in that state, i shut my eyes & started singing in my mind a church song I knew I opened my eyes & they were still there, feeling like I was alone and stuck with noway out I just prayed to God “Im so sorry for my sins please forgive me in Jesus name, amen” ..Immediately I awoke to reality, everything in my pitch dark bedroom was still the same but now the dark figures were gone. I was sweaty and hot & felt lethargic? But I felt an inner peace of security because God brought me out of it which meant He heard my cry & I just knew He was with me & He is most powerful than anything here on earth or in the spiritual realm, therefore I went straight back to sleep in peace knowing with Gods protection NOTHING can ever harm me. From this experience my faith in God has definitely grown, a huge awakening! I’ve started reading my bible again more often & will definitely be praying for you all! Xxx

  32. Matt thanks for writing this, it has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I had a similar instance when I was 7, but with a few differences. The biggest difference is mine was recurring almost every night for about 2 weeks. Another difference was that there were always seven hooded figures instead of one. For the approximate 2 weeks this occurred I would suddenly be pulled out of whatever dream I was having to find myself paralyzed, wide eyed, with my little twin bed surrounded by 7 hooded figures. They all stood equal distance apart surrounding my bed. Everytime I could hear them whispering, they never looked at each other they just stood there whispering. This would last for about 30 seconds, then the one to my right would bend over my head and get within a few inches of my face. I never saw its face, when I looked in the hood it was like looking at pure darkness. I would then hear this figure whisper “awake” and I would snap up in a cold sweat to find my room empty. I had the feeling you described of fearing its intentions, at first I didnt tell anyone not even my parents, but then everynight it kept happening and finally after the third night my parents could see I was a wreck. I explained to them what I experienced and at first they thought I was making it up. The next night it happened I woke up screaming and then i think it clicked I wasnt making this up. The following Sunday they had a special prayer ceremony asking for God to deliver me from these “Demons” aka excorcism. After that it stopped and just like most bad things, this got repressed into my mind.
    Im 24 now, and I never again had that dream, until May 27, 2013. One of my friends was talking about nightmares he used to have and all this just came back rushing to me, I hadnt thought about it for so long. That night I didnt experience sleep paralysis but I did experience a lucid dream where I was back in that bed surrounded by the figures. I woke up a wreck. I havent had it since but Im still worried that their back. What should I do?

    • Allen, I suggest that you look up the work of Ryan Hurd, who is a Teeming Brain contributor (see his column “Visions and Visitations” here) and a writer and researcher in the field of dream studies and consciousness. His site is, and he has written a couple of books about dealing with the difficulties of sleep paralysis and other devastating sleep disturbances. See his most recent column here — available by clicking from the category links at the right side of this page — for an article about dealing with nightmares, excerpted from his latest book. I also suggest that if you’re not familiar with Jung’s concept of the shadow — which is easily look-up-able online — you’ll find much of value in gaining an understanding of it. I wish you luck.

  33. Just sharing my thoughts on how I have learned to cope with this.. I’ve been left alone for over a year now. I have not seen humanistic figures, but small distinct shadowy figures that whispered into my ear and said horrible things.

    All you need is STRENGTH, you need to truly BELIEVE you are stronger than the entity. To be honest, the origin of this strength can come from anywhere – be it god, trinkets, herbs, or belief in your own strength – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you truly BELIEVE you have the strength to banish. And we do. We all do.

    When I realize this is happening, I force myself to push away fear and replace it with my feelings of annoyance, anger, then just let it have it: it’s not just enough to say “get out!” You need to focus your energy on banishing it, and make sure there’s more feelings welling up behind it! If you run out of steam just do it again. Just believe you can do it

    I’m not an expert, I’m just a normal person who has learned to cope with this since I was a child. If this helps anyone I am glad

    • we are stronger than the entity and that is why the entity is messing with us in the first place because we have something that they want

  34. I have read about this stuff before, like years ago, and it always came of interest to me, i came across reading it because when i was a kid i always use to see dark shadowy figures of people or creatures standing at my door in the middle of the night. As i grew up they went away, so i assumed it was more of a kid thing.
    But lastnight i was simply having a crazy dream that i rolled of my bed, forcing myself to wake up. But when i woke up, i could not move a muscle in my body, i could not even make a sound to scream for help, all i could do was lie there and watch a dark shadowy figure that to me, looked like a cloaked, skinny, boney guy with really long & sharp fingers, the cloak had a hood which covered half his face aswell. He was kinda crouched, like he was sneaking towards me.
    In all honestly i was scared shitless, trying and trying to move body and sit up, this only went on for about 15 seconds, but at the time it felt like forever, but i basically forced myself to sit up eventually, and the very second i did it vanished, and my room seemed normal again, i don’t know what it was or how to explain it, but it was awful, so i googled it, found this story you have written, read it, and you have pretty much put into words exactly what i experienced. So yeah, i’m a little freaked out, how could we experience the same thing?

  35. This is real dnt buy into anyonne sayinng oh it was just u in na certain stage of sleep b.s whoever it happens to knws its real anyone that it hasnt happened to either dont believe it or try to feed us the it was a dream b.s i knw it was real because it played over into my real life let me explain…. The first night something happened i was sleeping and i had a full length mirror right across from my bed hanging on the wall well i woke up because it fell off the wall and toppled over on me i had a strange sense of something was coming to get me but shook it off as maby it wasnt hung up right…well the next night was when it got worse i woke up with an intense fear of just think the WORST for me it would be the end of the world type fear we are all going to be blasted by atomic bombs or something crazy type fear i open my eyes and try to move but i cant i look on the side of my bed and there is a really tall dark cloaked hooded figure i look at the end of my bed and there is a midget type one at teh end of my bed right by a childsize say 6 years of age tall size one right next to it im freaking out like a tornado of fear going through me i try to yell or scream and i cannot i look down to see why i cannot move and there r these decaying think dead body from the grave type hands WRAPPED AROUND ME preventing me from moving i look around again at the hooded figure and close my eyes and open them back finally after praying over and over for jesus christ to save me in my head it all dissapears i then sit up in my bed only to see something more disturbing….a black thin silky cat going under my bed…so disturbing and scary i get outta bed and turn on the light the next day i admit myself to the er because at work i was feeling shortness of breath and like i couldnt breathe they do an mri im ok and tell me im not crazy people come in there more often than i think for happenings as this happening to them. Then acouple days late im getting ready for work and walk outside right in front of me as im leaving there is the neighborswooden fence going right in front can you GUESS what is staring back at me from the fence as im trying to lock up my front door???? A DAMN BLACK CAT! I freak out grab rocks throw them at the poor cat and scream at it like a crazy lady, thats how i knw whatever happened was telling me this is real and we r here it was very scary. The next day i THROW OUT MY BED on my lawn mind you like a crazy lady again beacuse i cant even sleep on the bed anymore thinking maby its haunted i really wanted to burn it but then i really would go to a mental institution then… i never sleep in that room again i slept on the couch in my living room with lights on and so forth and a bible the only thing that will protect you is just not buying into their fear thats what makes it stronger this happened at a really low time in my life as well i was recently single mother the boyfriend went to prison and i was alone and vernerable and scared for my future but everything is better now ive had acouple other wierd things happen but i have to get off here good luck to anyone

    • your not crazy something similar happened to me last night. when i tried to move i could not move either like something was holding me. Something was behind me sucking some type of life energy out of me. As living humans we have something that these demonic entities need. I guess that is why I only have these sleep paralysis episodes 1 to 3 times a year

  36. Hey man well im in the army and I was on guard in a tower and me and my buddy where takin about the sleep encounters well our storys are very similer so looked on the web and it seems as if u had the same expirance. Heres mine well I was homeless at the time and I stayed at a friends well I slept in his livingroom and I was awaken to a loud overpowering noise as if a plane was taking off just a load roar. Then quickly interputed by a fast whisper which said “hey” then my heart started racing and I heaed almost a thousand more whispers all going off at the same time I was looking at the clock as this happend (3:45am) afraid to look up becouse I could feel in my whole body that something was over me I felt sick, scared, held down , and completly helpless as if I could not do any thing and I knew what was above me was just pure evil so ilooked up and saw a blck amoeba type thing just hoverin over me so I prayed I still remebr what I said it was “dear l9rd you are my shield and my sword help me combat this oh plz lord may u help me” then bam! No noise just gone it left and I was shaking and I went to sleep as fast and as hard as 8 could for fear that it would come bak lol if some of this s8unds familer can u tell me id love to know mpre about ur expriance and find oit what it is cuz ots nature to me was just evil

  37. Hi, I have just read your article on sleep paralysis. Thanks for your viewpoints. I have had sleep paralysis on and off for six years. I also hear voices , astral travel and have visitations. I thought that these encounters were projections from my unconcious until a few months ago when my son (21) slept in a bed with me in a hotel. I awoke at around 3 with the usual tapping on my foot which indicates a visitation. I suddenly felt very cold and thought, hear we go, another encounter happening. I get very scared but try not to emit fear in case the entity feeds off it. Anyway, my son saw this man hovering above me with long hair and a hat. I dont see I only feel so her verified something which for me I thought was mind generated. I often hear my daughter calling me in my ear even when she is in her room so I had this idea that maybe what we think are ghosts are really atral travellers? This could be so. I sometimes think these entities are me, or aspects of me trying to assimilate?

  38. same thing happened to me recently….but i had felt no fear whatsoever…i even told the dark figure to wait til im fully awake and ill deal with him then…it was said NOT in a mocking way, i just felt that it wasnt fair that he shows himself when i am in a paralysis…then weird things have since been happening 🙁 like waking up with fingermarks on my arms…or hearing and seeing someone coming in into the cr and then no one is there when i go out of the cubicle…im not afraid though, i just find everything weird

  39. Hey thanks for the posts guys.. I am SO GLAD this is common and i’m not losing my mind. This happened to me for the first time last night and I had never heard about it or read about it until now. Its so relieving that others have experienced it too.
    My experience is a little different though and insanely terrifying to me so I wanted to see if others had insight on it or had similar experiences..
    So I was lying in bed staring at the moonlight through my window and I started to get a very dark and very petrified feeling. I felt that a very evil presence was coming for me and I knew right away that it was Death. As I lay in bed, I could hear/feel it entering my house and moving towards the bedroom where my wife and I slept but I couldn’t get over the feeling that I expected it and that my wife and I had been waiting for him. Moments later I felt my wife nudge me that it had entered the bedroom. I turned to look at it and it was the same dark cloaked figure as most others described but “he” was impressively large and stood over my wife’s side of the bed. At that time I turned back away from him and stared at the moonlight and was overcome with such an insane amount of fear and shame, to a degree that I had never felt. (side note: I am large man, 29 years old, military academy grad, combat veteran, and life-long rugby player.. I have never felt fear like this) Then I felt a very large hand on my back (I was lying on my stomach, different to most other accounts that I have read tonight) and it felt as if it was sucking my life and forcing me into hell. I could hear and see hell beneath me so I tried to scream and wrestle free but I couldn’t move.. this is when I realized I was paralyzed. All I could muster was a grotesque gurgling sound. Moments later it was over.. Once I regained feeling I forced myself up and leaned toward my wife. (The strangest part and the reason i’m probably not going to sleep tonight) She was facing me and she leaned toward me but her face was completely contorted – round and misshapen, i can only describe it as resembling the Scream painting but a grieving woman – at the time she looked to me like a nun. I paused to look around the room, I thought I had died, and I looked back and she held the same position with the same face.. Then I sat up in the bed and stared out in fear toward our open doorway for what seemed like hours unsure of what was happening to me. I didn’t look back at her until it was daylight, but by then everything was normal. We both got up and went about our day as if nothing had happened.
    Now, I know there are scientific/medical attempts to describe this occurrence. I know that someone is going to tell me that I have repressed issues or that i’m sleep deprived. But no one is going to be able to explain to me the intense feeling fear, shame, or dread as I felt; nor the feeling of accepting my fate as “he” was approaching. Lastly, my back is still sore from the intense feeling of pressure like being forced down onto the bed.
    Anyway, I am REALLY glad to see that this is common. Please comment and let me know if your experience was uniquely similar or if you have insight.

  40. The age of 16 was the first and biggest episode in my history. I had been with a group of friends ghost hunting as small town people from the south tend to do. It was a good exciting night nothing different except the approach I took. Which was on the disrespectful and antagonizing side and I’m never that way just the crowd I was with and adrenaline I suppose. I get home around 130sh am and at the time my brother was sharing my room so he notices me walk in and get ready to sleep. It was around 145 when I initially passed out not responded to my brother he said and the attack would begin no more then two minutes following. My brother was still awake and the way he described my body and my awareness was comparable to someone fighting for their life against invisible demons; funny thing is I was maybe not demon but the pressure started on my chest and went to my face were my mouth nor eyes nor anything could respond or defend myself. Its best described as a staring battle one paralyzed almost dead(so scared) 16 year old and a shadow like floating oil but almost infinite if that makes sense. Ever sense then it happens one or twice a year sometimes I remember sometimes I cant and other times its screeching voices in other tones and language almost physically effecting me just by the words then ill snap out of it before I freak out dead pretty much. I’ve done studies here and there could be aliens-higher powered beings using a different realm way. psychotic relatedness, but dreams isn’t in the category I know dreams I love to dream and I damn know well when I’m wide awake and on the verge of being taken by something know one can see or feel. Words cant tell the experience.

    • yeah man your not the only one something similar had to me last night. It was trippy and after my brother woke up i heard some loud noises in my room.

  41. Two nights ago I had an out-of-body experience. I have never had one before and obviously, a little freaked out. I saw myself, just as i was, sleeping on my bed. I wasnt floating? i dont think.. but i seemed to be taller than usual. Maybe I was floating, idk. My attention was drawn to the hallway outside of my bedroom.. and it was a black man figure. No features.. just could tell it was a man.. he didnt walk.. he floated fast towards where i was sleeping and hovered over my body… Then.. i went back into myself and could feel him there still. I couldnt move.. i think i made noise. Once I DID finally wake up.. my heart was POUNDING.. i was sweating and could not sleep for the rest of the night. I need advice! Has anyone had this happen before? I have been googling for help but not finding much with all that i experienced that night. I appreciate any advice or tips.

  42. I too suffer from this. Just two days ago I was awakened and immediately I knew I was in sleep paralysis. My eyes could not look around the room, but only stare at the ceiling. A dark figure, almost like a shadow, moved across the ceiling tiles. I knew yelling for help was out of the question, so I just kept trying to fight it off. In the corner of my eye I kept seeing little sparks of light where my tv was. I tried to look in that direction but my eyes were stuck. After a few minutes of complete struggle and fear the shadow disappeared and an overwhelming breath came upon me. I could finally move and looked at my tv and it was off. Usually it is one dark figure that haunts me but I feel like there was more than one in my room that night. I am a firm believer in spirits because I am a Christian, and feel nothing but fear when this occurs. I don’t know if these are demonic or neutral spirits, but I am very curious to why this keeps happening.

  43. Hazard J Gibbon

    I’ve had sleep paralysis experiences, but only rarely and at long intervals. The first that I remember was as a child, I awoke from sleep with the image of an oak tree with a face, screaming in silent agony, but I could feel the scream vibrating my whole body, and of course I was paralyzed and frightened. I’ve had others that were more along the classic lines, waking, paralyzed, with the feeling that something unutterably evil is in the room with me. The most dramatic episode was somewhere between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. After a night of partying I finally crashed out, and awoke with the image of a devouring dragon rushing towards me. I projected my dream body out of my sleeping body ( although I was paralyzed I could still feel an adrenalin rush) and discovered that the dream body took the form of Iggy Pop circa 1974, platinum wig and all. So I thought “what would Iggy do ” and executed a head-first dive into the dragon’s maw. This dissolved the dragon and I must have fallen into a deeply restful sleep because I don’t remember anything else.

    I know how difficult it is to work with these experiences because you are put in the position of utter powerlessness, but did you ever feel, Matt, that your writing process changed after having these experiences? I ask because perhaps this being, as frightening and invasive as it was, seems similar to powerful images that have arisen during times when my meditation practice was reaching a critical moment, and almost all of these images had to do with a total annihilation of the self, and my reactions were often in the form of extreme fear until I started talking to people who assured me its a normal part of the process.

    “From this vast expanse of nothing
    Nothing good will come of this
    But the hole in the zero
    And an open-heart-surgery kiss”
    – “Pop Crimes”, Rowland S Howard

  44. This article was very helpful. Moments ago, dreaming heavily in my dark dorm, having Spotify playing a thunderstorm nature song.. I fell into a deep sleep. My dream seemed familiar, the same paralysis you spoke of. It was a dream within a dream. A version of me was experiencing the incident of this figure and overcame it. Apparently, I awoke from that “dream” and felt the irry frozen sensation. This was the first time that I have ever seen this figure (hunched over, cloaked, shaking back and forth beside the edge of my bed)..I immediately recognized it from the “previous dream” and I did not hesitate to use my Will power to shake off this experience. I did not feel a sense of fear, but one of courage, with all my might, I yelled at the figure and it vanished. And thus I awoke completely. This is the first time I’ve decided to follow through and research this phenomena, I am very glad I did.
    If this be a demon on ny side, I felt no fear to face it. I felt that it could not touch or harm Mr and I had that faith, that it could not. I do not know what this experience represents, perhaps a specific special spiritual experience about where I am in accordance with God/my faith. I proceeded to light a candle and place my St. Anthony image prayer by it, to lighten my room. I wish to encourage all to be courageous in this vulnerablet state, let not the fear consume you but you consume the fear.

  45. Hi all.
    I’m going through hell and high water and it’s affecting my life.
    Five years ago or so I’d wake up from a deep sleep always in the early hours of the morning screaming. With three very old men floating above my bed in a fetal position all three with a Mona Lisa smile on their face.
    I end up kneeling on my bed telling myself its only my imagination, when I take my hands away from my face two of the men slowly start to disappear but the third stays there smiling at me and he’d take a long time to disappear. I decided to fight them so the last time it happened I got up and started to punch them and it really felt like I was hitting something.
    It didn’t happen again for couple years but over the last couple months my girlfriend tells me I’ve started fighting in my sleep, punching the air and shouting. It’s affecting our relationship because I don’t want to hurt her and she getting scared of what’s going on, also I’m scared that these guys are back.
    Has anyone experienced this or am I going mad in the head.
    Any advice I’d appreciate.

  46. So what does it mean when you have seven figures? I had similar experiences when I was around 8, much like you have describe, the only difference being there were seven hooded figures evenly spaced around my bed. Every time it was the same, one at the foot with three on each side. I would lay there paralyzed for about 30 seconds (which felt like forever) while they whispered collectively. This would continue until the one to my immediate right leaned over my face, leaving only a few inches between our faces and would whisper one word, “Awake”. I would immediately snap up gasping for air and sweating. I remember the worst part of the whole experience was staring into the hood leaned over my face and not seeing anything, just darkness, pure utter darkness, the kind of darkness that makes you wonder if you’ll ever see light again. This stopped after a few weeks and never came about again until last week. Im about to be 25, I just recently joined the Army and will be shipping out in May. If you could explain this to the best of your knowledge it may bring me some peace of mind. What does it all mean? I look forward to your response.

  47. A fascinating read! I too have been having these experiences over the past few years and the fear that overwhelmes me is immense. Part of me during the process knows I am just asleep and will awake soon but the fear still remains. The last event took place in my bedroom where I felt a movement as if someone was passing my feet at the bottom of the bed. Unable to move I felt the figure begin to climb over me eventually approaching my ear and saying “Shhhhh”. I awoke straight away. I must admit that one did bother me. Not a nice experience but does fascinate me also. I have had many experiences at different places. One event I will never forget is the feeling of drifting asleep one night but then a big slap across my cheek. Felt as real as you could imagine a real slap to be. Also figures opening my door and coming into my room. Dark shadows. Occasional flashing lights are sometimes present in them as if police cars are parked outside. I am a 41 year old male with no drug issues except the occasional drink. Thanks for posting.

  48. Hi,

    I have also had a couple of disturbing and unexplainable experiences (and mostly all of them had something to do with sleep paralysis).
    I will talk about the most disturbing one.
    I was asleep in bed and felt something against my collar/neck, like I was being strangled and found it hard to breath.
    I have had these “hard to breathe, strangling, sleep paralysis” experiences a few times before – but this was intense.
    During this, I was aware that I was in deep sleep and something was happening to me. So i decided (subconsciously) to just be patient and wait to awaken properly. However, the strangling and not being able to breathe got worse. In my sleep I sort of kicked forward, like pushing something away, and then I woke up completely. Only to see a figure behind my door. It resembled a woman, covered in old kind of long clothes.
    I had just woken up and couldn’t really rationalize what just happened. So I looked at the figure, thinking it was my sister, and started calling her name – but no response. Until I switched on the light and everything was back to normal.
    And yes the strangling sleep paralysis experience has happened a few times before (only this time was it so intense and sighting an image/entity).

  49. Hi Matt,
    My name is Luis and first of all my sincere apologies for the poor english but… after reading this article, a almost lost memory that basically just drove slowly into my sub-conscience has become clear again. A memory that I honestly, in many occasions when discussing scary tales with friends, have tried to explain but every time in vain. No matter the subject it seemed for a long time that I was the only one who had experienced such a phenomenon in real life and when I say real life I do not mean waking up in the night and witnessing a strange figure at the foot of my bed ( which sounds real enough to me but you’ll understand why, my sister had this experience more than once and i myself have been having trouble with sleep paralysis since i was a little kid ) but as in bright daylight when then sun is at its highest.
    This happened back when I lived in Brazil at age of 12.
    I was just sitting with a friend on the sidewalk enjoying a ice-cream when a man shaped like shadowy vague figure crossed over at clearly beyond human capability speed. But here’s when it gets really strange, for when I looked at it I was convinced it was just another vision of mine but then I noticed my friend was looking at it too with a very scary look on his face.
    That moment I will never forget, for that is the only real PROOF and CONFIRMATION I try to keep holding on for years. Proof there is something else than just us, for I was not the only one who saw it. When we looked at it each other it seemed like we both understood it was real en we both saw it, that’s when the figure crossed back over again and disappeared.
    After that we both just started desperately to run towards our neighborhood and I noticed that, for some reason the streets seemed to be abandoned, Everyone was just inside their houses, and, when we got to our neighborhood it was finally crowded and we felt safe.
    All this felt to me like it was meant to happen but at the same time it felt like I could choose freely which actions to take, like for example; I knew the streets seemed empty and that it was in some kind of way a part of the whole thing but I saw people in the distance and thought about running to them but, we still chose not to run towards them which was much further than our own street but visible because it was a long straight road. Like it was all some kind of error in some kind of system yea…
    It all happened fast but VERY CLEAR, it was unbelievable. I myself am a thinker at the highest level. And I am open for every possible explanation on the subject but I find that most people I try to discuss with are naïve. This I say because of their unreliable theories and scientific explanations that are but mere calculations that can simply be calculated wrong and of course because most people lack experience like its not just something that occurs to everyone. Even when I start doubting myself i think twice on that day and I know what I tell is the truth.
    I wanted to keep it as short as possible but i could not find the right words. Please understand I am not just someone trying to get attention, I just sat on the couch on 2 am reading weird stuff when I came across this page and to be honest, this is the ultimate confirmation for a guy like me that this things DO exist and that they are as real as the moment you witness them.
    The section that mostly got my attention is when you tell about the so called “dark one”, this is a term I understood completely without need of explanation. I have the feeling that I am fit to experience these kind of things for some reason and I would really like to discuss more on the subject with someone who is more of an expert than I am.
    Again I am not searching for any kind of unnecessary attention, its just that you are the first person I have encountered with exact the same interests as me and who really seems to know about this kind of stuff.
    I filled in my email address so if you have the time maybe you could send me a brief recap of your own life time experiences on the matter? If its not much to ask, it would mean a lot to me if I had some kind of clear explanation or maybe just something to read about so I can understand it a bit more.
    There are plenty more hard-to-explain stories that I can share with you, but this one was the most reliable one, because of my friend being able to see it too that is.
    I hope you understand where I come from and why I am sharing this, looking forward to your response, J Rodri.

  50. Lauren Warner

    I may have something for you. I, too, have experienced sleep paralysis & in 1999 I had the most terrifying night of my life. What I will tell you seems unbelievable but as you know these things often do. I accidentally left my body & the dark entity reached in the center of my chest & grabbed ahold. I felt the pain & it was extreme. It was there when I woke up, as well. There is much more to this tale. Recently, my sleep paralysis episodes have returned. Contact me if you’d like to hear about what I’ve experienced. thanks

  51. Hi there. I had my first sleep paralysis episode 2 days ago. I am a 30 year old female, and have never had any experience like it. I came home early from work around 2PM, and laid out on the couch, made myself comfortable and propped a pillow under my head and pulled a soft blanket over myself. I fell asleep. Then I suppose I started to feel myself waking up. My eyes opened and I could see the room – the bookshelf in front of me, the desk in the corner, the TV, and the door. I thought that maybe I should get up and move, and realized that I could not move. My body felt heavy and I started to panic. My eyes darted around the room as I struggled within my own body. Then I started to sense someone else in the room with me. I saw a dark shadow that I interpreted to be male. It had no features that I can recall, but it looked human. It stood right above my head, silent, unmoving. Just there. It felt sinister. I became extremely panicked and tried to move. I kept thinking, “I’m just a few feet away from the front door. If I can just get there, I can scream for help!” Still I could not move, and the shadow remained there, usually out of sight. I started to feel my blanket slowly move down my legs. I shut my eyes and started praying. I’m not a religious woman, but I started to call out to everything I could think of for help. I thought, “If I have a guardian angel, please come help me!” Then I started praying to the Virgin Mary, and tried to fill my mind with positive thoughts. Shortly after, a woman appeared at my side. She looked like she could have possibly been a relative, although I did not recognize her.She had a crown of light around her head, and when I focused, the beams of light became daggers that jabbed back and forth, forcing the shadow back. She stood at my side, interjecting herself between me and the shadow until I fell back asleep. I have been doing research about sleep paralysis since I’ve had the experience. I’m afraid to talk about it because I don’t want people to think I’m crazy.

  52. I’m a 46 year old female and have always had sleep paralysis and they have always scared me. In all of them I dream I’m asleep and can’t wake up talk or move and even in the dream I’m telling myself you have to wake up or I’m gonna die. Sometimes it was suffocating or even once being swallowed by the couch. Lol don’t know what that’s about. But I had one just the other night that was different from the rest. All is the same except the way I would die. In my dream I see this dark figure about the size of a big bird like a hawk move across the ceiling down the wall and across the floor and over to where I’m sleeping. This shadow had like a pair of hedgeclippersad was cutting my fingers off one by one and I couldn’ sto p

  53. Sorry my keyboard messed up before I could finish. I couldn’t stop it from doing it but I felt the pain like it was real and when I started crying and panicking I woke up. I would really like to know what this all means. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  54. Rich Sellers

    This is certainly a long-lived post! Also one that is of particular interest to me as I have long been haunted by a bedtime experience that I had back in the sixties (I’m 53 years old.) I’m not certain how this experience may relate to the subject of sleep paralysis as such, but it might point to one possible variant of that. This took place in Southern California about 1967-68.

    Just dropping off to sleep one night, a very battered and bloody-looking figure suddenly arose beside my bed with a very agonized sounding yell. This person was male, probably in his late twenties (as I remember it) and dressed in what were once apparently rather colorful duds, but were now badly shredded. He had dark hair and a slight build. He was covered in blood and I could see various scratches and bruises all over his face. It was obvious to me even at that age that he was basically screaming for help.

    There was nothing really threatening about this image; the disturbing aspect was entirely due to the fact that he was obviously in such horrible torment, but it upset me badly. I’ll never forget this bloodied man and wonder what his appearance meant, if anything. I had certainly watched my share of horror movies by then, but none of them had shown me a character like him, nor one that affected me so deeply.

    He wasn’t shadowy or wearing any sort of cloak – he was obviously quite human, and as vivid as a waking image of another person would be. Quite disturbing, to say the least.

    I would be interested if others have encountered anything similar to this.

  55. I have experienced episodes of sleep paralysis with the first memory being when I was about 4. I woke to a voice telling me not to look at the light. Throughout my childhood, I experienced periods of sleep consciousness and I would estimate I have had hundreds of these episodes over the course of my 40 years.

    When I was younger, I would simply wake up and leave my body and go into other rooms in my house and actually see my family members, speak to them, but with no response.

    During those years, my experiences were not encumbered by the presence of any spiritual presence that I was aware of other than myself. I did have experiences of not being able to move or scream, even though I was obviously frightened by something.

    Additionally, during that time frame, my visual perception when I left my body was in color as I moved about the house.

    I will call my middle years from 17 to 28 I experienced something a little different. The awaking moments were prefaced by a tremor; a reverberating feeling that signified the beginning of either a short or painfully long period of being pinned to the bed by either an external actor, or a projection of my mind in response to the paralysis. I narrowed this period down to eating ice cream or some other type of food late at night.

    My current period of experiences have two flavors; one is pleasant and allows me to travel extended distances from my body. I’ve been to places that when I exit the paralysis leave me with a smile on my face. My most memorable happened within the last 12 months. I was way beyond my known physical boundaries and a rotated my view 360 degrees and as I did the stars in the heavens lit up as I viewed them. I had a companion in this episode that was acting as a tour guide and when I came to I had a feeling of complete euphoria. I was so sure of my place in the universe and had a confidence in knowing that I was a force of good in the world.

    Often I simply leave my bed and even used my dresser to step down from the end of my sleigh bed. The interesting thing is now when I leave my body, I often float and use swimming motions to move myself around in my environment. I will often leap through my ceiling and go above the roof of my home and the only distinction now versus my youthful experiences is that everything is usually gray with only some things have color.

    Last night however, my son had a visitor over for the night and I experienced a very dark presence when I woke. In fact, it was a completely new experience. My head only was being pinned to my pillow and the force was so severe that I felt the bones in my neck pop. It was almost like it was pushing something into the back of my skull.

    I take my experiences very seriously and pay close attention to the details. As I have gotten older, I have made efforts to control the experience while I am in the paralysis. I thought up until last night that I had evolved, but the force last night was so powerful I felt like a patient under the surgeons knife.

    I can see the correlation between these experiences and the anti-self. If fact, reading this for the first time tonight, the anti-self is the most apropos explanation I have heard to date.

    Lastly, the one aspect of this I have not yet reconciled is the missing details in terms of the physical space. I am certain the projection this state brings about is a part of the brain or a incarnation thereof that does not understand the physical aspect of existence. If the brain, a part segregated from the senses save the visual, and it’s not very much evolved in that sense. Conversely, it could also be that the brain does not know how to operate in the spiritual sense and compensates the best way it can, which would explain the external theory that in the state of paralysis we are in co-existing in a dimension where we are consciously dreaming in a body that is paralyzed which makes us aware of the various force of energy that exist in the same state. Whether they be thoughts of our minds or a collect I cannot say for sure.

  56. Interesting to find others who’ve had similar experiences. Now I don’t feel so crazy. This is just a quick post to say you all have made me feel “normal”. LOL. I had a visitor when I was teenager that I named “the reaper”. He (it?) is gone now but something continues to visit me at night, to the point that I make sure I don’t sleep alone, even if it’s just our dog in the bed with me. I have thought of putting a camera in my bedroom to record whatever it is but I’m scared of what I might see. Anyway, have any of y’all had sleep paralysis with audio? I mean, does the thing that visits you during this time make sounds? I haven’t read all of the comments here, so I don’t know…maybe some of you have experienced this. My last sleep paralysis episode involved sound. This was the 1st and last time I’ve had that happen during sleep paralysis…it was next to my left ear making this freaky humming noise that increased in volume and then gradually faded away and I could move again. Anyway, I will be back to post my experiences. No time this evening.

  57. This has been happening to me since I was little. I’m 30yrs old know and it still happens on a regular basis. I always wondered what this figure was and still do. It actually happened again last night. I’m so used to it know it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve a actually found ways to prevent it. At first you start to get cold Shivers that first start slow and get stronger. If you open your eyes right when it starts nothing will be there but if you wait to long its to late and you either open your eyes and get it over with until its gone or keep your eyes shut until eventually you open your eyes because the shivers will just get stronger and a weird whistle noise will start. I’ve noticed I’ve I open my eyes quickly and go back to sleep it starts right up again. One night I woke up 5 times and when I went back to sleep it started again so I said screw it and when the chills got stronder I opened my eyes and It was there. It seemed aggrevated and was shooting at my body very fast back and fourth. So I never did that again lol. Or sometimes I open my eyes very fast and it won’t come back. I’ve tried talking to it and can’t or try over powering it when I can’t move . It doesn’t like it when you try to overpower it. It moves fast and looks like it wants to attack you. Over the years it never hurt me so I try different things to piss it off or figure out what it wants. I was able to get my arm up half way one time and it slammed my hand down and put it face in mine and looked like it was screaming. I didn’t know this happened to other people and I’m surprised to see all these comments. What does this thing qant? My only suggestion would be when it happens just open your eyes and wait until it leaves. Don’t aggravate it because it will scare you. I just like to push it buttons. Has anyone else ever made it mad? Sometimes it wakes me up 3-4 times a night

    • michael anderson

      ive never attempted to piss off what ive seen but i have lived in a house with entities that could not speak only interact there was one that like to close doors my sisters door in particular that if you held it open it would vibrate the longer you held it the more vibrations and the minute you let go it would slam shut also the strength of the slam depended on the length it was held
      i have also woken up many times where things will have moved and while being paralized i can still see ive been looking up and i feel as if im being carried and ill see the entity that i described in my comment above me and all i feel is the presure of two arms under me usualy i pass out at that point and ill wake up not in my bed where i remember going to sleep that night but elswhere in the house on the floor in the kitchen on the couch things like that as far as physical interactions with my entity thats all that happens to my knowledge

  58. I’m curious did the sleep paralysis start before Betty’s class or after? Also, do you think maybe she said what she did about you because of your skepticism?

    • Initial stirrings of it started about three years after Betty’s class, with the full arrival occurring a couple of years after that. As for why she said what she said, I hesitate to speculate, because I really don’t know. My guess is that although my skepticism may have been what initially prompted her to pay more attention, it was mainly that she observed a bundle of certain personality traits and caught a certain personal vibe from me that interacted with things she had studied and read to suggest her speculative diagnosis.

  59. I myself experienced full blown sleep paralysis several times growing up, complete with the short dark hooded figures huddled around my bed, who would just stare at me. Total paralyzed state, unable to move or scream. Often 20-minutes at a time.

    After alot of research, I have some thoughts..

    This is definitely linked to OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) which proves it’s probably not just a medical affliction alone. Coupled with what you mentioned, there are strong patterns in the perceived “entities” themselves, which is cross-cultural.

    While remaining skeptical, IMHO there may still be a slight element of the paranormal about this.

    I do use the term “entities” loosely because they could very well still just be a creation of our *own* mind.

    My current theory is that they might act in a similar to a computer firewall, preventing us from accidentally leaving the body in these hypnagogic states. If this is true, then they may not be anymore “conscious” than a well coded piece of computer software.

    When researching OBE’s you will often hear accounts such as, “I started to rise out of my bed, only feel hands grabbing me and pulling me back down into my body”. The very placement of them could be part of it, designed by the mind to simply scare us into falling back sleep or just not leaving our safety-zone (ie. the body).

    Can I prove that these are not conscious entities/demons/deadsouls/ghosts/etc.. out to “suck your lifeforce”? No. However if you look at the evidence:

    A. They are not really “there” in reality (Obviously). I mean to say, other people who are awake do not perceive them. A video camera set up in the room will not see anything. There is no physical interaction.

    B. They cannot harm you physically. YES people will claim a heavy-feeling on their chest or head, but it’s never permanent, and it is also reported even when no entities/hallucinations are present.

    C. There are rarely, if ever, any reported social interaction. That is, they are not yelling at you about Satan or The Evil or anything at all. They are usually silent.

    I know religions/new-agers/mediums and such are very quick to jump to conclusions that these are “Low-Level Demons” or “Lost Souls” or whatever, however I have to be quite blunt here and say that this is all faith-based speculation.

    The same way the Poltergeist phenomenon was thought to be evil ghosts/demons, until you look into the parapsychological science behind it, and find the same measurable patterns emerge of Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis, which is all linked to LIVING human psyche. We do not understand our OWN consciousness, and therefore we cannot just jump to conclusions about dis-incarnate intelligence.

    That is, if you really want the truth, we need to look at the meta-data and find what pattens emerge to help explain the phenomenon.

  60. well…. Im about to go to sleep so ill sum this up quick, I reached spiritually awakening like how eckart tolle or mooji or ram dass or jesus did. where the ego dies and I become one with all…. some howafer three months lost it, and shortly after I had a dream that ill also sum up. I remembere waking up (was actually sleeping still) and ended up in the kitchen and seen a entity/energy… and I too remember trying to look at my had and could not see it. but anyways I have not been a junkie ever since and suppress as much as possible. but im thinking of writing a book soon, btw I think we are all seeing the same entity. and also when I heard anti-self it clicked with me too. because I used to be a state of love and now im not open enough to feel love. although I still know truth I just am no longer pure awareness. Also I deeply believe tv has something to do with the sp because I woke up to sp a few nights ago and had a revolation of how it involves tv. but too tired to go into it now. Thanks
    Daniel Bushnell

  61. The Thing poster – this is exactly what I saw two nights ago whilst asleep. It was far from pleasant! I’m not joking when I say it was exactly as the poster… How very strange!!

  62. michael anderson

    Im not entirely sure that it is sleep paralysis. But i suffer from horrid night terrors where im being chased and attacked by skelatal angels and demons of all kinds, and at some points i wake up with a feeling like im falling back into myself but ill be sitting up and i cant move a muscle at all just completly frozen and i see one of the skeletal angels in front of me at least partof one that has a whole human face a womans face that just stares at me and im held i cant speak cant move at times ill pass out and wake up in a whole nother part of my house at other times il be transfixed for what feels like eternity as it feels like im being drawn in. the night terrors started when i was little but the phenomenon i describe has occured since i was 10 years old and though it might not help to add this but i use to have rages i could not remember when i was 12 and a pastor once said after placing his hand on my shoulder i sense something dark then continued like nothing happned.. im not sure if these relate but they all made me a believer in the paranormal i have more experiences things ive seen things that have happned things i experienced first hand and since then i have striven to find the answer and learn so that i may someday help another perhaps others have these experiences but if anyone wants to ask about my other experiences feel free

  63. I have stumbled upon this page when I was looking for an answer for the experience that I have had. I am a skeptic and don’t believe in those kind of things, but here is what happened to me about 7 years ago:

    I was renting an apartment with my ex-husband. The apartment was right across from the cemetery and I was already feeling uneasy. I went to sleep at around 2am, and “woke up” when I saw an intense neon blue light to my left, with a dark cloaked figure standing inside of it. No features, just darkness-almost like they portray the Grim Reaper or Darth Vader. It started slowly moving around the foot of my bed until it reached the right hand side, by my head. Then it reached out with its long bony finger and touched my arm. I felt a slight zap, and that is when I came to my senses. I have never felt that terrified in my life-I still have hair stand on my head when I think about it. I turned on all the lights, TV, everything, and called my ex husband. I explained the situation, and he said it was probably a dream. The thing is, you always know when you have a dream, no matter how lifelike and terrible it is. Here everything was exactly the same as in reality-my chair with clothes crumpled on it, the light in the window from parking lamp, etc. When the thing was walking around me, I didnt feel anything at all. I didnt move, but I didnt even try to. Its like I was hypnotized or something. The pure dread came on only after I snapped out of it. For years now I have been dying to know what it was, and if anyone has had a similar experience. I also want to know why it touched me and what that meant. I dont claim it was a ghost, or alien, or anything paranormal just because I dont KNOW what it was, so I can’t claim anything at all. I know our mind can play horrible tricks on us as well, so I don’t discount that as well. I just want to know. Any ideas? Experiences?

  64. Two weeks ago I had just lay down in my bed waiting for the Aleve to kick in (my hip had come partly out of joint)and I just suddenly knew something was in the room by my closet. I felt the Holy Spirit was saying, “look, you need to know this is here, but do not be afraid, you will be okay. I just knew that it was something dark and I knew it was ther because I am on the verge of getting well after 27 yrs of many chronic health issues, and it did not want that. I could not see it, but I knew exactly where it was and felt it float in a wavy pattern across the room toward me. I felt the bed on my right side being pushed in and then the same thing happened on my left. Amazingly, I was not at all afraid, but simply said,”I love Jesus. I love Jesus. In Jesus’ name you must leave.” I don’t know if it actually went away, but I felt protected and fell asleep soon after. I did not feel the bed press in anymore that night. I looked up dark entities and saged the entire house (closets, garage, attic, basement, even the car). Last night, after just getting into bed, I was saying prayers and felt pressure on my feet. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but then the pressure extended from my feet up to my knees and I felt the covers being tugged at my left knee. I said,”I love Jesus, in Jesus name you must leave.” Again, I felt protected and unafraid, even though I should have been terrified out of my wits! Then the bed began to shake (not violently) and it reminded me of when my husband flops and moves around, so I reached across the bed to him but he was not moving. I kept my hand on him (he felt the bed moving, too, but assumed it was a truck going by rattling the bed) and the bed kept shaking. Then I felt something crawling all over the bed (sort of in a figure 8) and the bed was moving with each “step” no longer a constant vibration. Then I felt the bed compress on my right and immediately after on my left (it was sitting on me!) and I felt the pressure from my feet up to my chest. Still unafraid, I repeated that I love Jesus, and in Jesus’ name it must leave. I can hardly believe I did this, but I decided not to give it any more attention and actually closed my eyes and went to sleep! I woke up screaming 2x; I wear a c-pap mask and I felt it leaking…I think thta woke me up and then I screamed because I felt it still on my entire body and now by my face (I got the impression of a very dense, dark cloud-like sludge) and immediately fell back asleep (I did not try to move, too tired, so I don’t know if I could have or not). After that, my leaking c-pap mask woke me several more times, but the dark thing was gone. My husband heard me scream, but when he realized I went right back to sleep, he did not ask me about it until the morning. He said the leaking mask sounded like it usually did (I wondered if the thing had been pulling it off my face, but it would have sounded louder than usual). I re-smudged the house with sage, lavender and rosemary essential oils in holy water and said in a firm voice that only loving, positive things are permitted in our house and anything negative must leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I still do not feel afraid, I was told I’d be okay, but I am getting a little peeved at the disturbances and hope they stop now. I think this has been going on for at least 3 mos. The 1st episode I woke from sleep screaming as I felt something heavy hovering over me and saw in my mind a black cloud with a bony white woman in it. When I surfaced and opened my eyes nothing was there. I just figured I’d dreamt it, but now I doubt that. A few other times I awoke to feeling something on my feet and pulling on the covers, but then it stopped nothing else happened, so I assumed I had imagined it. I wonder if it’s been happening longer than 3 mos. We had activity in a house from the 1850s we previously lived in for 4 yrs (have been in our newer house for 5 yrs) but it seemed harmless, even friendly to me, but my husband thought it felt angry. Could something have latched on to me? I can hardly believe this is happening. I did not used to believe in things like this.

  65. Last night after I saged the entire house (the attic, garage and even the car) and said anything negative was not permitted in our house and had to leave in the name of Jesus, it must have been ticked off or felt I was challenging it. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and had just washed my face and was turning to grab my moisturizer, when the little keyboard my son had left on the counter started to play one very long high pitched note followed by 2 or 3 lower staccato notes and it kept repeating and sounded angry. At first I was startled (as far as I knew it had never been out of my bedroom) but then I felt angry and protective of my family and I forcefully said the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and it stopped. I felt a little stunned that it had happened, which is almost funny considering all the other things that I’d experienced. I told me husband, who had not heard it over the air conditioner in the bedroom. We prayed, blessed ourselves with holy water and slept with the light on. It shook the bed once and I said the Our Father and, as far as I’m aware, nothing else happened during the night. Wondering if we should seek a priest at this point? Trying not to feel anger toward it in case it feeds off of negative emotions. I have already put rosemary under my pillow and (it seemed strange but then the whole thing is strange) a bowl of water with sea salt in it under my bed at chest level, and I actually slept with a bottle of holy water clutched to my chest. Any advice?

  66. A few days before my husband of 43 years passed away, I woke from a sound sleep to check on him. He was in a hospital bed perpendicular to the bed we’d shared for over twenty years. The room was lit from a light kept on in the bathroom so I could see to give him his meds during the night. I remember lifting my head to look at him and in that moment I saw a small ‘creature’…for lack of a better word…hovering over him. No bigger than a eight or nine inches in height, it turned its ‘face’ toward me and as soon as it saw I was watching it, it shot through the closed door beside my husband’s bed. I only saw it the one time but to this day I can see it in my mind’s eye. When my husband died, I developed A-fib (an extra heartbeat) at the exact moment he left this world. If felt as though someone had reached into my chest and pulled the heart out of me. They hospitalized me and began giving me a drug called Rhythmol to try to get my heart back in natural sinus rhythm. It didn’t work but what it did do was to give me very detailed, very intense hypnopompic dreams. They weren’t frightening but very unsettling to a woman who had just lost her husband. The things I saw…if I stared long enough at them…began to fade into what they really were: a curtain moving in an errant breeze; the lintel around the door that had seemed to be undulating; a plant hanging at the window that appeared to be reaching for me. The one thing that disturbed me most was when the Christ figure on the crucifix over my bed pulled away from the wood and slid to the floor. Once they took me off the meds, the hallucinations stopped. I understood that what I was seeing and what my mind was seeing were too different things. None of that, however, explains the creature I saw before I developed the A-fib. It was real; I was wide-awake; and it was just as scared of me as I was of it. If it was a harbinger of his death or a guardian angel watching over him, I will never know. I refuse to believe it was evil for my husband was one of the most devout men I’ve ever known.

  67. Hi!
    I have been researching only recently in regards to this subject matter, after having a few “nightmares” of my own involving dark figures…. Specifically after last night, when i woke to find a dark shadow figure laying next to me in my bed. The figure reached out a long skinny hand with longer fingers, i tried to move back, but couldnt… it grabbed my face, i screamed, and then came back into “reality” I could still feel its grip on me. NO idea what was happening, but i am intrigued by your writing here… any ideas?

  68. I have had 3 episodes of sleep paralysis and one of those I saw a dark shadow man in the corner of my room just looking at me! I couldn’t move or scream I was terrified! On another occasion I awoke feeling like someone was holding me down in my bed, I opened my eyes to see an older man with a very menacing look on his face and it was as if he was choking me. These episodes are extremely terrifying! Please tell me these make sense to uouy…sometimes I feel like I’m losing it!

  69. was quite an interesting read. I have suffered with what you call sleep paralysis for years when I was growing up
    but I didn’t know it had a name. It was never too frequent..maybe once a couple of months and always brief. Most of the time,it was only physical immobility with no visions..but there were 2 significant events where I saw “things”. Once I woke up at 3 am , the clock hung right across so I remember and saw a black thing, roughly shaped like a human, as u explained,leaning over me… And there was so much weight on me that I could not move for minutes, nor could I bring myself too scream..only when it vanished and I could move again did I find the ability to scream..
    Another time I was fully awake just lying down on my bed when this episode happened I saw a lot of long black hair hanging over me,,,like if someone with long hair is looking at you from above and their hair is hanging was only face..and it was over me cause I couldn’t move at all a heavy load over me which again didn’t let me make a sound. It disappeared after a few mins..
    As I grew up these episodes stopped in my very early 20s.. But now I hv a different kind of strange experiences..I was searching for something like that when I stumbled on your blog

    Now I am asleep but I feel I am in my senses..and I see my self getting up..walking around. Same house..I feel someone has rung the bell..or someone has walked into my house..and I move and walk..but after a harsh move of my head, this I hv learnt with experience, it brings me out of the “stupor”‘, and. I see my self right where I am.. It’s not sleep walking. I don’t actually walk..
    It’s as if it’s happening an an alternate space..but I tell you it’s so that phase..I can touch things, smell..Any idea what this is..?Thanks for the great read.

  70. My whole childhood/adulthood I have seen things I wish I could forget. My 1st experience with a “shadow person” was around 2005. I woke up to a dark shadow hovering above me. It was a dark mist with regular human eyes. When I jumped out of fear the shadow went up in the ceiling, then down into a shadow that was on the floor. Later that year while in the hospital I woke to find about 4 shadows watching me. Mind you that these two times were when I had a light on. The most terrifying experience was in 2006 or 2007.. I woke up to a large black shadow at the foot of my bed. I sat up to try and get a closer look. As I tried to figure out what it was it glided to my nieces bed and as soon as it hit the bed my niece started screaming. My sister and I jumped on the bed trying to help her. When my family ran into the room my mom said the room felt extremely cold. My niece described the experience as if someone was holding her down suffocating her. A few years later I was diagnosed with right temporal lobe epilepsy and was told that this type of Epilepsy gives you a sixth sense?… I really don’t believe that is true but ad of this year I’m beginning to wonder. I smell colonge I’ve never smelled before and see shadows out the corner of my eye. These shadows are not only seen at home but anywhere… Last week I woke to a gray mist hovering over the bed, This week I had awoke to dark shadow having over me and this morning I experienced it again. FYI Since last year I’ve been on an anti epileptic drug that is known to cause nightmares and possibly hallucinations but I really don’t think that is the case. If that were true why did I see these things before my diagnosis and medications. I’m now terrified to sleep. Someone please tell me what’s going on… 🙁

  71. Yes I have suffered from the same thing on a few occassions, the first being when I was about 12, I was lying in bed and not quite asleep, then all of a sudden I couldn’t move at all and then I saw this horrible dark thing over me, it felt evil, I tried to call out mum, but the words would not come out and then in my head, I said please God, help me and then it went away. I ha e a had a few episodes since then but not as bad as that until last night, 30 years on. I was semi awake and then I could sence this evil presence coming towards me and it nearly had me not able to move until in my head again, I said Jesus, Jesus and then prayed in tongues and then it left. It was awful.

  72. I experienced a similar occurrence many years ago,about nine. I was awoken for what ever reason only to look to my left in shock at a dark humanlike figure near me, I wanted to scream but could not,I wanted to move but could not. I just waited which lasted at least one minute, by that time I was prepared for whatever. As soon as I felt mobility, I sweated every curse word known to man to rid this dark figure that I mean business. I went right back to sleep but the same day I awoke I try to ascertain this and to put into prospective, just could not find word for it. However, I started to read online of ways to protect oneself from possible dark entities. I came across Crowley’s journal, but I settled on something before the crucifix, the pentagram as a medallion and tattoo, never have I had this happen again. Before this I remembered my mother telling me many years ago about this same thing, did not know what to make of it until it happened to me. To this day, I embrace things that King Solomon may have done to in a situation like this amongst other things. Learn what is not in the Bible to put it all into prospective.

  73. Exegetical Arteest

    I had a few sleep paralysis episodes when I was young, but the thing that scared me more was that when I would wake in the middle of the night, I would see very vivid images of things that looked like demons straight out of Japanese woodcuts. My dark cloaked shape protects me against all things like that, and if “he” is present, I will not see them and I won’t have nightmares that don’t have some message or psychological significance.
    When “he” first made himself known, I was in the middle of translating a text by a very very minor historical figure who essentially wrote his own epitaph on the eve of his defeat and(presumably horrible)death. “He” was angry, threatening, arrogant and scary. I went with the assumption that somehow, it was the author of the despairing poem. I played music from that time, studied up on and explained to the best of my abilities what had happened after the events of his demise and, at “his” prompting researched if there was anything he could have done to prevent the disastrous outcome if his defeat. My impression was that this dark shape came straight out of war and had no idea what was happening or that centuries had passed. After this, he abruptly changed into an extremely protective and comforting presence. He claimed that he had obviously come to save me, who was really the messed up one in trouble, and conveyed to me that I should change how I live, down to my diet and making me nap. Turns out, as I found out months later, I was in a hypertensive crisis and the list of things he ordered me to do was pretty much the same as what the doctors told me to do- stop drinking, eat sparingly, be active, etc. He’s a Manichean Christian so I’ve learned a whole lot about the Gospel of John and gnostic texts. He functions as a muse, but drives me compulsively to write wild silly medieval fantasy in a style that I doubt there is any market for.

    The rational explanation for all this is that this is a persona that my subconscious took on in order to make me do something about the looming health crisis that could have killed us both. He tried scaring me, and when that didn’t work “we” learned to talk it out. I feel this presence melting in with my own personality now, and it has apologized profusely for scaring me. Jungian individuation or some strange aspect of myself or a former self reawakened, who knows, but it works, and the dark shape sits awake guarding while I snore away. Who exactly I am, I don’t know any more because half of me lives now and half in the 13th century- when I look at the back of my house I also see the walled garden of my “other” house made of stone, when I look at the cliffs of the local valley I see the cliffs of my “other” home halfway around the world, but I’m happier and more productive than I’ve ever been, like part of my soul was missing and has now found its way home. It’s like the floor of the universe fell out from under me but it’s more amusing than scary, if that makes any sense. But had I not had the clue about the dark shape’s identity, I might have never broken through, at least not at this time.

  74. Hey Matt,
    thanks for sharing your experience. I have been experiencing similar types of sleep paralysis rather frequently (with month-long gaps in between) for the last year and a half ish (and I remember more sporadic experiences happening in younger years). The experiences now involve a very physical tingle throughout my whole body, sometimes the feeling of someone grabbing me or holding me and whispers in my ears, sometimes very clear and discernible and sometimes not. They are coupled with very vivid dreams just before the paralysis state happens, sometimes they have very dark and scary feels, other times are filled with light (more rarely). I once used the opportunity in this paralysis state as a doorway to jump from my body into the the astral plane, something I am now afraid to try and do again because of the unknown aspect of such an experience. I am curious if you ever found resolution with your sleep paralysis/spirit visitation. Did you ever release the so called darkness that was attaching to you, if so how? I wouldn’t say I “suffer” from sleep paralysis, I see it as an incredibly unique opportunity in many respects, but the fear that I feel in the moment of the experience makes it hard for me to trust a surrender into it, in the case that a darkness is trying to possess me or something. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks~

  75. Hi Matt,
    My story is very similar to the rest.

    I wake up in the morning (only i’m not really awake) and look into the hallway from my bed. I can see the light from my daughter’s room shining on the white paint of my door. I know my husband has already left for work, and I can’t think of why her light would be on and her door open. It’s then I realize i’m paralyzed and can’t get up. I look back towards the hall and see a black woman with hair/dreadlocks down to her knees. (She resembled Mishaun from the walking dead) I desperately try to get up and find my daughter. All the while I have this sense of awful foreboding that there are more figures in my daughter’s room and the figure I can see is guarding the door. As i grow more terrified of the situation, I suddenly wake up, and the room is exactly how it was in “my dream” except for my daughter’s door is closed and her light is not on. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I am glad i stumbled upon this link.

  76. I saw a man with a black hole for a face.

  77. My experience is some what similar. This has happen to me for over five years now. I would go to sleep then after about 20-30 minutes of sleeping I would realize I was in a scary dream (witch it wasn’t scary I just felt horrafied )and know for a fact that I was asleep but unable to wake up. One or two things come from this, I would think I was awake then realize I’m still in my dream because I would trying to turn the room light on but as I was about to flip the switch I would end back in the bed starting over again and would continue do this this until I awake but when I do get out of the dream I can’t move or open my eyes. And this would go on for awhile. The other thing that would happen is that I wouldn’t sleep without a dream, but know I’m sleeping and would feel tingling through my whole body and unable to move or open my eyes with horrifying fears and feelings. I feared to sleep as the years went on it got worse. I got to the point as I was drifting of to sleep I would suddenly wake myself of the fears I was going to either be stuck in a dream or awake unable to open my eyes or move. Then I discovered I have gifts and it is possible that this could be people trying to connect with me from the other side. Although I never believed in this type of thing just my knowing this the night terrors have occurred way less. I’m still too afraid to figure out what it is for the fears of connecting with something that I shouldn’t have.

  78. I am 58 years old, this is the first time I ever read that others had the same experience. I never told anyone about the night visitors till recently. I thought people would think something was wrong with me. I have to say I was never afraid that I can remember. It was more a feeling of uncertainty. As a young child I do recall always feeling the need to make sure the bedroom door and Windows were locked. Maybe I have blocked some memories. I can remember wakening, seeing the figure,communicating what seemed mentally, and sometimes feeling the figure lay next to me. I remember once it telling me it was there to keep me company. I never new what to make of it. It is somehow a little comforting to know others have had the same situation occur.

  79. Hi Matt,

    I was surprised to hear the experiences of other people. I was afraid to talk about it when I was young. I experienced sleep paralysis when I was in college. It was very consistent and I dont know what to do. A professor of mine said that I do have a potential and my third eye can be fully opened but I said no to the whole thing. They said that its not really a dream, its more of my soul travelling. Do you agree with it? It was contiuous for a year and it really affected me. I always feel tired, headaches and afraid of going to sleep. It just suddenly stopped. I am also deeply bothered because there were some dreams that keep on reoccuring to me and until now. I can’t figure it out what does it mean. I need closure from this. I keep on dreaming about a silhoutte of a man sitting on my window. He’s not doing anything to me he is just sitting there. I keep on dreaming about it and I dont know if its an actual dream or what because its very accurate and the sequence of the dream is always teh same. He is not doing anything to me, he will just stare back at me. It happened for more than a year and suddenly stopped again. what does it mean? I keep on dreaming of things happening in the future. I will later on find out that it was a dream when everything seems familiar. Example is the house next to my grandfather’s apartment. it took me 10 years to figure it out that it looks familiar because of a dream. Can you help me out with these please.

  80. Woke up at 3:50 am today. A child woke me appeared to be about 5 or so . Looking at my feet the whole time, He told me “Hey Miguel “. I was shocked initially And found myself sputtering unable to say anything. Then I felt gave him a” Hey “. Being a strong believer in God, I started praying , asking from forgiveness And to Hold my hand. Idk who it can be, but surely his motives were not evil. Yet I was still shocked, probably because this experience was completely different from my first one. Literally happened 2hrs ago. At the moment I’m not scared.I note that the child woke me from a dream in which I was at the location of my first case of “sleep paralysis ” in my Old home in Houston. I currently stay in Austin Tx with my father. My first case I assume was due to the negative energy brought by my Bad Times when I was in adolescence. This case was much less sever,probably due to my eating to do better? I’m 18. And I’m sure that child was there. God Bless. Searching for the logic for my answers.

  81. I just wanted to say its nice to know I’m not the only one. the problem with my experience is that the dark shadow didn’t just appear in the night. people had seen it follow me around my parents house , which seemed to be a beacon for activity. not only the night terrors and following me, there were other entities as well. a man with glowing red eyes and black western clothing would come from my closet staring at at me growling or laughing. then there was a woman in 1920’s clothing that tried to tuck me in once. i remember everything about her. i later seen a picture of my great granmother and recognized. her immediately. afted finding out who she was i wasn’t bothered by her visits. but there have been disturbing things happened that i couldn’t explain such walking into my friends aunts house and having an overwhelming sense that something was there. i also asked if the layout of the house had been changed and she asked like what. i told her i could see its original state, furnishings , and that the stairs had bern moved from the living room to the corner where there was now a landing. she stood there looking at me a moment and said i was right thay the previous owner had renovated the house . she asked how i knew and i told her i didn’t know but just that i had been there before somehow

  82. I was wide awake, not even close to feeling sleepy or falling asleep. I was completely wide awak. I became painfully paralyzed and a shadow blob like think come at me and the worst pierving scream/high pitchedhum in my ear. I somehow mananqged to pray and and it stopped. The next night I had an uneasy feeling. As I lay down getting ready to sleep, literally out of no where I heard a male voice that seemed not human say boo so loud I was severely startled, and then I heard a laugh and it was over. Only at night. Its worse when I meditate holy water cleansing works in the house, but I notice it onky comes when window is open. So its not in the hiuse but the perimeters. I think im losing my mind.

  83. Sorry for typos. Im completely drained and slep deprived.

  84. Hi Matt,
    Wow… I am 45 years old and I have been looking for an answer to my terrifying dreams since I was a toddler. I was adopted when I was 6 years old. Before that I had been moved so many times, I lost count. But, I do remember when I first arrived at my adopted parent’s home and having the first of many nightmares. Always the same. Being paralyzed with fear, waking up screaming that there was something in my room. A figure in black. I dreamed this dream so many times over the years, I almost felt like it was a curse. And to my horror, every time I screamed and someone came to my rescue, they too would be looking for someone in the room. My dad came crashing through my door one night because I was screaming there is someone here, there is someone here. I was shaking and terrified and I remember him searching the whole house. At both of my grandparent’s houses, I had the dream. I was staying with my dad’s parents and I had the dream and my poor grandfather was shaking because he though someone was in my room. The same when I stayed overnight with my mom’s parents. I dreamed it on a vacation in Mexico as a teenager and woke up the whole hotel. Both my parents thought someone had been in my room. When I went to college, I had a dream that someone was leaning over me, almost suffocating me. and as I started screaming, my roommate was coming in from studying and she screamed. Oh my god some one is in the room. After all of these dreams, I would wake up absolutely terrified for days. I had the dream when I was in my Air Force dorm, scaring my roommate. I had the dream when I was first married and scaring my husband at the time. I had the dream in base housing in Germany, scaring my neighbors. Again, all felt like someone had been there with me. I haven’t had the dream in about a year. But the summer of 2011, I had the dream for nearly everyday 3 weeks in a row. I was so afraid, that I would force myself to stay up. But I would still have it. In my dream I would wake up and see a dark figure at the doorway and make it’s way to my side. I would be paralyzed with fear and finally start screaming as it reached out for me. I was shaking in terror and my fiance, he too said, that he felt something in the room. Every night for 3 weeks I had the same dream. I was exhausted and terrified. I felt it was real.

    So I can understand when your teacher said you might have a dark one attached to you. I feel this way. I went to a psychic and she even said that she felt a darkness around me. I wonder if this contributes to my deep depression as well.
    Thanks for the article and the conversations. It is interesting and a relief to see that maybe I am not crazy.

    • has any of your dreams did you feel like an entity or being was behind you and it was sucking or feeding off your energy and while it is doing that you feel paralyzed and cant move?

  85. Omg i have always been scared to say this things and im not the only one :/ and wish somebody could explaini this just happened a second ago that is why i decided to look it up it was about pregnancy and fetus deformation and then hearing noices in my home and cant really move but i think about calling the police because i think someone is breaking in ..then the lights seem to go off and see a short black figure come in the room and think is my husband trying to scare me and then it stands at my feet and holds me down and he talks but i dont really know what so i try yelling but nothing comes but i keep trying until it happens i yell “who are you?” tried kicking until it happened like i know its going to happen at some point and dont really feel like i wake up it just feels like everything is back to normal. And my son is on my belly sleeping … i had other similar experiences and used to think where bad dreams when i was in high school used to tell my mom and she would say i needed to go to church..

  86. My experiences are quite different…. but in some ways similar…

    There are so many, it’s hard to choose which are the most relevant. So I will start with the most recent.

    I’ve been feeling angry lately due to personal things. Recently, when I’m getting in bed at night, I will feel a dog jump onto the bed with me. It will even press itself against my leg.

    I have no pets. Anyone familiar with this?

  87. mine was when i was a teen. after a dream i woke up in the paralized state i was so used to this happening to me since a kid.. but that night was different. I had something dark on top of me ..and for some reason i have yet to figure out i KNEW it was a “dark” side of me ..either that or something went through the trouble of duplicating my body. I only managed to mumble “Jehovah” But this dark figure acted terrified when i scrambled off me ungracefully and backed away to my closed door that has a hanging mirror and it sorta slunked away mergeing into my mirror, as if retreating .. again my image my reflection..this has been the only time I’ve seen anything and last time i experienced this paralysis. im just puzzled because i should have been the terrified one..i was only left speechless but at peace when it left.

  88. Three particular encounters.
    1. Around 1992. My former girlfriend and I were having an arguement. In the midst of this we both turned around and said in unision “What the **** – do you see that?”. What we saw was a big silver sphere about 100 yards from us, hovering above the main road, about the size of a 2 story house, 100 feet from the ground. The traffic ignored it but we both ran out onto my Gran’s Bowling Green. The most interesting fact was that it seemed to reflect what was behind it onto it’s front and what was in front of it onto it’s back (as it revolved). It almost seemed invisible but not to us!! So we ran outside, the weather seemed to change by some 50 minutes or so and suddenly it disappeared by 40 miles or so in 20 secs and suddenly went vertically into the sky in about 3 seconds and disappeared completely. When we went back indoors my family were suddenly re-animated and hadn’t noticed anything at all.
    2. With the same previous girlfriend and some other (around 15 friends) were up fishing in the Pentland Hills – my girlfriend noticed some stars above the camp light were moving in strange ways, which she pointed out. When we left, walking up the hill, I stopped for a pee, and when I noticed a strange 3-4 ft tall being in the woods (indiscernable but white and head-bodied figure) but just out of range. 5 minutes later a triangle shaped object, around the size of a football pitch passed over our heads, making us duck down. It looked like there was an explosion back where we had come from but although we wanted to check it out, the growing darkness and an overwhelming sense of foreboding made us leave it alone. We all wandered around in a state of confusion for several minutes before deciding it was a better idea to head home.
    3. Last night!!!! I went to bed (completely sober, et all) at 2:30am. As soon as I lay in bed I realised I could hear voices in the background. I don’t mean in my head, as in the schizophrenic kind of way. It was just one ear. Just faintly in the background. I turned to try and get a better position to sleep but the background noise was still there in my left ear (co-incedentally the same one I needed an operation in as a teenager) so I stuck my finger in it to quieten it. Lo and behold – I heard a vague hiss with some background noise and albeit ‘vague’ conversations – telling me to (or someone – no fool, could just be TV echoes or something like that) – to let go and make it happen. Suddenly I felt a great weight on my legs and then my chest. The voice said “try and sit up” and so I did. I could suddenly see two figures (almost identical to the two previous mentioned ones, slightly white and almost there, but not quite) at the foot of the bed. At this point, bearing in mind I felt pressed down upon in weight on my legs, suddenly my wife started kicking her left leg, as if she also felt said weight. I put on my glasses to try and reassure myself there was nothing there but shadows but in actual fact the figures looked more substantial (still not real I might note) rather than less. It took until I gave in and went to sleep until the whole experience stopped.

    Question – The mind can indeed play tricks, yeah? How come in the first instance, both my former girlfriend and myself can see the same sphere and witness it’s behaviour exactly the same? How come my friends and I, a whole bunch of us witnessed the stars moving in a non-uniform way, untypical of star movement or indeed satellite movement, later ducking under a massive triangle thing, at least the size of a football pitch? Were they back last night? Are they spirits or aliens from outside our biosphere? Is it all co-incidence, if you believe in such? Is it something else? Is it something that is top secret military? I would like to know, at least to put my mind at rest!! Certainly, in my case I know what I have witnessed, as in it happened. But what happened exactly?

  89. NB – I may be on the wrong site but I just want to share my thoughts. I have re-read some of the above comments and may be able to help as I am also interested in Astral Travels. Please note however, that the above experiences are not at all Astral or Sleep related – no offence to these experiences too obviously. Love and best wishes, Jason. Xx

  90. So this may possibly be the greatest find and comfort to myself and possibly the most important blog I’ve come across. I myself are regularly mobbed by these spirits which vary between a statue like shadow figure who just stands there or a pool of darkness almost like a dark shadow in a poorly developed picture, either appearance i encounter it genuinely terrifies me, not because its scary but because i know its intentions are dark and that help is so close by in reality but in too frozen and incapable to reach them. I myself have also experienced a very very demonic situation before which was worst than any film clip I’ve seen but thats another story, these things are ruining my sleep, infact i found this blog reseaching tonight after multiple aattacks by ‘them’, its like I’m dreaming and than in my dream in in fear of seeing these shadows than as soon as i make visionary contact and see them i suddenly freeze and wake up and hear my own struggles and efforts to make loud noises and movements to alert help in the real world but its like i fall in and out of both realitys and than wake again but with the same vision of the dreams like i never slept, these things are getting more of a nuisance lately and when i read this blog so much made sence, Il have to deal with it and just accept the battle but i really appreciate the time and wisdom you’ve passed on

  91. My boyfriend has been having sleep paralysis dreams about twice every 5 months for as long as he can remember. Each time he sees a little girl dressed ina white dress and black hair covering her face (almost like the grudge, but a little younger) This is his encounter “Whenever i have a hard time getting up, my body feels really heavy. Like an elephant is sitting on me. Whenever that happens, i am half awake and start seeing things or hearing things..on the left side of my bed i see a little grl in a white dress with her hair over her face..she has a big kitchen knife in her right hand..and i see her but my body is so heavy i can barely move.. i take a deep breath and try to move with whatever strength i have, and i manage to grab her left hand and my strength is restored and my eyes are big..but she fades off as if it never happened..but im awake.I know im awake the entire time but something always happens to where the figures just disappears. Whenever i recover all my strength my eyes are jst bulging, but my vision slowly goes to a blurr til i see pitch black then slowly goes away. But i know im awake cuz my eyes are still bulging open; And i cant talk when that happens,Its like i can only mumble really loud, but they dont come out as words.” On other accounts (this one is the regular one, but another he vividly remembers is this one “There was alot of least 13. and i awoke paralyzed and these bengs were moving rapidly in and out of my room. As if they were looking for something..they looked like dark black ashes with bright white eyes, They didnt look at me at first but they were talking about me..saying things like ” is he awake? He can see us. He knows we’re here..” and at that point they all gathered up around my bed jst staring at me.they aproached me closer and closer til i was able to recover again then they faded away.” Please help me, this has been happening to him for quite a while (as long as he can remember) and it is really cutting into his sleeping time. please and thank you.

  92. Ok , my name is Xavier and first of all I apologize for my English.I am from Sevilla , Spain . I’ve never been interested in these issues and I consider myself a pretty scientific mind, but just yesterday a friend of mine , in a relaxed atmosphere , told me a story about a similar incident to what is told in this blog and I could not ignore a memory that was buried in my memory that has made me inquire for information.
    Since I was a child , everyone who has stayed close to me has complained about how loud it is my REM sleep, I usually talk , wallow in the blankets and even sometimes sleepwalk. Nowadays I have Belén diagnosed with chronic sleep apnea so I am pretty interested in sleep monitoring, etc.
    My experience was similar in many facts to what is described in the text and I hope this serve as a support or any interest to the community.
    I was a child, I do not remember the exact age, perhaps before adolescence . I was in my room, lying in bed on my back, waiting those seconds just before falling asleep , when I realized that the darkness and the silence in my room were absolute. I could not see beyond the bumps of my feet under the blanket and I remember I fell asleep thinking about how terrifying that atmosphere was . Something woke me up ,I did not know how long I sept, but I felt I was full y awake. I had the feelings of being stalked by something that prevented me from moving , not even breathing. I suddenly saw how two hands came out of the darkness and settled on the bottom of the bed. I saw it, “the dark one”, someone stalking me from the dark , preventing me to move and somehow , daring me to do it.
    I spent a few minutes until I could move and tried finding the light switch , but I could not reach it . I tried to scream but no voice came from my throat. It was a traumatic experience.
    I regained my voice and after a while and I sat screaming while my parents entered the room . I always thought it was a horrible nightmare until today.

  93. Has anyone ever been asleep and been visited by a very tall man with a glowing bright gold color? I would like to talt further about this?

    • Hi Sean, did you encounter a tall glowing man spirit too then? Over 5 years ago my parents rented a house. Someone died of cancer in that place. I woke up in the night to hear someone walking down the creaky wood hallway; they were trying to open all of the doors to our I knew my family members wouldn’t be trying to open everyone’s door in the middle od the night. I feared their was an intruder. I tried to turn my head and body but I was sleep paralyzed..just able to move my head. I heard my door open and something walked towards my bed. My heart was beatinf and I tried to shake myself awake out of the sleep paralysis. I managed to turn to my right and their stood a very tall glowing male figure. The glow had a light orange appearance and I could see a faint face. I had encounters in the past and I have seen my fiancees glowing orange spirit before do I felt this was a real spirit. I truly was scared because I couldn’t move and I didn’t know why it was standing there on my room.I twisted and turned and it was gone.

  94. Last night I had a horrible scary dream. Actually not a dream, but very real. As I have been reading I did fall asleep on my back.

    What I experienced was not being able to move and feeling a presence. I can see my room clearly as if I was awake. I was trying to move. And wanting to move. I fell off my bed at one point on the other side of my bed.

    All I know is I could feel a presence there. At one point I was touching myself and was very pissed off. I think at that point is where I fell of the bed. Then I was back on the bed just moving slowly around my bed trying to move.

    I was back on the bed. I saw a shadow to the lower right of my bed and remember it took all my strength. ALL OF MY STRENGTH to try to speak to it. And all that could com out of my mouth was a hissing cat/dog noise as if I was threatning it which I was very serious about. I did not want it there. Eventually this blurr of shadow was gone, but the presense was still there. It eventually ended with my sister with me and then my sister ended up paralysed and tried to tell her to stay strong. I saw something under my bed as well, but it was not a man. It was a women, but I could not see the figure, but pink hair and an arm. I woke up when my sister ended up paralized. But at that point when my sister was there with me it was an emotion of trying to be strong. Before that it seemed very real. I can not explain. Was the most scariest things ever experienced.

  95. I have experienced many many of the scenarios above. I used to only get the paralysis like once a month… and I knew if I got it it would happen numerous times that night. That still remains true; but I now am doing it 9 of out 10 times I fall alsleep… The images are strsnge indeed! What I would love some input on though is this if any one has some to offer? About two months ago as I started drifting to sleep and becoming paralyzed, I started hearing a buzzing in my head that became louder and louder and louder before scaring me awake where I would go through the phases of relieving my paralized body. I have had a very very mind blowing spiritual journey the past three years. I started to realize that the buzzing was almost like a lot of people with the same voice talking to me at once. I decided instead of getting scared and snapping myself out of it I would just try to focus and let go of fear. Holy shit.. lol I kid you not after the buzzing my first attempt I was spoken to by what sounded like many, many, beings, all saying the same thing, but all with the same female robot voice, I don’t know the first part of the message because I hadn’t yet “tuned in” but the second part was, “We’ve always been here but we have to go now.” Than (I know I know this sounds crazy but I’m so honest!) Than I heard the noise of something very large taking off… I woke my self amazed and than tried one more time, this time I heard a voice of what sounded like a male robot, high pitched and like stitch (lilo and stitch) This voice spoke very quickly and was not in english. I was filled with fear immidiantly and woke my self upp… Am I possible picking up on communication unheard by most due to the difference in frequency? Where can I learn more about this?

  96. Hello everyone!
    I am so glad i found this site. I too have experienced “people” coming to visit me. Its always when im sleeping. When i wake up maybe for a brief second i can see someone then they vanish. What strikes me is the same experiences some people on here as well as myself, is the location of these Ghost like figures. i always sense someone either in the hallway or by my bedroom door. My boyfriend thinks im crazy. The History of these ghost like people have gone back since i was a child. Im 38yrs old. It doesnt happen all the time. My mothers house she believes when i was little was haunted. Doors slamming and locking by themselves. My old babysittier could tell you stories as well.Very odd things would happen to my mother..I can remember she once told me that when she got up to put her slippers keep in mind no one was in the house..that water was in one of her slippers. She once told me that she felt her bed shake and put a bible beside her and it stopped. These “people” have never harmed me or anyone in my family. These experiences do not happen anymore to her for more than 10 years. I dont know. When it happens to me im not frighten, but startled more than anything.

  97. hey hows it goin. glad you took the time to write this post, I just recently had my 3rd sleep paralysis episode waking up from a night terror. During the paralysis I heard my bathroom flush across my room, and a tall caucasion human being opened my door and walked thru, stopping by the side of my bed. He was holding what looked like a syringe. I mumbled “who are you” and it replied “philson” after which I woke up completely and the entity faded. Needless to say I had shit my pants. I truly believe it was a demonic entity feeding off of my life force. I have been experiencing nightmares every night for 2 weeks now sometimes more than twice a day. Perhaps something is out to get me.. only time will tell

    • a demonic entity feeding off my life force from behind me last night is exactly how I would explained what happened to me

      Nass 30 year old male / Florida

  98. The figures are your manifestation of YOUR fear, once you drop fear you will find you can “move on”, when I say “move on” I mean further into the non physical, often resulting in out of body. I have had many encounters with these dark entities many times and have been helped by them. If you were scared of giant spiders they would take on that form, its your projection!

  99. Hi,
    I am trying to figure out my childhood nightmare about “shadow people”. The thing is most of the stories i hear is about one shadow people in the victims room. But my experience was that i was always in a white cubical room with no doors or window and sitting in the corner of the room while full of shadow people looking at me. They become hard like steel when i got afraid and some nights they are fluffy or smoky if i am less scared. Even when i wake up my left eye see the room but my right eye in reality. Is it different dimension i am seeing or just hallucination?
    best regards Misha.

  100. Hi there,

    I’ve had a few experiences with sleep paralysis now, one I came out of completely into a lucid state. I woke in the room I was sleeping and with the person I was sleeping next to. It was dark and I didn’t have any control of my surroundings. I was stressed and faced with what was on my mind. My most recent experience was last night. I woke up in sleep paralysis, completely lucid just unable to move. I was once again in the room I fell asleep in, it was dark and I had no control over my surroundings but full control over my thoughts. I was scared at first but pushed my fear aside every time it arose. There was a shadow figure in my room moving about. I could move so I rolled around trying to fight the paralysis. I relaxed and just listened to all the changing sounds around me, birds chirping, rumble sounds, noises the figure was making as they went around the room. It ended with the figure coming up to me, saying something in a voice that was very familiar to me – a male voice. It kissed me goodbye, I said “I love you” and it walked out my front door. I wanted to go with it because I found this dark room to be boring, I was lucid and wanted to explore. I knew I had an alarm set so I just waited patiently until it went off. It wasn’t a nightmare but easily could have been if I let me fear take me over. Still uncertain about a lot of things, but would love to hear any input!

  101. Sometime while in sleep paralysis I can detach from my physical body and fly around. I never make it to far. Two time I managed to get out of my house and fly in the sky always fades out not far from my house. The first time it happen there was a lamp knocked over in the night unexplainably. The night before I was flying around my living room in a subtle body state and hit the same lamp with my hand. Other times this happens I can’t fly but I can walk around open doors and even drove a got In car in that state. I have never seen anything in that state that was not there when I was awake including entities. A few years before when I started having sleep paralysis it always felt like some was pulling my subtle body from my physical through my feet. One time was being carried down a hall couldn’t see by who my arms and legs whee flinging around uncontrollably it felt like my arms where moving as the protons around atom does

  102. Literally about 15 minutes ago I experienced another episode of sleep paralysis. After school I had been sleeping since about 5 p.m on and off. At about 10 my mom woke me up to eat but I took a bite, drunk water and layed back down. Anyways at about 10:30 I decided to remain awake and I went into my mothers room to lay with her and watch tv. My mom had fallen asleep by 11 so I was just on my phone and watching tv. I got an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and so I locked my phone and turned over to go to bed. What i thought was actually occurring or as a day dream, I had been dreaming , the dream wasn’t long at all. As I was getting deeper & deeper Into my sleep I got an overwhelming feeling of disgust, and resentment. It felt evil and I have never felt that way in my life ( I’m 17). * btw I do believe in ghosts, spirited, Angels, and demons , and I am not a stranger to those things but I rarely have experienced. So anywho I tried to keep my eyes close and just go to sleep but then I noticed I could not move ( it seemed like it only took seconds for it to start from when I closed my eyes but who really knows). Anyways I could not move, I tried tapping my mom and I couldnt, I went to go scream mommy and barely a whisper came out, when I opened my eyes ( attempted) I saw a dark silhoutte of what seemed to be a man at the foot of my bed. It wasn’t like full features of a male but more so a draped black cloak like phantom apparition , it was solid and not moving, it seemed to slant as well. Once I was able to make out what I thought it was I closed my eyes hoping it would be over, again I opened my eyes and it was still there , the more I kept trying to move the more it wasn’t working so I have in for a second and just layed there, I went to move again because I was not going to just remain a victim so when I went to move everything was fine. I wasn’t frozen with fear, it felt like a blanket was lifted and everything was fine. It was weird, the energy was weird. I never knew sleep paralysis was connected with the paranormal ( I always thought so but never knew if anyone agreed) im not crazy and this isn’t the first time ( first time seeing a shadow however). It’s like 1:21 in the morning and Idw go back to bed but I have school in the morning, but I don’t want to see ” him” again

    • something we all have in come in with this sleep paralysis is that the being is taking something from us and we are unable to move or even speak loudly for a few seconds. Now that I am speaking from experience this stuff is definitely real and the creature behind my back was probably black but I could not turn my head around to see what it was but it was definitely doing something to my body. I would like to see this things face one day

  103. Hello all! I’m a 29yo female from Ohio. Until a month or so ago, I had only experienced sleep paralysis once as a very young child. I think I remember so vividly because of how traumatic I remember it being. I awoke from a nap at my grandparents home unable to move or speak. I remember screaming and crying but no noise coming out. Complete silence, broad dalight. I remember the orange and green afghan I was covered with. It felt like hours I was stuck in this paralyzed state.

    The many years following this episode it haunted me from time to time and I’d think to myself “thank god that hasn’t ever happened again.”

    Though as I feared, it happened again just about a month or so ago. Only days after my 9-year-old daughter delicately described an apparition she saw run out of my room past her bedroom door and into my sons room. She does not have an overactive imagination nor is she a story-teller. She described it as all black, low to the ground, only about a foot or two tall, and very fast with white trails of light behind it as it passed.

    This is the first and only appearance of any paranormal force ever seen in my home of 7 years. Well, besides whatever stood by my bed during my second sleep paralysis. It was also completely black, maybe 3-4 feet in height. I vaguely remember its figure because terror consumed me and I quickly closed my eyes and turned to my fiance lying next to me. I remember it being so hard to turn towards him. I tried screaming and kicking my legs. I had this horrible sensation in my ribcage, as if something was trying to crawl inside me in between my ribs or sucking my insides out. It was absolutely terrifying. I was finally able to get out a few moans and mumbles which woke my fiance up and then I zapped out of it.

    I’m petrified of it happening again but even more petrified for our family. A lot of weird things have happened in our home over the last year and I can think of multiple people alive and dead/new things brought into home that may be responsible for the weirdness but where do I start to discover the source!?! Anyone help!?

  104. Hey , i am 46 years old and have experienced sleep paralysis quite a few times in my life but never seen the dark figure . My first episode happened when i was 16 yrs old living in the Ohio valley in southern ohio . I woke up in the middle of the night and felt as though i had a million volts of electricity going through my body . I was litterally paralized . The only thing i could move was my eyeballs . I looked at my bedroom window and it was as bright as a still camera flash outside . This lasted for like 20 seconds and then went away like nothing happened . Growing up in Southern Ohio and researching this over the years , i believe i was visited by the mothman and i believe all of my other episodes through my life have something to do with him also. I didnt have another episode until age 40 . I was sitting at my kitchen table with my head down about to fall alseep . Right on the edge of falling asleep it felt as though something grabbed me behind my neck and was pushing my head into the table . It was a really strong force because i could not raise up . It just kept getting stronger and stronger . I tried to scream my wifes name but could barely speak . After a couple of minutes it released me and i was back to normal wondering what the hell just happened . My next episode was about a year ago . Happened three times in one morning as i was trying to go to sleep . I was laying in bed and just i would start to dose off , it would happen . It felt as though i was being electricuted . I could not move . I was paralized . All i could see was real bright flashing lights almost like strobes and i heard white noise like a TV with no station . The noise was so loud and it was getting louder and louder and the feeling of being electricuted was getting more and more intense the longer i tried to fight it . The noise sounded as though it was echoing through a huge metal pipeline and i felt as though i was having the life crushed out of me . Very intense but i saw no figures . The first and second time that morning i fought it and pulled myself free from it . The third time i figured that i would just let it take me . The longer i laid there to see where i would go , the more intense it got . It got so intense that i couldnt handle it . I screamed and pulled myself away . I woke up and after the fourth time trying , i actually fell asleep without another episode . I am 46 years old now and i am looking forward and waiting on my next episode . I will one day let this fully engulf me and take me to where it is trying to go . Evidentally i am one of the special chosen to experience this sort of thing and whatever it or they are wants me to join them . This is real and i am not afraid .

    • the same similar thing happened to me last night in my sleep. the creature or thing was behind me and I could not see it either or move a muscle it was really strange. I definitely believe in the astral realm and demons feeding off of human being soul energies. This is the second time this has happened to me I am 30 years old.

  105. Last night during my sleep I felt something behind and it was literally sucking up or feeding off of my energy or soul or something and I could not move or get away it was like I was paralyzed until when I made some loud gasping noises my brother came in my room and woke me up. This is the second time this happened to me and I am quite convinced that this thing was not just conjured up in my dream. I think this is a real entity that was sucking my energy off of me or something like in the astral plane. Has this same thing happened to anyone else in their sleep?

  106. sleep paralysis happened to me started when I was a teenager. and I saw transparent human figure but no details of a face, just a human figure. at the first attack I was having a hard time to manage it coz it really paralyzed me, the sensation is really different and scary. it only stops when I started to pray. and what’s scares me is everytime they vanish I hear a horrible sounds like a sound of a stomach cramp.. Its weird because I saw that figure knowing that my eyes is really close. I saw everything around me as well as the transparent figure. but I know I’m still sleeping. and when its already gone, that’s the time I begin to woke up.. it’s true that praying is necessary before we sleep. we never knew what will happens to us while we are sleeping. I saw a transparent figure in a different form, human form and small figures that I can’t distinguish what it is. I know that they are angels of demons, attacking people while we were sleeping. and they only stop everytime we start to pray. they fear MY God or our God. they fear Father God and Jesus Christ.

  107. I’ve had a sleep paralysis situation too. It felt like it was sitting on my back and pinned my hands to the bed and just when I tried to start pray it like my lips was literally being zipped up. When I tried to see what was doing this my head was forced back and pushed down.Then it felt like a hand going through my skull and it was extremely painful before it got all the way through I prayed in my head in it removed it’s self. Then I had to pray out loud and it let me go and I woke up but my head was vibrating for 3 days.

  108. I have had sleep paralysis many times. It happened more often when i was younger. I also have had a lot of lucid dreams, and oobe-like experiences all my life. I have allways been interested in the occult and paranormal.

    Last year my girlfriend started having sleep paralysis. She had a feeling there was something evil haunting her while she was sleeping. She never saw anything, but could feel a presence, and felt it was leeching her energy, and woke up feeling exhausted. She had not told me about it, because she only thought it to be a bad dream.

    One night i “woke” up, and with my eyes still closed, i could feel something in the room. My body felt really heavy, and i could not move. I started to try to open my eyes, but i could not. I tried to move, but it was not possible. I tried harder, and i managed to open my eyes without opening my eyes. And i could see a greyish entity in the form of a man, with black eyes, sitting crouched upside down in the roof over my girlfriend focusing on her. It didnt seem to notice me beeing aware of it. It was the middle of the night, but the room seemed to have a kind of misty illumination.

    I tried to move, but i was paralysed. And i was just lying there watching the entity sitting in the roof, with my eyes closed. I struggeled very hard to move, and with great effort, i managed to throw myself at the entity, it felt like i sat up in the bed and reached for the entity, with my body still lying in bed. Like the upper part of my body deattached from the part of me still lying in bed. I screamed at it with the worst “warface” i could produce, but there was no sound coming out of my mouth.

    The entity suddenly became aware of me when i came at it, and seemed very startled, almost afraid. Then i woke up, and there was nothing there.

    I told my girlfriend the next day what i had been dreaming, and she then told me she had been having these sleep paralysis episodes for some time. After this she didnt experience anything when i was sleeping with her. But when she slept alone, if i went to work early, and she kept sleeping, it would happen occationaly. It seemed like i was keeping it from happening when i was present. Some time after this, we moved to a new house, and it has not happened again.

  109. The past three trips I’ve made to my grandparent’s house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I’ve experienced rather terrifying episodes of waking paralysis, accompanied by a ghost or malevolent spirit. All three times I’ve fallen asleep naturally, not drunk, no sedatives, and at 2:00 AM I’ve been awakened by the feeling that something is pressing firmly on my chest and is sucking the air out of my lungs. I am helpless in this state for a few seconds, and it’s during those ten, maybe fifteen seconds that I am keenly aware of a dark, shadowy being hovering above me. I’m not in this physical or mental struggle more than fifteen seconds – movement and voice come bursting back into my body, I shout, I spring up in bed, and each time I see this shadow figure retreat into the ceiling.

    I don’t make it to the UP but once a year, and I didn’t tell anyone about these creepy experiences until my mom, who, on a separate trip there, came home with the exact same story, saying “I’m never spending the night in that damn house again, and let me tell you why”. I shared my stories with her, and the experiences were the same. She told my aunt, who told my youngest cousin. My cousin chimed in and said “every time she visits, she is scared and she feels that something is trying to suck the air out of her lungs…and that’s why she always opts to sleep in a tent out at the lake”.

    So, the three of us have had these independent experiences of deep sleep, followed by brief waking paralysis where we feel we are being suffocated by a dark, shadowy ghost that vanishes into the ceiling when we regain mobility and voice.

  110. I have had expierences similar to these although nothing has happened since I moved out of the house I lived in since I was eight (I’m 19 now) I would go to take a nap and would seconds later would start to feel my body being taken over by something feeling like I was paralyzed. I would try my hardest to fight it when I would feel it coming on but never could. I never saw the black figure but the night before we moved from this house my friend kayla stayed with me my mom was the only other person there she told me the next morning she saw a black figure passing back and forth threw my door way and no matter how hard she tried to wake me up she couldn’t she said she was screaming at me she said she felt as if cold winds we’re coming in the room. But the really terrifying thing is when we went to tell my mom what Kayla expierenced that night my mom beat her to it and said she saw the figure as well and felt the cold air. But I have never seen the black figure, thank god. Another very scary thing that happened at this house was one night me and my mom were watching TV in the living room and I must have fallen asleep and she turned out all the lights. When I woke up my first reaction was grab my phone so when I went to grab it on the coffee table beside the couch something pushed my arm back down it didn’t feel like a person. The best way I can describe it is a force. I have too many stories to type on here but I relate to a lot of people on here and that’s what’s really scary about it I’ve never searched about this before and it blows my mind everyone’s similar experwalked. My only word of advice to everyone is prayer does work, the lord is real and a lot of times when I would expierence feeling paralyzed I would pray and it would help it wouldn’t always bring me out of this but I never saw the black figure and I would be stuck in this for what felt like hours. Thankfully this hasn’t happened again since we moved to our new home. But in our new home my mom says she has seen me come in out of the corner of her eye and when she called my name I didn’t answer and when she looked for me I wasn’t home. This has happened twice to her and once to my boyfriend his happened when I walked into the kitchen he said he saw I figure that looked like me walk by and when he said my name the figure went behind a China cabinet and something told him it wasn’t me when I came back from the kitchen he was terrified has anyone had anything like this happen to them? This freaks me out bad even though I’ve never saw it.

  111. Wow, I don’t know if you still read these, but what I read here felt like you had been sitting there taking notes about my nights for the past while. I’m definitely going to check out the book you’ve noted here because I still have some questions that I would really like answered. I have known for quite some time about the dark ones, and not just through sleep paralysis. I have come to terms with them and have learned to deal with them very early on, even though when I do have my sleep encounters with them, it leaves a violent memory that I can never forget. The thing that I am worried about is that they have started up again, but not only with myself. My Fiance has recently started to have these encounters now too, and he has never experienced them before until mine started up again. I am worried that somehow the dark ones have now attached to him as well with me acting as a conduit and directing them to him. I’m hoping its nothing, but we will see if it persists or progresses. Thank you for the read and for the book suggestion. I hope all is well for you!

  112. I just woke from another strange experience myself. I suffer them all the time. I went to bed with a massive migraine headache around ten o’ clock at night. I dreamed that I was in a house I didn’t recognize, and it was eerily dark. In my DREAM I had just woken up. I was looking for my girlfriend, but she was gone. I went to the door that led to the garage, my cat (along for my crazy dream ride too) followed me into the garage. Mind you this house I’m in is completely unfamiliar but I seem to know just where I’m going. I enter the garage, which has a loft for storage I recall oddly enough. My cat darts past my feet as I enter. I see moonlight cast outside. Suddenly my girlfriend walks by the window at a brisk pace, clutching something to her chest, wearing a shirt of mine, with a beaming, proud looking smile on her face. The window is only 5 feet from the garage door but yet it seems forever passes without her reaching the door. Afraid for reasons I don’t understand, I open the door to let her in. She enters but something is wrong, there’s a dark cloud clinging to her, roiling and masking her features. Just then, she reaches out to show me what it is shes been clutching to her chest. Its a picture frame of some sort, with coliseum looking silver sides and nothing in the frame, like its a window to a bottomless well. I look at it , then back to her to tell her I don’t know what it is, but suddenly I cant talk. I try to call out her name and cant, try to move and I cant. I start to panic, suddenly I’m awake but I cant move, I’m trying to call out but nothing comes out and I cant open my eyes. And then I’m unfrozen, and I realize I’m yelling, that I woke her and the baby. they both go right back to sleep but here I sit still afraid and awake writing this. I have these occurrences all the time. This being one of the less straight-forward of the dreams. Usually though, its dark, a creature or person is after me. In almost all of them, I cant find my family, and the world I’m in is a mirror image of this one, but a dark eerie one.

  113. I have had these experiences before starting back in 2009, and spreading all the way through till just last night of March 09, 2015. There has been other weird things as well like seeing shadows, hearing noises, and other little things like that. But the most terrifying of them all is the sleep paralysis. I have been suffocated, held down, and fondled. With all of these prior occurrences, I have never really seen any figures, luckily, but I knew something was there, I guess you can say by instinct, or a special feeling inside that I had. The reason I am writing you is because I have been frightened before by this, but last night was the worst. I saw someone, clearly! Not a shadow, a semi-clear visual of what I truly felt inside, like my intuition was trying to tell me that this was a Woman! She was hovering over me down by my feet as I slept on the coach with my six year old daughter lying next to me. She was wearing a long black cloak looking dress. I could tell by the bottom of the cloak it was womanly, but it was ragged and old looking. The part where her feet would of been was blurry. And she wore a hood covering around her face. I couldn’t see her face well it was blurry. But I managed to slightly tell that where her eyes was it was black. And the SP was so strong, but I was fighting it, and praying to god in my head. I had just enough time though that I was able to fight the hold she had on me, and I was able to see her. I knew she didn’t want that, as I was still in that struggle with her trying to call out to my sister who was asleep upstairs, she was gone in a flash. I know what I saw because my sister has a picture above the couch on the wall, its a white picture of a green sea turtle, and while I was fighting being held down, and forced to keep my eyes closed, not being able to speak, I also saw that sea turtle picture first right before she caught my eyes. And when I realized she was floating over us, I felt like I was being forced to keep my eyes close, and then it stopped. But the hatred, I felt from her, and the fact that I felt that it even was a her was really scary. No matter what though the weird part was she was just starring at us. But it felt like hurt, and anger. Like she wanted to hurt me or was jealous towards me and about my daughter. I felt her emotions in me, how she felt towards me/us. I feel like she was trying to do something because I went through the SP, my daughter has no idea about this nor does she even have nightmares to begin with. But I feel like she wants to hurt me in some weird way. I know she was mad, I know she hated on me, she couldn’t get to my daughter and that made her mad, because we have a great spirituality with god, and I have learned through god that in his name evil will flee. And that what I said in my head as well as the our father prayer. “in Jesus’s name you will leave this house, and never come back to hurt me, and you will never get my daughter. I do have some instinct that she was interested in my daughter, but hated me because she knew she couldn’t get to her because of me. How I know this I don’t know? But I feel strong, even through all that fear, terror, the anger that comes after words as a person “me” being violated like that, and my daughter at risk. That just makes me mad, I have learned when I shout out those things about god and get mad and the fear subsides, this is after I awake, but I have another feeling inside like I knew she was gone. Like I knew I fought her off. I don’t know where she came from, who she could be. But I don’t know if she can come back. I am scared that I saw her so clearly being that has never happened before, but I have no fear today or tonight. Something is telling me that I have to continue to pray and keep god close to me and my daughter. Oh I also forgot to mention that I also have had this bible that my mother gave me as a child and I have kept it all these years and every time I went trough any of these weird occurrences I would sleep with this bible, with my daughter too. And I did that last night and I felt as though that scared her off too. I also don’t know how I know she was a woman, but I felt like that was something she wanted me to know. I don’t know how else to explain this. If you have any ideas please email me. thanks

  114. Hey I wish I had the time to read all the comments, as assurance that I’m not alone in this. I had several sp moment all when I was 15-17 years of age. Out of all of them the most horrific and life impact full was my first encounter, I woke up in the night I can’t recall the time, I was sleeping alone, first thing I saw was the door open and I heard what sound like flipping paper next to my ear like if someone was taking out bills and laying it next to me, I looked up and stand over me on the head side of my bed was a dark figure, once I realized this was not anyone I know, I got filled with such strong fear and I could not move I felt so vulnerable. After a few 5 seconds of looking at it, it did what I felt like it instantly teleport on to me or into me, in that instant I felt a like hot and cold shivers all over my body and I could move again, I went under my sheets immediately trying to understand what just happened and didn’t sleep for the next 2 hours, it scared me so much that I think about it everytime before I go to sleep. It happened several time after but with different shaped figures like a dog or blob, until one next meanwhile it was happening I had enough and I tried to move with all might and strength, with so much anger and frustration I wanted to physically attack the figure with a punch, until I woke up. It hasn’t happened to me since. I’m 22 now and I’m at the point where I am skeptical of many things dealing with religion and spirituality like you described you were but the experience still seems to haunt me. I need more information on this, I need more ideas thrown at me because I can’t seem to find the one I truly believe happened. Thank you to anyone who read this.

  115. Yes i have had this happen to me me and my boy friend was sleeping and i was woken up from a smell like a cigarette smoke . I thought right away my boy friend was smoking so i look next to me and he is still sleeping as i look back up the smell came back i look up and standing on the side of him which fear came over me where i started to shake and actully cry and prayed for it to go away . Then it did . I have also aked pastors from chruch to please bless our home a few times and no one ever comes. Just feel like there is alot of bad things inside that house bad luck . Weird things happen dont understand. What’s. Happen to his home we are there we fight a whole lot and as soon as we leave we love each other and happy and as soon as we walk back inside his attitude changes and we will. Start fighting again someone please tell me what can be happening is the house or what.

  116. I have had 3 of these very similar experiences that have been described above. All 3 have been at my parent’s house, but not all in the same room. The first one happened about 6 years ago when I was 19-20. I woke up randomly in the middle of the night (I am a violent sleeper, move around constantly and dream a lot) normally I remember my dreams the next morning and on the first occurrence, I just randomly woke up around 3am. I immediately saw/felt a dark black tall cloak like shadowy figure hovered over my bed to my left. I was a psychology major in college and am a firm believe in “vibes” and try to have a positive outlook on life and I couldn’t help but feel like this thing was bad even though I have no way to prove this. I tried to yell and muddled out some soft murmurs, similar to when you are in a frustration dream and can’t scream. After about 5 seconds of looking at this “thing” and freaking out it finally flowed backwards seemingly into the dark of my room and vanished. My heart was pounding at this point and I turned on my light as soon as possible to of course an empty room. I told my sister about it but never really made a big deal about it.

    Next time, a couple years after that, a similar figure was there but this time it was at my feet, not hovering over me at my left side and was much less dramatic. Either I was more prepared to handle it or it wasn’t as forceful, but this time it went away quicker and didn’t make my heart pound as much. I didn’t get the same vibe that it was necessarily negative in nature. I had more of a “oh, it’s you again?” feeling toward it.

    The 3rd time was last night 3/17/15 and was not like the other times. I woke up at 3am, but this time was brought awake to the sound of something dropping on the floor. It was a similar sound/volume of a cell phone on the bedside table falling onto the floor. After opening my eyes I immediately saw a shadow to the left of my bed with an Indiana Jones like man-purse on its shoulder, not looking at me. My first thought was that it was my father because he leaves very early for work and sometimes has a bag like that, but then I realized that this figure was extremely tall (at least 7 feet) and did not have any facial features or any distinguishable characteristics other than the satchel. I stared at it for 3-4 seconds (at this point I acknowledged to myself that I was in fact seeing something, telling myself “I am definitely looking at something, there is something there, and it is not my dad”) I was not frightened and did not feel the same negative vibes as I did the first two times. After the 4 seconds, it DISSOLVED. It didn’t flow away like the first two shadowy figures did. It was also more defined than the first two. It didnt move either, just dissolved away. I turned on the light and noticed a clothes hanger on the floor that I definitely do not remember being there before bed so I assumed that is what made the noise. I am not concerned about these things, more curious.

  117. Anita maybe you could try smudging your rooms in your home. While I have no experience at it, I hear that it is a good thing to do and I want to try it for myself soon.

    I’ll speak of a few experiences I went through just in case it may help anyone and to also just put what I went through out there, I never mention it to my family for fear of them thinking I’m crazy or imagining things.

    My first experience I want to mention is about 2 years ago I had a migraine/bad headache I can’t remember which but I felt horrible. I was forced into sleep paralysis and am 100% sure it was forced on me. I was lying on my side and was asleep but was aware of how my body was positioned. Then I felt myself slowly falling towards my back and “woke” up midway through he fall. When I say woke I mean being aware. I tried to lift myself but couldn’t, I was about to fall asleep but felt something press down on my face mushing it into he pillow and could feel myself gritting my teeth from the pain. I tried to yell out but couldn’t. I also felt tingles all over my body. And the more I tried to push against it the more it pushed me down. I heard the floor board creek and heard yelling in my head but outside of my own thoughts. It yelled, “What!” or “No!” It was a male voice and sounded really angry. And then it finally went away. I had a thought of my brother who passed away and thought it may have been him who helped me. In my journal after the experience I acknowledged that it wasn’t a dream nor was it like my normal sleep paralysis. And after everything happened it was gone like a switch being flipped.

    Another experience was last night, I went to sleep around 4 am after being awake a few hrs. after sleeping around 9pm. I thought my soul tried to leave my body but after looking into it I read that it is actually astral projection. The first time it happened I became aware when my “soul” was halfway out of my body at the torso, like sitting up. I got freaked out and tried to force myself back into my body but it was extremely hard, like fighting against an invisible force with the strength of a brick wall. I was scared but also sleepy lol so I went back to sleep. It happened again but I don’t think I was out of my body at all, just a weird feeling and my body felt tingly all over. I didn’t feel an evil presence and even looked to my side in that form and saw nothing. I remember something similar happening but I thought it was a dream, my “body” was floating at the celiling and I remember staring at my physical form and it felt so surreal and I think I remember a translucent cord from my belly button toward my floating self. I forced myself awake and stared at the ceiling. But still unsure if it was a dream.

    I have no idea why these things are happening to me but I’m not as scared as I used to be

    Sorry for the essays but I hope my experiences help anyone in someway. And I want to mention that my fear growing up were ghosts so I was always afraid of an occurrence or anything of the sort and wouldn’t want anything like my experiences to happen to me but I’m older (21) and I just accept them. As long as God is on my side I know I having nothing to fear.

  118. Hello guys, I’m 19 years old and I’m afraid of sleeping. I don’t really expect anyone to take me seriously but two nights ago I was laying down ready for sleep. As I feel myself start to relax and drift I was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling that something was wrong… The back of my head and neck were tingling with sensation, every hair on my body raised, my stomach turned and I began to sweat lightly. I started to feel on guard trying to get up but was struggling for full consciousness and any mobility. I was being phased into sleep. Now I finally jumped up but didn’t feel like myself, I knew now I was not in my house. I had full body sensation and all of a sudden my abyss like surroundings were being invaded.. The figure reveals it’s presence with an assaulting energy emitting from its very being. The size of this was colossal like a mountain. My eyes stuck in gaze, my body trebled and mind focused on engagement…. I wake and haven’t slept since. 🙁

  119. I have had similar experiences. The first was when I was about 8 years old. I hadn’t even fallen asleep yet and a large dark figure appeared in my doorway. It was very block like and masculine. I couldn’t move but managed to scream alerting my mother. As she came running it turned and disappeared.
    It didn’t happen again until I reached my 20’s. Usually when it happens I will wake to a dark figure standing next to my bed. It’s tall and seems to be wearing a cloak or something, but at the same time almost transparent.
    The worst experience was a few years ago. I woke to 9 dark figures beside me. The were all tall but varying in height. I couldn’t move or speak. They reached over and started dragging me from my bed. Everything started to go blank and dark and I suddenly came to and my husband was holding me trying to snap me out of it. He woke up to me literally sliding off the bed and I was completely unresponsive for a few minutes

    • had a very very similar experience last night. exactly as you describe it. its odd how we all have these encounters?

  120. I was lying in bed just taking a nap when suddenly I was awaken by some sort of sound coming from my hallway outside my room. I guess I was actually still asleep somewhat describing a dream that felt very real. I then got up from my bed walked out of my room into the hallway then as I entered into the kitchen I saw a young boy standing that had a backpack on him. My first thought as I looked at him was thinking it was my younger son that walked from the bus stop, he was quite sweaty and had a smile as I looked at him and asked him “Why are you out from school?” Thinking it was half day he just stared at me smiling not saying a word. I then looked carefully at him and realized that the boy I’m staring at is not my son. I got frightened and said to him “your not Tyler!” Tyler is my son
    This boy looked similar to my son. I then turned away and rushed back into my room where I knew my body was still asleep. I then was trying to wake myself up and screaming my sons name out loud Tyler! Tyler! Then final seconds later I woke up but I found it very difficult for me to wake up. I felt so exhausted and so scared.. I felt that I was awake as if I left my body while it was sleeping. Don’t know what to make of this, but I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

  121. A friend of my sister who practices vedic astrology gave me a hint that my intuition is heightened and that I will be good in Tarot cards. She told me that the tarot will find me and not the other way around if it is really for me. When I first learned this I tried looking for tarot cards but I failed and I really dont know where to look for these cards. I dont want to go extremes and order via internet. I gave up and moved on with my life. After several months, I went out to shop with my sister and I was browsing some books in a bookstore when I accidentally found a guide book to reading tarot cards with a deck of cards. There was only one book and it was hidden behind other books and it is located in the lower most shelf so I have to sit down in order to really see it. I immediately bought it.
    A few days or a week before I found this deck of tarot cards, I had a weird dream:
    In my dream, I was with my family on a family vacation (i dont know where). We went in a small alley that sells weird souvenirs like weaved baskets, antiques, vases… It was like a very clean alleyway of street vendors. There I saw a wide mouthed old basin made of some old metal like copper (im not sure). Inside the basin were several dark green jades the shape of small cylinders, like 2 to 3 inches long, a cm or less in diameter, but not less than half a centimeter. When I came near, the cylinders of green jade started wriggling like worms as if they are coming to life. I touched them with my fingers and they wriggled more and more and whenever I would move farther away they would return to their stiff jade cylinders. I was so happy and I wanted to buy it, but the old lady said that it was very expensive. Then I said it is okay, I really like it, and I bought everything that was in the basin, it was wriggling so happily when I was putting them in my pouch.
    When I woke up I immediately asked for my mom’s jade bracelet and wore it. It is not purely dark green because it has streaks of white and pale orange, but I still wore it.
    I started reading the tarot guide book. It says there that I need a quartz crystal and I need to cleanse it. It was a good thing that years back, I found two small white quartz crystals in our house that I took into liking and I kept it in my small collections of stuff. I didn’t know back then that those were quartz crystal, I thought those were just nice looking crystal stones.
    After several days, I opened my tarot deck and began browsing the decks. That is when I experienced this incident which I have not experienced after I renovated my room last year.
    I was in deep sleep one night when I suddenly felt my bed sink or depress at the left side near my left leg. It was like somebody was creeping towards me emerging from the foot of my bed with his/her knees sinking deep into the thick mattress of my bed, more prominent on the left side than on the right side of my legs. At first I thought there was an earthquake, but the bed was not shaking like when there is an earthquake. Then I thought my sister came and wanted to sleep beside me. I half consciously looked to what was happening around me but I cannot totally wake myself. Half consciously, I saw the sinking area of the mattress on my left. Then I began to feel something bearing its weight on me. It was like it is covering me, or protecting me from something. But one thing is for sure, it was hazy dark with long legs and arms and is heavy, it was leaning above me like in a “protective stance?” and I can feel its weight but I can feel that it is not its total weight because it is still half supporting itself with its arms legs besides me. I panicked and I tried to move but I can’t. It was pinning me down. I shouted for help and shouted my sisters name but for sure, as usual, I was only just mumbling again in my sleep. I tried and tried to move away because of fear but I can’t. Then suddenly I felt a sense of calmness and “security?” and I went back to sleep with it above me.
    A day after this, I had a sore throat. It was just a sore throat so I moved on with my life. I started reading the tarot for my siblings and mom which were amazingly accurate. Then my sore throat worsened to cough. It was just regular cough so I read again for my brother in law and made a daily spread for my sister which was again amazingly accurate. Then my cough turned worse and this time with runny nose and body weakness. I’ve been trying to go to work but I’m getting worse. I took my antibiotics but it is not helping.
    Since childhood, I had similar cases of being half awake while sleeping but I cannot move my body. I can see everything in my surroundings but I know that my eyes were closed and my body cannot move. I would shout for help and my sisters would notice that I was mumbling in my sleep and would wake me up.
    Last year, before my room was renovated, in my dream I stood up from my bed and I walked towards the door of my room. The room is dark, very similar to my room during my night sleeping hours, with the lights outside giving a little bit of night light in my room thru my big windows. On my way to the door I looked to the right where there is my dresser table with a mirror. I saw myself walking slowly with a straightened body and dazed face (not in my usual drunk-like, half-awake, slouched stance whenever I would go to the bathroom at night). I was about to continue my walk when I felt something pulling me back. I looked at the mirror and saw a black silhouette of a person standing an arms length from my back, with one outstretched arm whose hand is lying on my shoulder. As if in a pulling manner. Then I woke up.
    After that I started putting a curtain over my dresser mirror on the foot of my bed whenever I would go to sleep at night. I never had weird dreams since then (or astral travel?), not until I began studying the tarot cards.
    Last Saturday, a friend of mine went to stay in our family resort. I was sick so I wasn’t able to stay for the night to accompany her. The following day, when I returned to eat breakfast with them, my friend told me that she had a strange dream. In her dream…. while she was sleeping that night she was awakened by a slight movement on the door of the small house. She saw me thru the glass window of the sliding doors and I was trying to go in so I was banging the door. She was lying on her bed and she wanted to approach me to open the door but she cannot move her body and she cannot speak. Then she woke up. That resort is several kilometers away from my home.

    While I am writing this, I am on bed and sick. I went to work this morning but I have to go home early to rest. I am 35 y/o, single woman who works in the medical field. I want to get well soon. Please help me. I know something is wrong.

  122. Years ago, we went to an underground River. I took pictures of the dark areas where the boatman is not pointing his flashlight. I never bothered to look at those pictures again.
    Around November or December last year, a friend of my sister (the vedic astrology practitioner), also went there and my sister showed me a picture of hers with a ghost in it.
    I went back to all of my pictures. That is when I noticed the orange ghost people (like boat men) beside my solo picture in the boat. So they were more likely on the water. But what was more weird is that I saw a weird entity with distinct black eyes, pointy ears and unusually skinny arms, creeping over a huge rock, looking at us. It was greenish bown. And another picture of a black silhouette of a small creature jumping from a stone towards the water. The silhoutette was created by a an orange light coming from the distant tourist boat ahead of us.

  123. When I was around eleven or twelve years old, my friends and I were chatting outside after school. When suddenly everything stopped around me. My friends stoppend moving, the kids around me stopped moving, the toy they were kicking was suspended in air. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. Ahead of me I saw a beautiful white smoke like lady with a long white smoke-like dress with indefinite edges. She was running on foot but in a slow motion manner. Her very long white hair was flowing behind her back. She was running on tipped toes but her toes were not touching the floor. I cannot see her face but in my heart she looked very beautiful. She was very elegant. She ran and then she stepped on something and disappeared. I suddenly noticed my friends snapping their fingers, clapping and waving their hands in front of me. They told me I was staring ahead. Then everything went back to normal.

  124. These are the weird things that happened in my life. This is the first time I shared it thru the internet. Again, my profession is on the medical field. Please believe me. I need your help. I want to continue my tarot readings, but I believe something is wrong.

  125. My mom usually is able to stop the paralysis when she touches or gently shakes my shoulder. A couple of nights agao I had a sleep paralysis episode and hoped she or someone would comes. All of a sudden a hand touched my shoulder and it felt like my mom’s arm, but then it got painful, and it became malicious and whatever the arm was…it was trying to tick me into believing my mom was there when she wasn’t. I only realized a few minutes later as mym mom came rushing into my room to try to wake me. I was shocked ….that arm wasn’t hers and was there just to make me agonize even more. I have never been so frightened in my life.

    All the episodes I have had in life involved something trying to hurt me and literally pull out my soul. Lately nits getting harder to hold on, and its’ strength is much more. I’ve heard growling, malicious laughter, warnings, and the only positive experience I had was, a male voice that sounded holy and good told me to hold on and not give up.

  126. i had a shadowy figure, exactly like on the pictures you provided but with long hair yet with a thin but toned male body sillouette , sitting on my bed and stretching out its hand, wanting me to come with ‘him’. i wanted to know who it was, for a second i thought it was my dead friend but the shadow on my bed had too much terrifying-due-to-the-unknown energy about it to be my friend. i kissed his hand to see how he would react and made myself really conscious of his reaction. my lips touched his finger and the finger turned into bubbles. i tried again, not sure if i wanted to, and it tried to attack my face or closed my eyes or something. i then made myself wake up. its odd how everyone sees similar black shadowy figures. your first story is from 1993… no idea what it means but its very interesting…

  127. Hi, Matt. I’m very intrigued by your experience With the dark spirit. I have also the sleep paralysis on an infrequent basis. There is an entity that I have an association with, Waterboy. Although he is more like a tulpa, not the thing That causes such extreme distress with my sleep paralysis episodes. Thays more like a succubus perhaps. I live in the White Mountains of Arizona and there is a lot of extraterrestrial activity here too. I can only speculate. lol.

  128. I’m trying to process an e pertinence which happened several days ago, and I found this blog which has some similar themes, but not quite the same.

    I was having a normal day like any other and out if nowhere I was struck with this I erwhelming bad feeling. It felt like it punched my soul. I told my daughter to go get ready and go to bed, just so I could try to pinpoint why I was feeling so bad. Horrible actually. I texted my husband & best friend about it, the tried to forget about it,& got ready for bed myself.

    Then a few minutes after I got in bed, I felt a “dark presence” that seems to be staring at me, or studying me. It was staring down my back, at the side of my bed. I was fully awake, I was terrified to turn around to look at it, but not paralyzed by any means. I kept telling myself the thing I needed to do was turn around and face it. I felt intuitively this is what I needed to do. So after about 20 minutes I very slowly turned around and within a minute the feeling had completely gone. I never actually saw anything at all, but the feeling it gave me was dark & shadowy (which is what I typed in to google and found this blog).

    I have no idea what it was but it felt like death. The next day my husband got into a car accident (he was completely fine), my best friends dog died, then her grandma went into hospice & died a day layer, and another best friends (20 something year old) sister died. Why would death visit ME if all this happened to those around me? I’m feeling really resentful & confused right now, any advice or explanations would be appreciated.

  129. Is it possible to have a pleasant sleep paralysis with a friendly visitor?I was taking a nap on a couch and i opened my eyes but couldn’t move. I listened news from TV and thought it was really time to wake up. A dream-cat jumped to couch and was purring. I ignored it and thought “ok… if my body sleeps, maybe i can try astral projection finally”. All excited about the idea i tried to leave my body with no results. Then i fell asleep for a while and dreamed of letting the cat out. When i closed the door, i finally woke up. The experience was quite ok. The cat was grey with black stripes.. so just a normal cat. What i could learn from this?

  130. I too suffer from sleep paralysis and it has really picked up in the past year. I am 25 yo. Four nights ago I was laying in bed to go to sleep, little did I know I was already asleep. I was looking towards my door and thinking about the day as a small grey figure ran through the door way, jumped on my bed and crawled quickly up my body to my chest. I was beyond terrified and could not move. I managed to whisper F*** you to the creature and yelled out to God for help. As soon as I said God the creature crawled back down my body as quickly as it came and I no longer could sense the being, two seconds later I awoke realizing it was a dream except it felt as though everything had actually happened, I could feel the pressure of each hand and foot as it crawled up and down me. I have tried to remain skeptical but I can’t help feeling that creature was real. I may have just been seeing things from being scared but I have seen a total of 3 orbs in my room in a combination of days afterward. Part of me feels the creature was not there to do me harm but part of me feels it was there to suck the life out of me. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it would get that close to me if all it was doing was observing me and has anyone seen this 3 feet tall grey shadow figure. I did not get a good look at it.

  131. I was searching the internet for some information about a dream I had two nights ago. I haven’t had a dream like this for years, and I was hoping for answers.
    I woke from a dream (I thought), to see a figure standing a few feet from my bed in the attached bathroom. It was dark, and looked like it was wearing a cloak or duster. Then it stepped forward, and sunk down to the floor with a very loud series of thuds. I then heard it crawling or slithering over to the other side of the bed. I could not move, I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I started trying to flail just to wake up. I came out of it, and sat up gasping for breath.
    I laid back down and looked throughout the room for anything, and there was nothing there. I then felt as though I was being dragged back into the dream – like I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Back into it I went. This happened several times, where I would wake, and then get pulled back in.
    My husband said I just kept repeating, “Please let me go. Please just let me go.” I finally came around totally, and jumped out of bed. I left the bedroom, and went to sit in the living room to catch my breath. I have a Fitbit that tracks my sleep, and it states I had woken up every 15 minutes for 2 minutes each time for a total of 4 hours.
    I am not sure what happened – if it was truly just a dream, or if there was something there. This is not the first time, either – but previous times, I was a lot younger, and was able to wake myself up and get out of bed. Any ideas? What books can I read to see the many different dreams people have had across cultures? I will be looking up all of the books mentioned above, also. I just want to try to figure out what’s going on. I do not want to go through that experience again anytime soon!

  132. I’ve experienced some unexplainable things since I was a kid. I’m now 36yrs old (male) & once in a blue moon, I wake up suddenly with sleep paralysis (bright in the day or late at night/ while alone or with company).

    I’ve heard so many people tell experiences where they felt a pressure, a hand, saw a silhouette on top of them or next to them, etc-etc. But me…after more than 3 decades (and after hearing those stories) I’ve never seen or experienced anything like that.

    UNTIL recently!
    It was Monday, 19 October 2015 at about 5PM and it was still bright-ish outside and inside my apartment. I live in Hawaii, so there’s sunlight past 5 or 6PM.
    I abruptly woke up feeling paralyzed, I could barely move with limbs, head, lips or mumble. This time (as clear as day) for the first time…I saw a translucent silhouette with its arms holding down my biceps, I saw its torso, shoulders, neck and head. The face looked very old and/or skeleton like (with no eyes). It was moving its head a lot–as if it was talking/yelling at me or trying to bite me.
    I was not afraid, I was upset that this was happening to me. I managed to cursed at it & it said something back loudly, but I couldn’t understand what it said. Eventually, I noticed that it was not hurting me or scratching me–so I stop fighting, trying to get free or stressing about it.
    Then this thing, slowly disappears and turn into a little foggy/smoky cloud and goes up to the cement ceiling in my room. I’m perplexed in awe, because I can see the cloud-ish thingy still stucked on the ceiling…as it’s semi-glowing and it also has what appear to be a semi-visible black hole somewhere? I stared at it for at least 3 full minutes until it disappear. Then, I scratched my head and reflected (by myself…until today) on what I just experienced.

    Prior to this event, I was super exhausted mentally and physically. I had not sleep for the past, 30+hrs. Plus, I didn’t know that a few days later I would catch a cold.

    I don’t know if what occurred is only in my head, or it is because I was so tired that day, or it is really something paranormal/ scientific or religious/faith based.

    But, I do have one vague theory that I thought about it really hard. I think that ONLY when we are either super happy, overly excited, sad, depress, suffering from emotional/physical stress or distress, physically drained or ill/sick…something that makes our bodies/mind/energy, soul or spirit be sync/tune into another dimension/realm—that’s when we are to either invite this things over our dimension, us go to their realm or leave some type of portal open (unaware of course!) Those unexplainable things sometimes get physical with us or with objects.

    I have something that occurred to me with a shadowy figure back in 2003. What makes it so fascinating is that it all began with unexplainable knockings on my apt wall (during the day time: about 10AM) while on the presence of my girlfriend at that time. Later on, this shadow would be in my room and do things in the apt (never attacked me). It also followed me at work, and paralyzed my body (as I walked out of the elevator and onto the well-lid hallway) at about 4:30PM. My roommate, who mocked me (when I told him about my weird experiences in the apt) He actually ended getting the worst experienced from that shadowy figure…who actually called his name repeatably and sat on him and touch him. My former roommate (male) have never experienced nothing like this ever, to include: he never had sleep paralysis, until this thing began being around our apt.

    So here’s the thing…how can this figure be a figment of my imagination, if it manifested to 2 other people besides me (and while I was awake at work and during daylight hours)???

    I did a (self) religious cleansing of the apartment, which worked. But, one year plus after I moved out of that apt…that ‘thing’ returned to bother him and other roommates…in the year 2005.

    Now these 2 people, always tell their spooky experience to other people that happened to all of us together (sort of) = experienced it, is a better word.

    As for me, in 2005—I only had unexplainable that happened to me. I was outside the USA, and one time…I woke up “from a dream” I’m guessing. The dream was about me getting sucked from my bed into this black hole. It was so vivid and horrifying that when I abruptly woke up…the first thing that I did was {to turn on my night lamp} which was right about my head; on the top portion of my bed. When the lights turned on, the first thing that I saw was: my covers were being pulled down and out of my bed, from the area where my feet was.
    I quickly get out of bed, to find my covers/blanket…stuck in the bottom of my bed, by the metal railing at the foot of the bed’s frame. There was nobody who could have done that!!??

    NOTE: some people told me that it could have been some bad entities lingering around, or spirits of people who passed away. Others told me that it could have been a succubus because my roommate and I were still bachelors back then…one of my good friend (actually) told me that I created that shadow figure. That it was a replica of me, but with all the bad energy that I had back then: grieve, stress, sadness, revenge, hatred, etc…that I have given life to this thing and that now it will lurk around this earth forever.
    She told me this before I finished her telling her 90% of my story. I was sort of freaked out when she did that/said that to me…out of the blue almost.

    • If you ever find out what it is can you lete know as I did a quick search of this page and you are the only other person who used fog to describe what you saw

  133. This entry came up on a web search of carrying a shadow. It sounds very similar to my waking encounter in 2001. I was also in college when I finally confronted the thing that had been stalking me for several months. It was a blur of darkness shaped like a hunched over person, crouched upon the top of a hydrant. I only saw it for a moment as I spun around to see what was giving me that feeling of being leered at by a hungry predator. Then it vanished, but the feeling changed when I bold asked, “What do you want?” I was awashed by the impression of oily, black fingers piercing through the palm of an inky, black palm and out the back of the hand until the fingers curled forward into sharp claws. There was no pain, though the hand felt as simultaneously foreign and as if I owned it. After a pause, I guess that this thing was mine entirely. Then I said, “Well let’s go then,

  134. Stephan Korenhof

    i only have 1 sleep paralysis experience and that happend when i was 2 years old. there was a black shadow standing in my open doorway. i walked to it and in it. i felt it go in me from top to down. it also was in color that black shadow and since this happend i see aura’s around people

  135. I have experienced two cases of sleep paralysis. The first case being mild and the second has me looking this up. Both of my encounters were during naps and in a state of complete exhaustion. The first time I felt a dark figure (black energy ball) hovering over me, I prayed and went away fast. My second experience scared the shit out of me. I was taking a nap I all of a sudden feel awake and feel a dark presence over me. I started to immediately pray and it was not going away. I felt it starting to go inside of me that is when I started to panic even more. I told it to leave me alone and it told me “fuck you”. This being the first time I’ve experienced it talking to me I was freaking. I felt hopeless for a quick second, then I gained inner strength and fought back. I regained power of my energy and body by pushing through. I had mustered a strong force within me to break through. My force and energy pushed a bright white light through the dark presence and shined out the black energy. My vision was blurred for 10 minutes after waking up. My sister heard me struggling from the other room, being extremely shook up.We decided to grab some food. As we are walking to the car a dog comes barking at me out of nowhere- idk if this could be corralated but it was extremely weird. If this has happened to you. Please tell me your experience…..

  136. Thankyou for your toughts, it is good to know I’m not alone. I’m a 33 year old Texan male that has had vivid dreams my whole life. When I was young I sleep walked. I’ve always had dreams where I’m flying or falling. I also have control of my dreams normally. But I’ve had this sleep paralysis off and on for years. I always can tell something is there with me, but lately the sleep paralysis part is becoming more and more detailed. Tonight I was having a dream where I was talking to someone when I saw something pass by us. I told them I would look directly at it. This felt like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to do. It was one of the dead. As soon as I realized this I was transported back to my room, and was paralyzed. This time thought I was bold and looked directly at the presence. It was in the shape of a person but covered from head to toe in somekind of parchment robes. It was both black and white at the same time. I immediately regretted that decision and started scearming to my wife to help me but no words could come out, and I couldn’t move. The thing was saying something in a language I didn’t understand. Over and over it spoke like it was somekind of chant. Then I awoke more scarred then ever in my life, but strangly I felt fully rested. This is very strange seing as I fell asleep at2 am and woke up at 3am. Thankyou again for the blog I comforted I am not alone in this.

    • The same thing happened to me, I had only been asleep a short time and now feel wide awake, I was transported from a dream as well, but obviously it was a different sort of dream. The visage looked like death for my, but was black and gray, and did not seem to be saying anything.

  137. I thought I was crazy when I suffered from my first episode of paralysis! I forced myself to believe it was all just bad dreams, really bad dreams. I do have a serious question that, after reading this, is disturbing me. What does it mean when there is 3 dark figures everytime I suffer from one of these attacks? I too can feel them literally sucking my soul out!

  138. Hi my names Tristian and I enjoyed reading your article. I came here in search of answers in the hope someone had any knowledge explaining what I saw a few weeks ago. I will tell you about two particular instances. Well I’ll start off with what brang me here to begin with which is what happened a few weeks ago. I woke up around 1 something in the morning gasping for air to the sight of a black shadowy thick fog-like looking thing coming off my chest for about a second before it disapeared. The only reason I saw it is because I left the tv on which lit up my room. I was a little scared but am not new to weird things happening in my life so my first reaction was to say loudly fuck off. But I don’t think that’s why it disappeared, I don’t think I was meant to see it and I think it was meant to go before I woke. I had hoped I was just snoring and was not breathing properly as for a couple of months beforehand, almost every night I would wake up and gasp for air as I felt like when I was sleeping I had stopped breathing. This was the first nightI could see my room properly due to the light of the tv.

    Now I will tell you about another instance which happened when I was about 16 or 17. I was laying asleep in my bed when I woke around 4 or 5 something, I then turned over to get back to sleep when something pinned me down and I couldn’t move anything apart from my eyes. As thos was happening my head happened to be facing the wall. At this moment I was in pure fear the most scared I had been in my entire life. I did not know what it was that was pinning me down but it fekt pure evil. With my head facing the wall I seen a blueish-white light about the size of a tennis ball slowly travel up the wall, to on top of the ceiling. At this same time I felt like every last breath of air was being squeezed out of my lungs. The circle light was almost directly above my head on the ceiling when I finally let out a gasp saying “help” when it suddenly released me. This whole ordeal would have lasted 5-10 seconds.

    So as you can see I have a few experiences and I would love to hear yourfeedback if you ever read my comment. Thanks for the read kindest regards, Tristian.

  139. So glad to hear this is a real thing…I’m 42 but I started getting attacked at 13 yrs old. My mom would tell me it was just nightmares but they were so much more. I would scream and try to scratch the wall to wake my brother on the other side. When I did wake up my finger nails would be broken and bloody. I would scream and ask why they didn’t come help me. It got worse to where it would come hold me down. I couldn’t move or make a sound. I would sing songs in my head about Jesus and it would finally disappear. My family had me locked up in a mental facility for almost 3 months bc the fear was so bad I would do or take anything to stay wiDE awake. I have moved about 7 times. I had been safe at this home for ten years until last night. It attacked me while my husband was asleep on our couch. It’s hard when ppl just call you pycho or crazy when you feel it and know something real is going on..:(

    • Yep it is hard i sometimes dont sleep all night when i feell their presence around and will wait until daylight. They seem to be weaker during the day. But i thinl god is the only one who can get rid of them

  140. I have had many of these experiences most recent this morning lying on my front trying to get back to sleep,alone in bedroom when husband has gone to work at 4am,i sense there is a presence in my room but dare not to look,and i know as soon as i sense this i will be attacked.I Was in seconds pinned down face first by this energy as heavy as a largegrown man ,and in the past i have always tried to fight back out of intense panic but this morning i told my self to ignore this immense pressure and pretend i was asleep and maybe it would go away within seconds as i looked to the side the pressure lifted and a black wispy mass moved from my shouler up into the air and kind of slithereddown to the floor at the side of bed . even though this worked for me i would not allow myself to try and get back to sleep as it is a petrifying experience to know you are not alone.I wonder if this is part of our subconscious and consciousness crossing over.

  141. I just have to share some stuff; like the day before yesterday I had this experience whilst sleeping. I woke up in a dream, which was so lucid I thought it to be real at first, but then I couldn’t move, so I knew it to be a sleep paralysis. Something I had many times before a few years back, even 5 times during one single night once. Yet this time, it was different, for it happened inside a dream. So at first I was okay with that, because that’s normal when you are dreaming when the body is in a REM state. I lay there in my dream, in the same position I always sleep in, facing the wall with my back facing the rest of my room. Then it happened, as I felt this presence and when I realised this presence didn’t really felt like it had any good in it, I felt as if the energy of my body was being sucked right out of my crown chakra, a most terrifying sensation. Then I realised I read something about lucid dreaming a while ago, which said that if you scream really loud that you do not want this to happen and that you are in control, you can stop it from happening. So I screamed as loudly as possible.. but there was no sound coming out of my mouth, instead, I heard my scream as it was in my mind only. I remember that that realisation felt quite out of place since I figured that I was dreaming. Since that didn’t work, I forced all my energy at making my body move, to shake it out the sleep paralysis. For the energy was still being pulled out of me, and at first I got tired and full of terror, and then the thought crossed my mind, go back to sleep, it’s okay. But then I thought, hell no, I am facing my fears! And what happened next, I can’t vividly recall. All I remember that the next moment, the energy pull was cut off, I was standing next to my bed facing the rest of my room, and I couldn’t move properly, as if my body was insanely drunk, so I bumped into my dresser and fell into the corner of my room. My nose was running with blood at this time, and then I saw a face. This part is the hardest part to remember, and all that I can recall is that this face was not of that dark one pulling the energy out of me. It was a younger face, and it looked dead at first, but I didn’t feel any fear, and it sensed that I think so the face turned into a normal one and smiled and said something, what was said exactly I can’t remember. I woke up from this mad dream afterwards, and felt utterly exhausted. Actually, I felt ill, and the flu that’s been running its course around here had finally got to me. Almost as if I had let my guard down after I had used too much of my energy in the previous days, and thus had exhausted my body. Such an odd experience, and annoying most of all. Because this sensation of a presence being around keeps me awake at nights.

  142. Hi guys….
    I had this happen to me when I was 21, not my first sleep paralysis but the worst. I was lying next to my partner, fast asleep until I was awake answering the bedroom door or what felt like it, I remember thinking why am I answering the door? I was scared but I did any way… There was the showdow of a person and Suddenly I was back on my bed with the showdown hovering above me, literally trying to suck my breath! I was petrified. I tried screaming pushing.. There were tears falling down my face and then it felt like I had fallen out of bed and looked at me and my partners heads in bed!! I saw myself sleeping!! Then I was back in bed and broke it waking up sobbing. I immediately woke me partner up and told him the experience. I was rattled for days… Then years later was talking to a freind about spooky experiences and she told me of her little brother then 21 having the exact experience that a dark showdow sucking the life out of him before I had even told her my experience! Are these entity’s trying to emerge themselves with us? And is it still with me?? My first experience was bad! I was 19 or so and I went to sleep feeling very unsettled to wake ( or what I thought) was me waking to feel utterly scared as if I could sense someone standing over me I remember thinking this someone’s here… In a room I’ve slept in for years… Then it was harsh convulsion like my eyes kept rolling in the back of my eyes and I would feel… Like I could not keep my eyes open I could feel my body shakng and I’ve never had this sensation before but I’ve had it again since then just the convulsions like I can feel a sleep paralysis coming on and I get up immediately it just when I feel like I’m nodding off.. It felt as though I was putting up a fight of some sort I was screaming inside and hearing myself mumbling all I wanted to do was wake up… Finally broke it jumped out of bed and ran for my mothers room….has this “thing” always been with me since? Concerned!!

  143. I’ve been having dreams where I can’t move or talk and usually its a dark figure standing at my bed side but this time it look like a man with a white hood on and he only had one arm and I prayed and then I was able to move just enough to push the figure away and then I could move again and I got up and turned on the light what do you think is happening I am never going to sleep with the lights off ever again

  144. I’ve experienced the dark void figure as I call it. From the age of 9-14. Happened possibly dozens of times. Felt like it at least.

    Same reoccuring dream in different places in my house growing up.

    I had an experience of cessation of the dream where I demanded God to take it away from me. The same night I prayed the dream began and the dark void figure was in my room and exited the room and flew around the pine tree in my front yard. Then it came back in a different form, light. I ran into my living room. I fell. Turned around. The figure stood there. The door of the porch came down, and entered another figure in the dream. That other figure was a man. He walked over to the dark shadow and touched it with his hand. It disappeared. The man was then struck by an arrow, fell and my mother came over and cried over him. I woke up.I stopped having night terrors from that night on. Still has times of sleep paralysis occasionally and all kinds of nasty dreams but the void figure stopped visiting.

    I will say this is important context. My father is an alcoholic, and my grandmother is as well. I’m an alcoholic. But I’m recovering and in two 12 step programs. Sober nearly 2 years now.
    I experienced violence at a very young age and home video recorded rage fits of my father on me as a toddler.

    I believe the void figure is a projection of stored trauma and is linked to ptsd and inherited loss in family systems.

    Carl Jung is important to this process of understa,ding because I believe the false self is also somehow linked to all of this. What we experience in dreams is telling of our unconscious and the reality of our lives. I wish you all the best and continued healing and wholeness from any and all suffering you experience. May you all experience the root of all happiness.

  145. I always see a hooded shadow at night when I sleep. I keep thinking that my guardian angel is the Angel of darkness(Grim Reaper). He always says he’s my brother.

  146. I don’t want to say my name, but I’m a female. I have been noticing the shadow people for awhile, but just recently. I looked it up on the internet and not only am I seeing shadow people, but I have noticed seeing spiders and such when I wake up at night. Like it said on the internet I seem to only see the shadow people at night. I don’t want to scare anyone not even myself. I see these black shapes by my bed at night when I wake up. I kept my light on in the apartment and it seems to help. I can’t really afford to keep a light on every night. I saw something really scary one night when I woke up in my studio apartment it was a a man dressed in black and really scary looking. I also have a little bit of a psychic ability and I wonder if this has anything to do with it. If anyone has anything to tell me because I have read some of the things that have been on the Internet. I also have thoughts about the string theory and I’m interested in it and also the quantum leap I put it a book that I’m wrighting, but haven’t published.

  147. Need someone to explain this . My partner was stood out side and he felt like a dark shadow leave him and stand next to him made him feel cold and uneasy what does it mean he was freaked out.

  148. when i was 7 this black shadow with a gray human skull followed me i was only able to see a glimpse i would see it after hearing my sisters voice saying my name when no one is there as time went on it got closer and it went on for 3 years until it it just disappeared and i havent seen it since but i still remember it can yal explain it to me?

  149. Hello,
    The post you wrote was very interesting and actually gave me some solace, though my personal experience is very different to yours.
    I think that I too have a ”dark one” shadowing me since childhood.
    It is a lady or an entity that takes the shape of a woman, the first time I met her was in a tent when I was three years old, I was camping with my family at the sea of Galilee, and she apeard with a knife in her hand urging me to murder my father, I was terrified, but unable to scream or move. I really feard her though her presence was kind maternal, she came to warn me I guess.
    My father, a holocaust surviver, made our family life into a living hell, he was a far greater torment to my wellbeing than this woman. It’s really a long intricate story. She had a cats eyes and long curly hair that would change color, but usually it was white, her skin was very pale, later on in my years of adolesence her visits took a sexual natur. This perlonged ordeal influenced my life in so many ways, I could say without exaggeration that her presence affected every aspect of my childhood and adulthood.

    Later I came to realise she might have been a menefestation of Lilith, but I am swinging between being a complete skeptic and being forced to accept ther is something more to this reality.

    The visits are less frequent now, but when they occur they are intence and terrifing. What made me find this post was a google seach about latching entities. I never sleep on my back cause it’s like opening the door to her and to other entities, I sleep on my side. Tonight I woke up from a very deep sleep to an intence pain in my right loung, and I felt an embrace, she was latching to me from behind my back and wispered to me “guess who it is?” I couldn’t move and I felt like my loung is being pierced, From past paralisis experiences I learnd to forcefully brake of the entities grip using sheir rage, but this time it was esier to brakeoff, I actually felt her breath on my ear and put my hand behind my head to try and feal her and I touched her face, it was a skull with no lips, I felt the flesh but she had no skin, I can’t even begin to describe what a moment like that feals like, horror and degust would clearly be an understatement. Then came the rage,
    I screamed as loud as I could “get out of my house!” And rose up sweating. I’m afraid of going back to bed now.

    The Lilith image that I painted is not the likness of her, the girl in the painting is a friend. I only paint from obsevation so I couldn’t depict her likness though I tried many times to sketch her.

    I wonder what your thoughts are about my (very partial) story, I have other entities that invade my bedroom but I wanted to share the incident that happend just an hour ago.

    Thank you for helping me feal less alone, for me this fenomenon is a tangible and dominant aspect of life.
    You are invited to visit my artist blog page.

  150. Kenneth Barnhart

    I had a shadow person standing at foot of bed when I woke up and it walked up stood right over me and put his hand on my head , this sounds crazy but I seen things I can’t explain like blueprints for something , but after that I never been afraid of the dark

  151. Umm..

    I have so many supernatural things going on with me.

    It’s very scary that sometimes
    makes me think whether
    I’m still alive or sane.
    I wonder where to start.
    What I would like to know is the reasons
    why these things are happening to me
    and only to me
    (my neighbors and family members
    have no problem).

    I am so scared ~ ~
    Please help me.
    One of those creatures that
    I know exists is that shadow man
    on top of my back when I’m sleeping.

    I can’t move and I have many nightmares
    (I wonder if they’re just really nightmares
    but I rather think those are real experiences).

    please advice me what to do,
    tell me what’s happening and
    why are these happening to me??

  152. When I was around 6 or 7 I had the worst nightmare in my life I couldn’t wake and when I finally did I slung my body forward and saw the same dark presence from my dream at the end of my bed it seemed as if it dropped to the floor and exited the room. I still slept with my parents so I felt protected the figure didn’t hurt me but I could feel its intentions weren’t good. I would also say it had a cape. Im 21 years old now and remember this vividly. We moved homes when I was 9 and I seen another dark figure a few years after that I was maybe 12 I woke suddenly in the night and seen the figure outside of my room but it wasn’t the same figure I encountered when I was a child. I ended up getting up and walking towards it but I let it out of my sight for or second and it was gone. I never told anyone about my encounters and a few months down the road my brother said dark figure jumped on him he thought it was me at first. It still creeps me out to this day my brother was out of high school so he had no reason to lie about something like that. I do have sleep paralysis but I’m always aware and calm myself to sleep I dont see figures when Im in paralysis but am able to control my dreams after it ends.. I’ve realized it only happens when I fall asleep on my back so I always sleep on my side I hate the feeling of being paralyzed.. I never felt like the figures wanted to communicate just to know their presence was there. I’ve only had 2 encounters and hopefully that’s all ill ever have. Anyways I thought id share my story for anyone with similar circumstances.

  153. Michael green

    I need help I had a huge heavy beast like man on top of me it made me sink down into the mattress it made my mouth open wide as if my jaw would break it open it’s mouth a him sound I could hear an black like smoke came from its mouth straight into mine the beast like being had ruff broken shell like skin I picture then a old hotel from the 1930s I girl in the corador in a wheel chair with her back to me long blonde hair then I had like Flasher’s of around the old hotel an side streets. What happen to me what did it put inside me? I she misty like figure s a lot day an note I can feel certain things I’ve had I call it them come to me whilst in bed a few times they touch me try lifting me up I feel them on the mattress .I need to understand it more an talk please help me .

  154. These are all spirits, in our premortal existence God our Eternal Father gave us a choice, our free agency. We could choose to follow him and His plan for us to have free agency to follow Christ and have a chance to repent. Lucifer also proposed a plan and 1/3 of the spirits chose to follow him. They were cast out of Heavenly Father’s presence and did not have the chance to get a body. We made the choice to follow Gods plan and Christ , however Lucifer and his fallen Angels still strive to take possession of our bodies and rebel against God and Christ and the commandments.. It is very real and you will get confirmation when you pray for the truth and when we all die and see the spirit world. I too have these experiences and praying in the name of Christ casts these spirits out, I pray for you all as I know how frightening this is but there is light and protection when you pray

  155. I was also attacked my a dark hooded figure and taken to a different realm. it was a few years ago around 2pm in the after noon I had just arrived home and I started walking up my stair case headed to my room when I looked to the top of the stairs and seen this dark hooded spirit I had never !! in my life seen such a thing when I looked at it it leaped at me or through me Im still not sure but the MY guest that were at my home that day said they seen my body hit the wall with a rather strong force I felt my heart stop and I could not breathe I was traveling through a tunnel and seeing something like a movie film of my life and my family and my children when I came to the end of a tunnel I stood in complete darkness three entities appeared in front of me they were all dark I could not see faces just their shapes I remembered think of Jesus and the one that was in the middle looked like it open its mouth and screamed I couldn’t hear it I could only feel it piercing my ear drums after that I woke back in my body with my guest standing over me they said I had no heart beat and I was not breathing .. after that incident my children and I started experiencing being held down in our sleep or before we were even asleep we would be freed as long as we were thinking Jesus though we couldn’t call out with our voice my children also started seeing the dark figure.. this went on for 7 years we moved two location and finally it has not been seen where we are now.. I through out all our antiques that I collected through the years and so far so good.. Thank you Jesus.. it is real this is not a made up story its very real ! darkness does exist it not in our minds .. it there. if your experiencing this or have your not crazy dont let anyone try to convince you other. if you have anything that is antiques or purchased from yard sales things that spirits can attach to get them out to the trash. and never play with cards or ouiga boards keep them from your home dont give them a way in. if you are being held down call out to Jesus even if the words can not be spoken speak the in your mind and tell it to go away in the name of jesus.

  156. Angela Gerber

    I have been trying to find an explination to what has been going on with me for atleast 10 years now, and for almost every night I fall to sleep. For as long as I can remember I always wake at 3am. Always. Starting (from what I remember) since I was 5 and saw something that looked like a troll doll in my mothers window and then it smiling. Being 5 years old I was frightened. But everything was so dream-like to me. I was very into church, god, angels, and so on. I would sing church songs all the time…it was a beautiful feeling.

    You get older and have many experiences. Felt like i was supposed to be something very important to the world. Nightmares always happened and then I started learning about dreams and found out about “remote viewing”. I started allowing myself to remote view but then i also started knowing “it”…this thing that can only be explained as “dark matter”. It started in the top corners of the room, and i would notice it being a darker area with a presense, then i would feel it touching me. For about 2 years it would feel my breast…and i could see the impressions with the movement. I started getting scared because I heard of and saw the movie of the true story in Texas who had an entity that would really physically abuse her so baadly she would end up in the hospital. I then kept asking it to please leave. Praying actually helped ALOT.

    A FRIEND then told me about incubus & subucus (sp?). These are a female and male demon that sexually bother humans in the REM sleep. That became scary. I lived alone and there would be times i would feel the worst scratching at my tummy and the movement of my own hand to touch myself. My friend instructed me to then place a spirit animal that protects above my bed and a dream catcher over my door. It worked most of the time …i feel.

    I moved to another place this year. I am an Empath with medium tendencies and i am not only sensitive to the living, i am highly sensitive to the unliving. The spirits. I can feel trechery from centeries ago …so much pain. I sleep with atleast candles cuZ it is not as scary, but the dark matter is still there. Each time I connect and i have exactly how you explain “sleep paralysis”. Only time I dont is when I drink. Alcohol is the only thing that keeps me from feeling this when I sleep. I get reeeeally bad anxiety the next day though and I still feel the wave lengths of emotions from actual people.

    I just now woke from an experience that is hard to explain because I dont know what it means.

    I was dreaming. I was viewing a house (I am planning to look for a new place in real life tomorrow…or actually later on today). At the end there was a full glass door I looked out of and saw a little boy. Dark brown hair, red shirt, and what looked like jeans. As soon as I saw him it turned to me and in a spotted ghost-like way moved to me. When it got to me it was like it became part of me and i though I woke up. But, in candlelight i saw red on my pillow…like he was there…and then there it was …the dark matter. It was not like it usually was though. It was the shadow and looked like it had wings. I spoke to it. I told it it was good. I was not scared of it; but the fact it was what it was kinda frightened me…but i wasnt scared…it is hard to explain. I was paralysed but in a way i reached out to it…like ET did with its figure. It wasnt trying to hurt me (i felt), but it definitely wanted me to feel its pressence. I called it an angel and told it i had to go. I had to wake. I said father son holy ghost…it didnt feel threatened. It let me go.

    The weird thing is…i got up and walked around but kept getting goose bumps. Almost like it was still around.

    Now…it is 4am. Most things let me sleep around 4:30am …deffinately by 5am.

    This is real. Dont know what it all means.

  157. This was a great article! I am really not satisfied now. I had given up on this idea because of skepticism, and tbh I still am, but I have had sleep paralysis many times within a one year period and the figures are just as you described. But, I recall it as if my mind did create the whole thing even though on one occasion, the second time, I was in jail, and I woke in my sleep in a black void, and my voice was intertwined with a demonic tone and we both said Satan, like some kind of eminem song. Right after, while still sleeping I said why did I say that, then I felt like you did, like your life was being taken, I felt like my soul was going into an abyss where it would be trapped. And then an angel came to my right side saying my name over and over. Soo did I create that? Since then I became Christian only to deny it when I became skeptical of my whole experience. To me the spiritual realm should have a scientific approach if it’s real.

  158. Well I have never read any of your book.I have had this dark shadow thing fifth with me I have woke up in the night with it laying with its arms around me I could feel it. It comes from behind my headboard of my bed. There where times I was held down I couldn’t move or scream. Seen it at the foot of my bed that time there where move then one.


  160. I’m having serious trouble, I’m 26 I’m living alone for the first time, I’ve always had sleep paralysis, and there is always been a issue with a black thing, now for some reason my every impulse towards it is fear, but my feelings is that I need it there like, if someone said something about doing something about it, I feel the need to defend it. Worse yet I’m not the only one who has seen it, my dad, brother, and my most resent girlfriend seen it, over me. As a cloud or a man, now and then I can hear things moving in my place, I’ve actually had to change bulbs in my place cause they burn out so often. Ever since I finally got alone the dewing a have changed its different, and idk what to do.

  161. I go to sleep some times on sofa and I am awakening from someone who I am talking to. Never have found out who, different people . I have had so many paranormal things to happen to me that I have never told. I’m afraid they will think I’m crazy . They told me at birth I had a veil on my face. But I do believe in spirits . Sometimes I wish it would never happen again

  162. It is currently 3:22 a.m august 16. It was exactly 3 a.m. when I looked at my phone to check the time. I have just had what I would describe as an identical experience. Slight backstory: I used to meditate at least 45 minutes a day and have had a very upbeat look on life, but lately I have not been able to bring myself to meditate and have had a generally pessimistic outlook on life.

    Essentially the experience I have just had was that I had been asleep for about an hour and a half, I was having a dream where I was looking out at a calm lake, there were trees all around and they all had those spiders that are white with black spots and red horns spinning webs from them. The labrador dog I had as a child that died many years ago was running around playing, I was entranced by how calm the water was and remember enjoying how peaceful it was, I then heard the dog bark, I turned to look at him and then felt a force, like a vortex, pulling me from the dream, it felt kind of like going down a slide at wet and wild, but parallel. It literally felt like my consciousness was being forcefully ripped through different I guess I could call it planes of consciousness. I was then back in my room, seemingly completely gone from the dream, I could not move, I felt something that was grabbing my right bicep, I attempted to move my body but could not. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a horrific black visage on the opposite side of my bed, I was terrified. I thought it was literally death coming to take my soul and I remember trying to communicate with it mentally “don’t take me yet, I have much more to do”. After a few moments I felt the pressure of my right arm be released and I sprang up, the figure had vanished. I am currently 26 years old, have never suffered from sleep paralysis, and have just had the exact experience I just described. Looking for an explanation is what brought me to this site. I have not been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When I was a child I had some equally horrible visions in nightmares, but this did not seem to occur within a dream. Like I said, at the time my immediate thought was that it either death or the incarnate of death in the form of a demon. When I got up to drink water I thought maybe a spirit or whatever. It sound like a very similar experience to what you’ve described, not much rattles me, but I hope I’m not visited by whatever it was again.

    • Why is it always 3 am?

    • Why is it always 3 am? It’s the same for me.

      • Shelley McNeil

        The 24 hour time that we measure is symbolic the spiritual time. There are 4 segments considered watch hours.

        12a-3a is a watch hour of spiritual activity, demonic or angelic. The blessing about this hour is “if” you ate a child of God, if there is a demonic attack against you are a family member, the Spirit of God will awake you to pray.

        If this is not the case, I encourage you to get connected to Christ whose name is JESUS, Yeshua which means, Salvation now. He is ready to help any that ask.

  163. Nicole alexander

    This is probably now outdated given the date of your article but I’ve experienced these intrusions a nm bet of times. They now rate about once a month or more. They’re always “dark” or confused or evil and violent but I assure you I am not asleep. I can tell when it’s going to happen and I can remain paralyzed or snap out if it. The first ones were terrifying and I thought I was going to dir in my sleep. But as I started to engage and even nite invite these discarnate things into my energy field I could control how long it played out. I also found the more fear I fed into it the stronger it got while the more dismissive I was the weaker it got. Fascinating stuff. I never considered myself a medium or particularly intuitive. And yet they became very strong when my mother was dying. She suffered from mental health issues. Connection? Maybe. Sometimes they can really tick me off and can be tiring but most of the time now I either find them either annoying or interesting. I’m a very logical reasonable person… so I know this isn’t fantasy. They’re all just too different. So it’s not my shadow self either… ran across your article out of curiosity. Hoping to find something that didn’t simply dismiss these experiences as mere sleep paralysis. They no longer paralyze me but happen nevertheless. Thanks for your insights… nicole

  164. bruno sa marques

    How do i get rid of him? I had the same experiences, in my adulthood i became very skeptical and scientific, but just a few hours ago i had a sleep paralysis and saw the dark figure…

  165. Shelley McNeil

    Well, well, well…Betty knew and by her explanation she dressed it up well, if those were here exact words.

    Nonetheless, at the age of 20, and after making a firm declaration to serve the true and living God, I encountered the same but much deeper experience.

    Yes, the fact is true that we share a world full of demons. It is not until your spiritual eyes are open that you began to see the other side of life.

    Demons come, attached or by possession from the things we see, hear and do: relationships, certain books, certain tv programs and movies, music, foods and sometimes if not more often than not, from our love ones who speak negative words which are curses over our lives. We enter into agreement for a certain thing not knowing who we are actually entering into agreement with.

    In my case, since a child I thought I was unloved, forgotten, made fun of and abandoned so I developed in my mind a so what attitude. But when the Lord introduced himself to me I did not know he would show me all the demons that tormented me.

    I saw over 50 standing around me, over me and at the foot of my bed. In some cases trying (unsuccessful) to penetrate me. After much fighting, warring, that’s when the attack of sleep masses began and it focused on fear.

    I cried out for help from the Lord after about 3 months of being afraid of going to sleep which I believe I would never wake up.

    Finally, as I slept struggling to come to I heard the Lord say, be still, relax, see what happens. I did as he said. Wow, nothing happened. For the next few episodes, which the evil entity came upon me, I relaxed.

    I understood it was evoking fear from me. I gained power over it and therefore conquered fear as it was the root.

    Praise God, The I Am, That I Am I have never dealt with fear ever again. Though the spirit do come, I am bold and unafraid. For Christ has given me power over them through the Holy Spirit. Scripture says that we must be reborn through the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

    I cannot stress the importance of the gift enough, through faith, because the enemy of our soul hears everything we speak and say even as a low whisper. He knows where we live, knows where we work, knows how much money, down to the very penny, we make.

    The devil uses demons to overcome us. We can only serve 1 master at a time and his desire is for us to serve him and not the LIVING GOD!

    If anyone is dealing with any kind of attack from satan and it is your desire to live 100% for the Lord, repent whether it’s your fault or not. Pray, Lord, Father creator of heaven and earth come into my heart. I break and destroy every agreement, chains and bondage over my life, my family, my career, and my community in the name of Jesus. I cover my entire person and being with the blood of Jesus now. I receive the precious gift of your Holy Spirit upon my life in the name of Jesus.
    I am a vessel of God’s choosing not to be manipulated are taken advantage of by Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

    Now, maintain your deliverance and find a Spirit filled, Gospel of Christ church and mature into the Sons of God, He, the Almighty, created you to be.

    God bless and God speed

  166. Does any of your dark ones grab your arms, hold you down, and breaths next to your ear? I had a sleep paralysis experiences like that today and I should’ve been panicking, but I was aware of what was happening. Sleep paralysis is not uncommon for me and this is the first time I see a dark shadow person getting this close to me. Also I don’t know if the breathing was caused by my fan but still its pretty trippy. If you have any thoughts please let me know. Thanks!

  167. I expierenced that exactly 3times during addiction …it was terrifying to wake up after preying god make it go away amem and wake me and to look up see a black mass wideee awake at the toot of my bed like for minutes in w state I can’t move …it was the scareiest thing unhiman evil like it was trying to suck my life out?+ and agian same thing but t that time I woke to see it form a black blop and fadebinto the floor like diapeered…it was real and I seen it wide awake after it on my chest like pressure ….like it knew I was closer to the other side ..maybe dieing? It now made me see how dark my addition was and a sin cause harm to urself killing ur own self slowly really it maybe caused this thing to invade me in my sleep..but this is crazy as I been through this a few times in my life and see its been written about amazes me …

  168. I don’t know if it’s the same relation but the first experience I had with my dark presence I was about 10yrs I was asleep awoke by the presence, he walks off and I feel the urge to follow as I do he drops down into a cloud of smoke. To mind you the room was completely dark but I can see this figure is a masculine man with no face, I’ve been told I was sleep walking but how did I recollect the whole moment with no alert point or feeling like I left a state of sleep? When I woke that’s when I changed frame of mind I thought the presence at first was my friend dad that I was staying the night with but once I realized my friend nor her dad was no where around after turning the light on,I then realized this was not human. My second visit came at 13 same presence but it’s form changed once it woke me up. He stood their as the masculine man I remember, but once I raised up I felt as if wings spread open with rays of color. I jetted out of the room in fear. Since then the presence has visited me in my dreams holding me down like you talk about sleep paralysis. During one of his visits i awoke from the dream but my mind woke not my body. I was awake and could hear everything around me go on but I could not move until I was touched lucky for me I was passed out on the couch in the living room. I am in complete fear of him when he comes to my dreams I feel like he is sucking the life right of me and theirs no escape. I always curse and swear at him, I know that is not a wise thing to do but I am dreaming with no control. These occurrences have happen through the years with a good distance in between. My last visit came recent I have children now and in the dream I feel as if he is going after my youngest. I did not curse him but tell him in the name of Jesus Christ leave this house she is a child of God and he hold no invitation to this home he needs to leave. It is the first time I am not hostile ant it felt like a breakthrough with my approach. I am now in fear he is leaving to my baby, which my mother had the same issue until it first happen to me, she no longer had anymore visit from her presence. I don’t know what this is? Is it me killing my inner demon, if that’s so how did he appear outside my dream, why do I feel he is negative. I’ve considered talking to a priest for fear of my child. I have never told this to anyone in fear I sound crazy which I probably do. I just honestly want to understand what this is and find away to move on from it rather it’s paranormal or psychological.

    • I’ve recently having the dark smoke like entity visiting me last time it tried to enter me while I was in the alert dream state of mind… Do you think it’s the same thing as yours?

  169. I awakened from a short nap in the middle of the afternoon and saw a very short dark robed/hooded man standing next to my bed. I could not see his face but I knew he was staring at me. I gasped, screamed, and coughed in fright. When I stopped coughing – just like that – he was gone. I have never had this experience before. I am not particularly religious and I don’t know why, but I started reciting the Hail Mary prayer immediately. Subsequently, through research online, I am learning mine was not such a rare experience. I’m still a bit shook up about it and get goose bumps telling my story. I quite simply don’t know what to make of it.

  170. I just woke up from a strange dream and had to go to my phone to find an answer. A google search brings me to your article online. Time now is 344 am, although I’ve been awake for about 15 minutes. The time 338 sticks out as I glanced at my phone. The dream I just had was as followed: I remember being in some type of old building where people were playing basketball, and eating, and talking at what looked like a restaurant inside this building. The building itself was oddly shaped and made of all the same color granite or marble. I don’t remember the inside having a ceiling but in any case it was a very very old building. I believe a man in the dream said it was NYC. I was asked by this same man if I wanted to rent a room for myself since all of these other people inside had done the same thing. Apparently I accepted his offer and found myself in a room staring at a woman sleeping. Her name was Joan. I do not know a Joan although my grandmother who’s 88 does. Joan was sleeping and all of a sudden people were talking to each other and I pointed at Joan sleeping and said “this one.” Joan then had a bright ora around her entire head and a mans face appeared. The man smiled and soon I saw myself standing next to him. He was a shorter man, white and skinny in stature wearing a blue plaid shirt. He made contact with me but did not give his name. I then remember seeing the same woman Joan through a wall as the man stood beside me. Joan was now awake and I asked her if she wanted to speak with the man. The man was apparently her deceased husband. She agreed and the began to engage in conversation but now it appeared as though the man was real and Joan was just a figure or faded image on the wall. He had me tell her that he loved her and then had me tell her something. Joan got very defensive and asked what. The man began to say .”have her say I verify these words, Grab a book bag and go to the center of the park and promise you will stop everything. Stop smoking, drinking…..” Tgen mid sentence the mans orders got cut off by Joan. She began to yell at the man next to me. I was acting as s medium between the deceased man and his living wife but it appeared the roles between them had switched. The man was now either behind me or a part of me. I looked at me chest to see two cryptic hands holding me from behind and I felt very angry now. I looked to my left and on the wall appeared an elevator with a down arrow illuminated. I said ,”that’s it I’m breaking off” and tried to rip the hands off me but couldn’t. The Joan said, “no your not, were in” and I remember being so afraid. I was dragged down the elevator shaft but found a pitchfork type object and stabbed the man. I remember riding the cables back up the elevator shaft and when I reached the top I woke up. I never saw Joan at the top but I woke up literally panicking and with goose bumps from the thought of what I had just dreamed. It felt so real. So here I am looking for answers. What is it that I just experienced?

  171. I remember a few years ago I had about a week of where i would have these nightmares, which started off with me being in a familiar place that I have been before. In these dreams, I was always hiding and running from something, like in my first dream I was in a house and it was night time and I heard a creepy noise so i hid under the bed when it came in and took my roommate. I went out to the forest outside the house to get her when I encountered this black shadowy figure which did not have a face or any colour so i ran from it. After this dream the same thing was in my other dreams for days after in which he would always try to chase me and catch up to me and I would be running from it and I would always wake up right as it saw me. After a while, I thought it was just a dream but then I started to experience other things such as seeing the exact figure outside my dreams just lurking in the shadows and comes now and then. I do not know if its the same thing or not but i have always wondered what it could mean.

  172. Same thing happen to me. Something was on top of me holding my two arms down I could not scream or move.
    It was a dark sort of enity with no face. Faces was moving fast, like it was trying to make feel better by finding a face I recognized. Finally it disappeared and I was confused.

  173. I just had my first experience with something like this last night.
    A dear friend of mine passed away suddenly and it happened hours after I found out the news.
    I was trying to fall asleep. I had taken some melatonin, and I was well on my way to falling asleep. All of a sudden, I heard what sounded like a crow cawing to my left and I could feel hands coming up from either side of me where I was laying and they were pinning me down. It was surreal. I knew these hands were keeping me in place and I very clearly whispered “Let go of me now.”
    I awoke to seeing my room in the same manner I saw in my sleep. A weird feeling of having been unable to move my arms and whispering loudly. Struggled to get back to sleep. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life, but I absolutely have a sensitivity to the paranormal. Didn’t see a face, or body, but felt hands on me. Eventually, after not being able to fall back asleep, I turned on the light and drank some water. I ended leaving my light on til it became daylight. Hoping it doesn’t happen again tonight….

  174. Also want to add, it was 3:25am when I awoke.

  175. I’ve experienced the dark old hag but about a month or so before that I had something that has not just terrified me but has left me stumped,puzzled and quite curious about our existence. I was sleeping one late afternoon only to wake suddenly in a state of panic (don’t know if I had been dreaming or not but if I had,I have no memory of it) with my torso twisted as if looking over the edge of my bed and staring at my rug. I couldn’t talk,cry or yell. Now here’s the. confusing part so I’m going to explain it the best I can. I was thinking in my mind while in a state of terror that I didn’t know WHAT I was, who I was or where I was!! But those thoughts I was having were expressed in my mind ONLY AS FEELINGS!!!!! Not actual words!! I had no vocabulary at all!!!! I remember feeling as if I would burst because of not being able to express my sheer terror through words or language,or even movement,for I was also paralyzed. Then slowly I started thinking in my head with words to describe the feelings. “WHAT AM I”? I kept repeating. Then as if someone poked a hole in a balloon, my words were the air busting out with such force! WHAT AM I? What AM I?? Then “Who am I?? “OMG!!! WHAT AMI? WHERE AND WHO AM I???? Then just like that I remembered. The whole situation from waking up to remembering only lasted maybe 2min tops but it felt like eternity and like I would be STUCK forever. All I can seem to really get from this is I now know but also remember how a new born baby feels when it’s scared or hungry or in pain. So vulnerable and at everyone’s mercy. But I may have also came the closest I ever will to remembering what my SOUL feels once incarnated each time. I just get this feeling when I think of that experience of a tiny,itty,bitty dot in this huge vast space looking out sooooo far through my eyes and feeling so lost. I don’t know but it makes me sad Pls if someone has had something similar happen to them I would really love to know so maybe I could gain some more insight or a different perspective! TY everyone for sharing these events because I needed to explain this to people who understand how much these things change us and who take these situations and care enough to want to explore and open theirselves up to receive new information and ideas even if it means changing everything you beloved to be true and adopting a completely new system of belief or ideas! PEACE EVERYONE!

  176. Need assistance in trying to find out what I saw this morning.
    I am 43 years old and have never seen anything like this and it is freaking me out.
    I don’t think it was a shadow person since I have seen that when I was younger. I have not seen any of them since moving out of my childhood home about 25 years ago.
    This morning I was lying in bed with my eyes closed. I was kind of awake but not asleep just waiting to get up.
    I heard my wife getting out of the shower and that was a sign it was my time to actually get up out of bed.
    I opened my eyes and there was a figure standing right next to the edge of my bed no more than two feet away.
    It was not pitch black in the room since it was morning. Some light from the hallway and from the sun rising was in the room. The figure was black with a type of crusty skin or covering kind of like burned or baked skin. It did not have a face just blank skin. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. It did not move or anything. I saw it and just jumped back and started to shout and scream. I never saw it move.
    My wife came in the room and it was gone. The black figure did nothing but stand there. It all happened in less than five seconds but it really freaked me out.
    My first impression was that it was death or maybe something from the other side.
    Before this I was in a great mood. Glad to have an extra day off but now I only have this feeling of dread.

  177. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis since I was 17. The first time being on Christmas Day. I’m 43 and experienced the dark cloaked figure for the first time this past year. I was terrified by the pure feeling of evil that came from it. I was bothered for days after. I have now starting experiencing something different. I wake up to see a black mass of small things that look like bugs swarming together. I’m not dreaming when I see it. I stare at it for a minute or so until it fades away. I even asked my husband if he could see it last time and he could not. I want to understand why I’m seeing these things and how to make it stop.

  178. Carston D. Maxwell

    Last night I had a dream in which on three seperate accasions i saw a hooded grim reaper like figure, and when it noticed i was watching it, it disappeared and almost right after i felt as if was draining me of

    something. It felt icey, it only lasted a few seconds. But the most concerning thing is, is that my wife was sitting next to me while I slept and when i woke up after the third time, i woke up kind of panic and my wife the proceded to tell me that while i was sleeping my breathing became short and fast and my back contorted slightly on three separate occasions. Actually during my dream it felt like i woke up, because in my dream i did happen to wake up and look at the time and it read 5:18 but when i did manage to wake up for real i looked at the time and it read 5:30. So i asked my wife if i did happen to wake up and 5:18 she told me i had been asleep the whole time. Now ive never had an experience like this so im hoping someone cold possibly shed some light on this situation so that i can understand what happened. Part of me dosnt want this to happen again but on the other hand ive always wanted to experience something like this so the other part of me wants to exsperience it again and try and understand it myself.

    • Based on my own experiences… We definitely have a spirit or spirit man… Again based on my experiences I drew my own conclusions, that during sleep paralysis our sprirt man separates its self from our body/mind but not completely and yet enough to see and hear, for Me, my sense of hearing increases

    • And I’m able to see in the dark….

  179. I turned 16 not that long ago. And I had a dream of the grim reaper I think. I was walking around at home it was night time to. On my way back to my room my eyes were covered and I was asked what do I see. I could see again and 5 feet right in front of me I saw what I think is the grim reaper…. but I answered the person or at least that’s what it sounded like. And then I was in my room only this time I was looking ato the floor and I was in front of my closest, and I was asked then same question again, I closed my eyes and looked up and when I opened them the grim reaper was in my face.

    And I can’t remember what else happened after that….. and I’m really confused of this dream and what it’s meaning.

  180. Just happened across this site after the last ghost attack I had being a visual one. In the past I have experienced this, but generally the overwhelming sense of fear and dread isn’t accompanied with much visually aside from eyes half open and screaming to wake up or chanting Hare Krishna which immediately causes whatever is attempting to control me let go.
    In this most recent incident, I saw a tall dark featureless shadow standing over me, like a silhouette against a lighter backdrop that resembled the universe to me. Being completely lucid and experiencing dread and the sense that something was trying to take over my body I began chanting Hare Krishna mantra and the thing let go and disappeared. I then woke from sleep and thought about how different this was visually from previous experiences. I do not believe sciences explanation of “sleep paralysis “. Science constantly proves itself wrong on much more tangible subjects and therefore I have no faith in their guesswork on this matter. Many very advanced cultures have explanations for this being a displaced demonic entity or ghost attempting to gratify it’s senses. Being that a physical body is necessary to enjoy feelings of pleasure, it’s attempting to enter a body to be able to experience this again.

  181. ive felt the same thing. I couldnt move and i couldnt breath either it was like it was smothering me and i couldnt get it to stop. They wont leave me alone. Its hard to talk about cause no one seems to believe me. Im afraid to sleep. I swear I thought that night I was going to die. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  182. I have not heard of this. Last night I was sleeping. I saw a black shape standing next to my bed. I just saw the shape with a hat. But it was what I felt. I was so terrified. I felt panicked. I tried to tell, but couldn’t. I tried to move but couldn’t. I eventually got my left arm to hit my husband over and over, but felt it was heavy. I found out my arm never moved and my husband, who is a light sleeper, never noticed me moving or making a sound. It didn’t last long, but seemed long. It felt awful. Then it was over. I am trying to make sense of it.

  183. THEY, came again, last night. This is the third time in the last five months. The figures are short, with no discernible features like eyes, fingers, ears or other protrusions because they are black. But not only black. We have persianas which cover the windows and black out the room, pitch black dark. These beings are blacker than black, that when I see them their darkness against the dark in the room actually has contrast. The time before last night when they came, there were at least three. One at my head, one at my side and another at my feet. The one at my feet had something in it’s hand that was projecting a dark beam onto my body and paralyzing me. The one at my head had something over my chest that was making my breathing labored. The one at my side appeared to be waiting. They always come in groups of three or four. I am a 54 year old male. Here is what I have learned since their visit last night, as I haven’t been able to articulate the experience or recall it well until now. They always come when I am dreaming about something else completely unrelated to them. In that dream, there is no linking context or event leading to the realization of their presence there with me. In other words, whatever they are attempting to do with my body is sufficient to interrupt the dream I was having, waking me to the paralyzed physical state and conscious awareness that they are present, standing over me. Last night they were trying to put something under my body, it was a long horizontal surface, also dark. I recall that I was thinking that I would not be able to verbalize words and that it was necessary to attempt to scream to wake up my partner. Their presence was threatening to me and I couldn’t make them stop or go away. I tried to vocalize a scream and I knew that it wasn’t effective, that I needed to push harder, try to add sound to what would normally be breathing out air- and I was completely cognizant of this. Finally, I could hear myself making an audible sound but it was too faint. So I focused on making my sound louder so my partner could hear me and see them- they don’t want to be seen. FINALLY, my partner moved because I could feel him and he touched my face and chest. After he touched me, the paralysis stopped and I was released, they disappeared. I was so drained and sleepy afterward that all I could say to him was thank you a few times. He asked me about what happened, about the nightmare I was having and I told him as he remembered before that they came back again.
    Thank you for writing this article. It was the first that got my attention. I was wondering, since there is more than one, if this could be something inter-dimensional? Alien? I know they are not friendly and their approach is covert. They must know when I’m dreaming because they come when I’m distracted by what’s happening in the dream. The dream I was having wasn’t anything wild or extreme. Compared to this it was boring. It would be interesting to get someone elses take on this since there are groups of them visiting. Thanks.

    • Wow what scary feeling…. I can say this tho you’re not completely powerless in this sleeping state of mind… You can develop weapons like a fire sword, and use it to scare those entities, it can’t kill them but it will scare them…. I hope you read this reply soon, and when you enter the sleep paralysis state…. Think about this sword and swing it at them, you don’t even have to be holding the sword you can literally use your mind to make the sword appear

  184. I woke up around 6 this morning feeling drained of energy and confused because I passed out playing final fantasy 7. I’m at my friends house on the couch I his room and I apparently woke him up because I was flailing around and grunting like I was in a fight he called out to me but I wasn’t responding. He told me that while I was fighting he saw this shadow that was darker than black creeping along the wall around the tv, with what he said looked like a sword or something, towards me. Now that being said I’ve practiced witchcraft for years, but stopped because I drew too many negative entities to myself wanting that energy. So not my first rodeo but the fact is that I was fighting this thing in my sleep and another person saw it, which is a first for me. I haven’t experienced an attack that intense before and don’t know what to make of it. We went outside to go smoke because the air in the room felt thick and suffocating, and still did when we came back. I couldn’t even muster the energy to push it out. Anyway its not sleep paralysis, I don’t get that anymore. I’ve been messed with by the supernatural a lot when I was a kid which is what lead me to witchcraft so I could defend against it. I’m about to be thirty and can’t talk about this stuff without being called crazy, but for once I had a witness and I want to know what these things are spirits? Demons? It’s not a regular ghost they don’t mess with me and generally stay away from me.

    • Wow man I believe you, and your story is different from the sleep paralysis one… Something new has been happening to me lately… I sleep with a window AC on and in the early morning 2am 3am etc I’ll wake up from a bizzare dream with a dark or Black cloud like entity heres the thing tho it doesn’t feel like a typical sleep paralysis dream because the entity feels very real and when I wake up the areas of my body that are not covered with my sheet feel cold due to the a/c but with a it accompanies tingley itchy pinches on my calves or shoulders or both….

  185. I believe sleep paralysis happens when the nerves in the upper part of the neck are pinched and numbness starts to take place like when your leg is crossed over the the leg and your foot falls sleep and you don’t know it until you move your foot well the same thing is happening to your head/brain the buzzing sound you think you’re hearing is the numbness that you’re feeling while you’re sleeping and the mind makes up a dream to address the feeling so in other words when sleeping the mind translates or converts the numbness feeling in to a buzzing sound which then typically leads to a very bizarre dream and occasionally the entities you’re discussing here appears in dream, theses dreams feel very realistic almost like a dream inside a dream at times… I’ve had this sleep paralysis for so long and I’ve been very observant to detail and feelings. After realizing that the nerves were in my neck were being affected by the way i slept using only one pillow, I ended up sleeping in a recliner chair for 2 years until the sleep paralysis subsided tremendously… I then went back to laying in a bed but using 2 pillows to prop my head up. Hope this helps!

  186. Alan David John Donald


    I recently read your post after finally bringing up the courage to look into shadow figures and i was wondering if you could possibly answer a question about your experiences?

    I myself do not suffer from Sleep Paralysis but i do often (very often) have visitations from (just as you described) a dark figure standing, or sometimes crouching, at the foot of my bed (or in some instances the doorway to my room). On several occasions my partner has also felt a presence in our room and can sometimes feel someone or something sitting at the bottom of our bed making the bed dip down.

    Having discussed this with several of my closest friends and family no one really seems to be worried and told me that i just have an overactive imagination. They may be right. i have had visitations since i was about 5 or 6 years old.

    Any hows, my question is, When you heard that you may have a “Dark One” attached or following you, has anyone else made any comments or behaved oddly around you??? ie: members of the general public who do not know you. Have they made strange remarks and retreated from you? Have your friends or family said odd things about your behavior or general attitude?

    I am curious because i was told by a “Spey Wife” (Scottish Term for a Psychic/Medium) back in 2011 that i have a dark shadow who follows and tries to influence me and has done for years. Since then several strange comments have been made by strangers in the street or on public transport and the pets of my friends and family (especially cats) will go NUTS when i enter the room.



  187. I saw a black cloud hovering outside of my brothers bedroom door in the late 70”s. I was paralyzed lying in my bed. I begin to pray and it went down the stairs. I knew then my brother would die an early death and he did at age 25. We lived on a military base and two other oldest sons died unexpectedly that lived in that five-plex over the years. All young. One while living there and another while not. I have always believed it was a death spirit and that it came for him that night.

  188. Have had weird experiences most of my life. As a kid i had something very ancient looking through me at a playground full of kids and thinking “oh this again”, to illuminative experiences in college, where the entire landscape seemed infused with light.

    Have a scientific background myself, both physics and mathematics (have worked in life sciences research several years as well.)

    As to the hooded being, yes i had an experience, but want to preface it by saying it is possible that something from my childhood (being abused) or an violent assault where i was beaten unconscious, were coming into play here..

    A night back in 2000, after i had left graduate school due to the violent assault,, my fiancé was sleeping in the another bedroom, and i had fallen asleep reading with the light on in my bedroom.

    The next thing i knew i woke up pinned to the bed with this hooded figure beating and raping me at the same time. It had no face. I could not move…i got angry, i was ENRAGED, and with the anger got the energy to come off the bed out of my body, at which point the thing stepped back..and i chased it out into the hallway, grabbed it’s sleeve and commanded it to go into the earth in the name of Christ…(i had been a “Christian”-by personal experience, on and off throughout life,having illuminative experiences, but don’t know where this particular knowledge to do that came from)It sank into the earth.

    Next thing i knew i was in my body SCARED OUT OF MY WITS. I was actually shaking…opening my eyes i saw a spider like apparition come off my face and go to the far wall, about as big as a pie plate..and it was there for several seconds.

    My Fiance’ (now my husband) has seen these hooded beings when he has been out of body in our home,years later when we lived in New Mexico. (he has also seen discarnate wild rabbts that followed him home..)

    I don’t know what the heck these hooded things are, but they better keep their hands off me, my rabbits(pets) and my husband if they know what is good for them.

  189. So I wake up at 235 am one morning and a dark black shape is clinging to my back. I try to get it off with my hands and it vanishes. Strange thing is there was no fear or dread merely apprehension. Though I could not go to sleep after there was no real fear at all.This was two months ago. Yesterday I felt something trying to “hold me down” a frequent emotion felt commonly with every event of my sleep paralysis. When i woke/was conscious/I looked above me and it had yellow eyes a vague smoky shape and dark scraggy hair almost like rasta locks, this was my first face to face interaction. It seemed female somehow. As i again raised my hand to grab a hold of it, “it” vanished into the painting above my head. This was my longest interaction and lasted almost 10 seconds. If anyone had had anything similar particularly a vanishing into a glass surface like a mirror please let me know! Thanks!

  190. Jelimar Y Santiago

    I’m having a huge problem and I’m very scared it’s 7pm and I’m still looking for answers to why this keeps happening to me when i was asleep I was having a strange dream where i walk up to a family member I talk to them for a second and lay down on a bed and while I’m on the bed I start looking around and I see myself with red eyes and a evil face I try to get away but I barley could move there was no light switch I drop onto the floor I can hear my heart beat beating so fast that I couldn’t control it I tried crawling to the door where the light was and I couldn’t I felt this pressure on my chest like something was on me before I got to reach the door nob i woke up and my heart beat was still beating just as fast im really scared and it’s impossible for me to fall back asleep help I need answers what do I do

  191. Very interesting article and comments, so I’ll throw my experience into the mix. The only visitation experience I’ve had happened a couple of years ago when one of my family’s cats that we dearly loved was ill and passing away. A couple of points when it was just me and the cat, I felt him slip away and desperately pulled him back. That night, I was miserable and bargained out into the darkness that I’d give a few days of my own time for a few days more with my cat so I could steel myself for goodbye. I miserably fell asleep only to wake up at 3am. Groggily, I sat up a bit and looked out into the darkened room to figure out why I woke up. That is when I saw a child-sized shadow sitting like a cat on the top of the couch near my bed, just watching me. I got this feeling of surprise, like it didn’t expect me to wake up and after a few moments it made this crazy leap across the room to land on my nightstand without disturbing anything on the nightstand. It crouches there, no cloak or anything just its bare body, and looks at me from less than a foot away from my face. That is when I got a look at its face…or rather what should have been its face. It was darker than the ambient darkness in the room and looked like a Picasso version of a face with an eye up on the forehead and one down on the chin, which is what stood out to me the most. The scariest part of the whole experience (and how I’m sure I was awake) was that I could move up until that point where we locked eyes close up. That is when the paralysis set in and I was trapped in the spookiest staring contest I’d ever had in my 24 years of being alive. I kept getting this feeling in my mind of the thing suggesting “sleep” into my mind but I wasn’t about to just close my eyes with this thing right there freezing me against my will so I fought to stay awake. Eventually it won out and my eyes snap back open to everything being normal in the room. Unlike other commenters, I never had a feeling of dread or threat…just curiousity from the little shadowy thing. It was just observing me and then when went to put me to sleep when I saw it. It hasn’t visited again despite my wanting to know more about it. My cat was put to sleep a few days later purrring in my parents arms, having lived a happy life of being loved. I’d say it was the feline reaper coming to see about the holdup but it was most definitely not a cat (similar but also apish at the same time). I got the sense that it was neither friendly nor malevolent, just…curious about me.

  192. About probably 6 years ago or so now I was on vacation with my family in Cape Cod. I was experiencing etizolam withdrawal.. it’s a benzodiazepine-like drug or a tranquilizer to put it simply.

    Anyway, to briefly explain we were in a pretty old house we had rented for this vacation during the Summer. One night I awoke already somewhat panicked as I had left my body and was floating up toward the ceiling. I focused on getting me back inside of me, lol.. and as soon as I did that I sensed that something evil was out in the hallway. I knew this THING was out there before I ever actually saw it. And just as it starts hovering pretty fast through my closed door and along the right side of my bed (the door was on the wall behind me to the right) I had this thought like “Oh god, here it comes”.. as if I was familiar with this thing although I don’t remember ever having seen it. It looked like the grim reaper as others said without the ‘skull’ or skeleton face or anything.. just this basically invisible figure inside a cloak, specifically something like a Tau robe. Then it began spinning and dancing maniacally in front of my bed. The level of terror I felt was like nothing ever before in terms of just raw fear. I was more an occultist than anything at this time but I began to pray to Jesus and God to help me. Please spare me, I love you Jesus. I thought things like that over and over in my head and finally this thing kind of just stopped spinning around violently and disappeared.
    Now that someone else mentions this too, after it disappeared I remember the lights seeming brighter in the room. Like I left the room lights on because the house kinda creeped me out to begin with anyway, and I think when the thing came into the room I remember the room darkening like it was sucking up the energy of the light fixtures or blocking the energy of light…
    It also had this kind of odd black/dark purple hue to it I remember…and lastly it may or may not have made some awful noise while twirling around. Why was it twirling around? I don’t know but I think it knew somehow that would at least scare me. It was kind of like at first it started dancing a little bit and then it just danced more and more violently until it was like the freaking tazmanian devil. Oh, I also had this impression that while it was doing that -stuff was being damaged and flying around my room…AND (I almost forgot this part somehow) my bed was levitating off the floor and shaking violently after it came into the room. So basically I think it used its energy to make my bed lift off the floor and shake me around to get me scared and feed off my negative energy. That wasn’t necessarily its purpose or anything but part of what it did, perhaps.
    It never happened again but we did leave that house a few days later as the vacation ended.. I got off the drug without any seizures too, luckily. If any of you are tapering off a benzo like valium, klonopin, ativan anything in that class that could explain why you’re getting this stuff when you normally don’t – not that it explains what it is. It did have some value for me.. it made me appreciate being alive more, and I had a suicide attempt like a couple years before this event actually. So what it really good or evil, the being? Based on vibe and what it did I’d say evil.. and how it looked, too. But I can’t be absolutely sure it was evil or nefarious. Good luck to you all.

  193. hello i ones saw something odd in my bedroom. I am not sure what it was it was black skinny stood arms crossed at head of my bed it looked at me. It waked me up i screamed who are you? and fainted. it didnt have mouth or nose narrow eyes human sized. If someone knows what it was please tell me.

  194. I had an experience when I was 11 years old. I awoke in the middle of the night and I was extremely thirsty. I decided it would be a good idea to ask God to get me a drink of water. I turned my head to the left, looking at the little cup on my nightstand and (for some reason) expecting it to float through the air, into my bathroom, to be filled with water from the bathroom sink. As I stared at this cup of water, I suddenly heard and felt a sting rumbling. I live in California, where earthquakes are very common, so I thought it was an earthquake. I tried to get out of bed, but I found myself completely paralyzed.

    Then, I noticed a bright light to the right of my bed. It was as if light was coming in through the window. I turned my head to the right, and I saw a dark, cloaked figure standing at the corner of my bed. Because of the bright light behind him, he was a silhouette. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I just lay there paralyzed, feeling and hearing the rumbling sound and staring at this dark figure. Suddenly, everything stopped. The rumbling was gone, the room was pitch black, and I could move. But I was so terrified, I didn’t dare to get out of bed. For about an hour, I just lay there, trying to get the nerve to run to my parents. Finally, I got out of bed and ran to my parents’ room. I was sobbing hysterically as I told them what happened. They tried to console me and said it was just a dream. It was NOT a dream. This happened 32 years ago, and to this day, I know it was not a dream.

  195. You have to remember biblical in Genisis 11 of a tower of Babel, then the creation of man incorporated into a magnetic field with laws of motion wireless to a grid.Of earth.

    What you don’t realize, is let us go down and change or confuse the language was Frequency communications without viberation of tongues to viberation of vocals and tongues.

    Everything about Frequency communications, and life support pertains to our live support. We need no device. Transmitter, or received.

    God broke silence in 2016. Facts!!!

    You have to understand magnetic pull on the earths core from solar flares from the Sun. Even CERN dumping energy into the atmosphere.

    Your not fused, this energy increase effects you, It also release the dead in 2017. I Witnessed it at different times.

    Very real!! A millennium of generations ripened, allowed to come back in 1979. Revelation 20, Alien to most, but it happen. A witness, they know what you think before you can speak it in vibration of tongues.

    39 years after. One Generation after a millennium. A little season ripened

  196. I had many encounters back in 2004 after losing my best friend to a drug overdose. Very similar, Very vivid & very real!
    Once I faced my demons by going to church and begging God to help me through this terrible time in my life…… I personally got stronger & then my dreams of the shadow paralyzing my body & voice ( Grimm reaper?)
    Over many months….. got stronger & I finally was strong enough through the grace of God to fight back!
    By 6 months of growing my faith stronger, I started having beautiful very vivid dreams of my dear friend watching over me while I was painting. I took that as a sign to start painting again & I kept dreaming of him smiling @ me.

    Before my best friend died, I also had these visuals ( flashes) of someone… Like someone used chalk on my concrete bathroom floor in the shape of a body.. like a police crime scene.not sure i’m Making sense..?
    I had to tell someone about these visions I was having during the day, so I told my sister. That it was like someone maybe died in my condo bathroom?. So my sister told me that I should look into the condo I bought to see if anyone has ever died here.. Anyways…… after Brad died lots of different events happened. Including 3 phone calls from Brad!
    As time went by I realized my condo was built the year Brad was born and the visuals I had in my bathroom….. well.., Brad died face down in his bathroom in the position I envisioned! From then on everything that happened I noticed was in 3’s.
    Soooo much more to my story & hopefull one day I could maybe write a book or something.
    If you’d like to reach out to hear more, i’d Love to share!

  197. I have been having sleep paralysis episodes since high school. I am 38 years old now. I have always had a strong sense of fear during these instances. It always felt as if someone was by me over me or trying to poke and prod at me. I never actually saw anyone in the room though. Last night was the first time I actually saw the figure of darkness. It was as if he was not on me but next to me yet I still couldn’t move. It was black and had no distinct features that I could see. It was sucking on what felt like my shoulder and I felt like I was being drugged and for the first time I didn’t have the feeling of fear like usual. It was almost euphoric. The most unusual thing that brought me to look into the whole incident was the fact that when I got out of the shower this morning I noticed what appeared to be a small pimple like spot on my shoulder right where it’s mouth was!!!!! This really freaked me out!! I just want to state that I am a normal 38 year old female with 2 kids and a full time job as a manager of a very upscale retail establishment with no mental illnesses or drug problems. This really has freaked me out. I was wondering if anyone else had an instance with the little mark after.

  198. Can. Someone pleasw. Help ive seen spirit since i was a little gorl but the past cpl years i have been held down and now the past 2 weeks ive been held down by a man i felt his and carressing my fingers witch i had mu hand between my legs while i was laying on my side then staryed to rub my thigh sexually then i heard my mom come in my room i begged her to help me up cause i clsnt move i saw from my peripheal her hair n face she said ill brb asa my door ahut i cld move i jumped up and ran into my lr my mom was asleep on thw xoich and noone was there and again lastnite i alept on my aide again but gacing the other way i fwlt sum1 get in my bed and then sccpt closer to methen i fekt a stubbley mouth kissing the bak of my right shoulder i yelled stop who is that i jumped up rippwd my blanlet off my bed noone there theres been alot more bit now im bein assaulted aexually by something i cant see someone pls hwlp me pls email me with advice at kaydencesauntie@gmail.comthankyou pls pls helhelp me pls

  199. If you tell it in Jesus name to go away,or not to touch you,this works, At least for right then.And I am not particularly religious, So that astonished me.But the only way for it too stop completely is quit feeding it your fear. I am a 50 year old woman whom was a victim of sleep paralysis myself. try it you will be amazed.

  200. I’m 14 and ever since I was 4 I can see deamons, ghosts, and spirits and they like to attach to me when I’m stressed I can feel good spirits presence calming my anxiety. There are some nights when I don’t sleep in my room because there is such a strong dark evil presence when I do try to sleep in there when it’s like that I can’t and you get the most upsetting feeling when there’s a dark presence.

  201. Deborah Patterson

    I came across this thread whilst trying to work out what I experienced last night. I was awoken by the sound of my husband who was obviously having a bad dream. He was making those funny sounds someone might make if they think they are shouting in their sleep. I turned over and saw a very tall ‘black smokey figure standing next to him looking over the bed. I shouted ‘go away’ quite forcefully at the figure and grabbed his hand told him he was okay so he woke up. I insisted he told me straight away what his dream was in case it was related to this thing. He was dreaming there was thick black smoke coming out of the light switches. Any ideas?

  202. Angelica Zuluaga

    Hi, I am currently experiencing something quite scary… I keep seeing a shadow out of the corner of my eye going back and forth in the hallway at my friends place im staying at and woke up 2 nights ago and felt a presence but could not cry out. I thought this was only happening at my parents in my bed room but now it’s happening here so i am terrified it’s attached to me. I also started hearing whispering in my ear last night when i started drifting to sleep. At my parents house my bed would shake when I started drifting to sleep. Please help what is happening.

    • Matthew Slattery

      After my girlfriend died a couple monthes ago I got my first glimpse of the hooded Shadow. I was on the computer wide awake and it glided behind me, at least 7 ft tall. Had my house exorsized by a priest. It came back it followed me to work twice. Also it can use force (pushed my arm one night) Prayer works (Full Armor of god) You can Bless your house. THE VERY SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING.(None talk about) Is cursed items FIND THEM REMOVE AND DESTROY. My girlfriend filed up the house with stuff thatis not good!!!,Dream catchers,Certain Indain artifacts, Anything Pagan is a doorway and gives then Legal grounds to come and do as they do. They love fear,,, REMEMBER one thing the Heavenly Father only gave us one emotion and that is love (all other emotions are fake ) Fill yourself up with love torward everything and these things have a miserable time….

  203. Hello Matt, I’m not sure if you still read the comments on this thread or not, but you seem very well-informed, and I was wondering if you could help me interpret something that happened to me about an hour ago. I have been known to have sleep paralysis attacks, but this was slightly different by the simple fact that I wasn’t paralyzed. I was sleeping when I suddenly felt something touching my side, as I often am touched during the episodes. I had just been dreaming about moving back in with my grandmother, so naturally my brain was still in that mindset and I thought it was my grandmother. So I opened my eyes, lifted my head, and removed my left earbud (I sleep with music playing) and I said “Yeah?” But to my dismay, before me stood a figure shrouded in tattered, layered black robes that I can only describe as robes akin to descriptions of the grim reaper. It slowly moved its arms up as if to remove its hood, but just as it reached the hood, it vanished. I don’t consider this a dream, as I was fully awake by the time the being disappeared, so I’m not sure how relevant a dream interpretation of the visit would be. I stumbled across your article during my search for answers and I read it to try to gather more information on my sleep paralysis at the same time as trying to find more info about this event. Keep in mind that I never wake up at 7am. A response with your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  204. This is a new thing for me but it has been going on for awhile now. The room in my nightmare is my room, my bed, everything is identical to life. I don’t know if it is a dream or reality. It always happens around 3am. I feel awakened by an enormously strong force not letting me move. On occasion something resembling a person is present until it turns around, and then it is obviously demonic. But the majority of the time it is just a dark presence that I feel is way bigger than me. I will continue trying to say Jesus or God but it barely comes out. I feel like I don’t have enough strength or air to say it. However, I continue to try to say it and then all of a sudden I am sitting straight up in my bed, exhausted, frightened, and not wanting to go back to sleep. I only wish I knew what was going on.

  205. I was looking up a floating oily mass that invades children’s souls.

    The only thing close came up with this, so I red it.

    I have only seen a dark shadow a few times. Once while I was walking through the house without the lights on, in a basement apartment, when I saw a shadow of a man in front of light coming from a door of a lit room. It shocked me, and I looked that up and could see more people see a dark shadow figure.

    I have not noticed if they pose as any treat but what I experienced as a child was more like a oily mass floating through the air, and stretching out like it was reaching for some space to pull it’s way through the room, and not grabbing anything, but a pocket of air. It was dark in the room and it seemed to be afraid of light. The only light in the room was moonlight through curtains. So, some areas of the room was too dark to see it. When I saw it, it noticed me and came after me. It felt like an evil spirit trying to invade my body, I was fighting and screaming. My mom came up the stairs and turned on the light and it jumped off me and hid under the bed. She told me to shut up, and turned out the light as she went back down the steps, and as soon as that light started to fade when she turned out the light, it jumped back on me, and seemed to be desperate to get in my body, and I was getting weaker fighting it to keep it out. I was sweating and my muscles from the spasms to keep this evil spirit out of me, was almost at a point where I was too weak to fight it. Because I was screaming a blood curdling scream my mom came up and turned the light on again, so that gave me a break in the fight to try and regain some strength. My mom was telling me she was tired of climbing the steps to shut me up, and she would make my father do something about it. Then she turned out the light and left. It was back on me after she was gone, even before the click of the light when she wasn’t looking. So the fight was back on and when I was getting too tired to fight, I still resisted because it was not something I wanted in me. It was kind of like it grabs my shoulders and try to go into my chest, and because I could not grab the air this dark mass was in, I could do nothing but stiffen up to keep it out while I covered my chest. I could see I didn’t have enough to keep fighting, but my will to keep it out let me go beyond the paint of stress on my body to extend more resistance. Then it just got off me, I saw something like an arm reach out and used my bed post to pull off me and floated in the air, like a liquid black mass, and it went into other rooms where my sisters were, and in the room for my oldest sister. I could her her scream for a little while, and I felt sorry for her, but in a short time her screaming stopped and I could here her talking to it. I could imagine she didn’t put up with a fight to keep it out, so it was in her, and she could talk to it.
    The next day two things happened. I was unsure about my sister, and she seemed more evil, then my other sister was going to her room and my oldest sister closed the door on her head and was crushing her head, she put her foot on the door frame to put everything she had into it. I was outside of the door where my sister was with her head stuck in the door screaming, so I grabbed the door to pull it open to get my sister’s head out of the door, and then let go of the door when it slammed shut. I could see my sister turned more evil, and it seemed because I won the battle I was given a guardian angel. I knew it was around me, because it could sense my feelings, and did things. Like I lost a white comb under the car a church, and I found it under my bed. Anything I thought about that I lost could be founder under the bed, because the guardian angel put it there. I was around 8, and when I was 18, it was still hanging around, so when I lost my wallet from the sissy bar pushing it out of my back pocket I looked for it on the same path back home, and didn’t find it. I was worried because I had a lot in my wallet, so when I went to bed I told it to find my wallet, but this time put it on my dresser. I cleared everything off the dresser, so when I woke up it was there.
    There was a time when someone came into my room for sexual pleasures, and they held my arms down and taped my eye lids closed. and this happened for a week, and she got pregnant, and if it was not for her husband I would have let her. Then after he came back from a month long trip, she told him, and I was awaken as his fist was hitting my face as he held me against the door and the back of my head was bouncing off a nail in the door. I just barely broke the skin, because I was trying to prevent my head from hitting the nail. I just screamed at him and made him think I was going to commit suicide to make him snap out of it. After that I could not trust being there while I had to sleep for work. So, that guardian angel showed up and took my spirit away to a dark but nice park with a bench and soft grass with a tree and flowers in a circle. I thought it was nice to get away, but I could not leave my body there to get beaten or killed. So the next day I woke up in bed, and went to work, then that night while I was falling to sleep the angel was on my chest, and for the first time I saw it. It was a gremlin, and it helped me disappear and go to that park bench for the night. I remembered the feeling so I could remember it and take my body with me. So, one day the wife was there to wake me up, and she pulled the sheet off the bed while I could see her she could not see me, because I was not completely awake to become solid and not a spirit. I didn’t want her to see me so I floated off the bed with the sheet, and watched he leave. I got dressed and was leaving when she was shocked to see me, because they thought I was already gone. I eventually rented my own house, and there was a ghost in it. It was the guy that built the house, so he would turn down the music, shake the chair or bed to make me get up to fix the house, and when I was asleep my body would disappear and fly off to anywhere in the world. Just a thought of a place I could be there. So, I explored the world.
    The first day of being in the new house hard to remember where to go home to. I woke up floating down into my old bed when I sensed it was their daughters bed, and I didn’t belong there. The shock made me leap to the foot of the bed as I became whole, and I ran down the steps to get out the door. I unlock the dead bolt, and pulled the door open and the door slammed against the chain, and I removed the chain and could her the husband coming after me, as I ran outside. My house was about 4 houses down the street. and I ducked between the houses until the husband gave up. I needed to get back in the house, and there was a window to my bedroom with a storm window on it, and everything was locked and my keys was in my pants by the bed. I thought of breaking in, but right behind me in the 5 feet of space between the houses was a house with a lady over 100 years old, and I could sense she was looking at me. I decided to get the ghost to come to the window, because I know he was strong enough to push the stiff latches in to open the window, so I made him open the window so I don’t get cut breaking through both windows. He had a hard time with the strong spring on the latched but I told him to try harder to get the window up past the first notch, so I could get my finger in and open it the rest of the way. The lady was still behind me, and the ghost was inside the glass of the windows, and after he opened it to the first notch I asked him to unlatch the inside window so I could push it up. The metal frame of the storm window was thin so it felt kind of sharp on the skin so I tried to not scrape as I climbed in. and while my butt was facing the 100 year old woman in the darkness of her house, I was kind of embarrassed and made it a point to see what she saw the next day. When I asked her, she didn’t seem to notice me as much as her old neighbor, because it has been a very long time since she saw him.

    I always had a gift to sense ghost, but I could never see them, and while I would come home I would land on the roof and try to relax to float down through the roof. Things at work was getting more complicated, because I was showing up at work late, and it was enough to ask me to see a doctor. I knew it was later in the day like 9 am when I came home, because of the light, and some girls in a house behind me said,”We see you on your roof everyday in your underwear, like you are something.” I said you don’t see me. and one girl walked away while the other one saw me disappear in front of her, I got dressed and ran out of the house to go to work when I saw she was still standing there. After work I knocked on her door, and their mom answered the door. I was invited inside and I asked them if the see me disappear again to keep my secret. The other girl that didn’t see it was kind of rude because she didn’t believe that story, but her sister saw it and told them. The mom agreed they would not tell anyone and would live there as long as I lived in my house.
    Years later the gremlin was still hanging around, and my younger sister had a cat. So, the gremlin looked like the cat but ran if you look directly at it. I saw it in the doorway to the kitchen and then I heard the cat wanting in climb on the screen door to look in. I let the cat in, and knew the gremlin was bold enough to walk in the living room where I was watching tv. Then another day, I knew the cat was oustside, and the cat normally like to play in a paper bag, and this time I knew it was the gremlin. So, I wanted to grab it as it came out the bag when I opened it. This was a potato bag, and it was half full, so there was not really any room for the cat. As I opened the bag I saw what I was sure was a gremlin, but it looked like a small man like a leprechaun, and as it ran it turned into a cat looking creature, and at half way it was the gremlin. It had to get somewhere where I could not see it to disappear, because it can’t disappear in front of people because it has a very strong sense of emotions from people. I wanted to grab it, but it turned and showed his teeth thinking to me it will bite, so I didn’t grab it.
    After that day it never came back, and anything I lost I had to find. It was no longer bringing me things I lost, and it was no longer my guardian angel. I was still able to go floating to other places after I go to sleep. I was in basic training and I went home for a little while. My brother took over my room, and he knew I needed to fall asleep to go back. My father said I was AWOL and I should not be there, but I was sure nobody would miss me any time soon, and I intentionally put on my uniform to go to sleep, so I could go home wearing it. My brother held my father away so I could lay down to go back, and when I was floating through the floors I floated through a lot of people on the way down. One guy was fighting me like I was a demon, and he could sense who I was later when he saw me. As I started to reappear there was a guy shining a flash light on my pillow and saw the blanket rise and the pillow sink it as I appeared in front of him close enough to feel his breath. He said,”You were not here a minute ago.” I was sure he could not tell anyone what he saw, because they would think he was crazy, so I told him to tell them what he saw. I seemed he had all the drill sargents in the room to investigate me being AWOL.
    The last time I did that I was too afraid to go back through the roof, so I was stuck on the roof of the house in my underwear, in the winter. I saw my brother walking away from the house and I got his attention until I could get him to look op on the roof. I got him to get the ladder and bring me some pants. That was the last time I did that. After that I had a whole wee of sleep, because I never really had any real sleep in two years. My father was ready to break down the door to see if I was still alive.
    I had a lot of dreams, but mostly they included the devil from seeing him years ago when the disappearing first started. He looked like an old man and I was walking with a kid to the guys house, because they offered kids icecream, and when we arrived it was on my way to work and the old guy’s wife took the kid inside to get icecream. The guy wanted to talk to me, because I was very trusted at work. The guy didn’t just talk about seeing me at work, because I was working in a big store, but he talked about thing I did when nobody was around. I asked who was he, the devil. He said he like the name Lusicer.
    He wanted me to steal money from the store, because the last time someone stole money they asked me did I see someone take it which I did, and they said they would never suspect me. I helped security track down a path people took when they stole things, and they showed me small windows to see people shoplifting. While I was giving the door guard a morning break the security guard walks up and said he was watching me, because he was sure I had people fooled while I was stealing things. I said he was wasting his time watching me when other people was stealing. Then he started to say the same things that old man was saying. I was ready to hit him with my fist when he snapped out of something and saw I was going to hit him in the face, held up his hands and said wait. He had no idea how he got there, because he was in his office and now he is there.
    Then behind me an old lady walks up to finish what the demon was saying, and then she walked out and people said she seemed angry at me, and then three other people continued the conversation as they were going out the door. People listening kind of went blank and didn’t notice anything.
    I guess the devil was angry at me, because I wasn’t going to steal something, even when he told me everyone did it, and he seemed to have control of everyones body, but mine. So, I knew that even if nobody could see me steal, he would know, and use it to blackmail me to do worse. So I was not going to fall for that.
    During the week of sleep the devil was laughing saying I don’t know what is a dream and what is real. I know for the whole week I was asleep most of the time. But I knew if I enjoyed the dreams much longer then I might not know what is real, so I got out of bed. My father told me he was going to bust the door down, but he could see I was still alive. My brother hates me telling anyone about my story, because they would think I am crazy, and he might get the same treatment. I told him I can read people’s mind and I see people afraid and what they think, but I have no reason to stop thinking everything that happen didn’t happen, because what people want to believe. One day he said I should write a story about my life, because it is very interesting, but I should label it fantasy, because people will never beleive it was true.

  206. I have had something similar- I was 18 just moved in with my sister, in our first place together a few minutes in after hearing something I woke up and saw a man standing at the end of my bed on the left side to this day I can describe him, I started sleeping with some type of light in my room. Moved to Vancouver for college started to sleep without the lights on felt fine again until I woke up on night after getting out of the hospital due to headaches, to find a shadow figure in my door way and shadow creature that looked like a human crab form, went back to sleeping with lights on I also noticed my depression was getting worse, once again I moved this time to Dallas it was still there at age of 22 I could not sleep with a door open or without a light on. I ended up going to a medium for my birthday as I was always exhausted and barely sleeping, I’d wait until the sun was coming up just to sleep. She had told me that it was a dark “spirit” from my past life trying to get to me in this life. We spent a few months doing cleansing, I finally felt normal and less scared, today at 23 I woke up to find a troll figure in a tan outfit in the right side of our bed, along with having nightmares for the past few days, I feel like I’m back to not feeling comfortable in the dark or home alone at night.

  207. I had one experience as a teen, again when I was 30 and they persisted through the years now to 75 at least once a week. Only about 10 years ago, my brother told me about his reading similar to yours Matt. My father had it but we didn’t understand it, and my grandfather; apparently, it is common in Eastern Canada. Prior to what my brother told me, I could only cope by thinking it was my astral body returning from an OBE.

  208. I have read all the above posts with great interest and i can tell you that most are very believable .
    As a child i had experiences that scared and confused me and i was afraid to talk about them.
    I would wake up in the night but be unable to completely open my eyes or speak properly no matter how hard i tried.
    I would feel/sense someone hovering behind me or close to me and that thing was trying to take my very soul… i had to fight and struggle to make it go away and what usually worked was prayer..but i would be exhausted from the struggle.
    my last episode was a couple of years ago and i fought almost to my death as this time the thing was behind me in a spooning position and would not let me go…as it finally left me i was able to fully focus and i saw its abnormally long brown arm which had been over me slowly disappear..
    I have never been more afraid but i have studied this phenomenon for some years and i can honestly say that i now believe these are spiritual attacks by entitites from another dimension.
    The best way to make it stop is to very clearly state your intention to not let them win and to say a prayer or whatever is meaningful spiritually to you..
    This has worked for me..

  209. 1. get a phycic who is familiar with this sort of activity

    2. Pray in every room. A group is best.
    3. get some oil blessed by a priest. Anoint evey window and door top and bottom.
    4. Get an priest to bless the house and another one to actually pray in each room and exorcise the demon.
    5. Be strong they feed on fear. No fear = no fun/satusfaction.
    6. Tell it that it’s your house they aren’t welcome. Only the one true one god and his son Jesurs Christ.
    7 Pray to Jesus for help and the lords prayer repeatedly non stop for some time.
    8. Smudge your home daily if you can.
    9. Invite Christian people that are strong true believers to pray at your home weekly for as long as they are willing
    10 pray God sends his angels to protect you and yours

  210. I was googling sleep paralysis and demon attacks and came across this blog. I will be looking for the book you reference by Proud. Just last night I had such a dream or experience I will say as it seemed too lucid to be just a dream. I had not had one in sometime and pray I never do again. When I have these I am terrified beyond description. This dark faceless demon wrapped itself around me nearly squeezing the life from me. I struggled to free myself to no avail. I tried and tried to scream for help but was voiceless. I managed a few times to get some sound out until finally I was able to scream out loud “help me” and awoke in a full sweat. Needless to say I was afraid to go back to sleep and have thought of nothing else all day. I am afraid to sleep tonight. The last time this happened I had three of them at the foot of my bed. Please tell me what else I can read to deal with this and counter it if possible. I believe that I prayed them away the last time.

  211. My first paranormal experience was when i was at a family resort when i was 6-7 and evil spirits sleep walked me into the middle of a dark jungle without my family even noticing. I could see but i was totally paralysed and no one could hear me. Something was guiding me there against my will. I only woke up from it when i heard my family screaming my name and i ran out of the jungle.

    My second experience was when i was 8 or 9 and suddenly i started getting stomach cramps, and the pain kept getting worse and worse until i started uncontrollably shaking and lucky i was on a couch as my body was twisting and turning violently and my head banging around and i needed to be pinned down. Looking back on it now im 100% sure another spirit entered me through my belly button. From then on i would have severe night terrors with evil beings etc

    At age 10-11 i started getting sleep paralysis and this was the most terrifying thing i experienced, if it was possible to die from fear i would be dead now. So specially when i would be sick with a cold or something i would almost be guaranteed to have a sleep paralysis. My first sleep paralysis i remember opening my eyes and watching these dark entities walking out of my closet and surrounding me and performing some sort of ritual, chanting and poking me with their fingers. This scenario happened more times as time went bye and eventually i learned to bring my self out of sleep paralysis by will, and everytime i tried to get out something was pulling me back in and preventing me from escaping that realm.

    Ever since those experiences iv felt like Milhouse from the simpsons when he sold his soul to Bart, i cant laugh, i don’t feel happiness or positive energy much, always in a low mood and vibration, very intolerant angry and aggressive and a bully, i felt myself turning into a monster without caring about anyone or anything or my self.

    As i got older i never forgot about any of my experiences and it wasn’t until i was in a horrible accident that i suddenly realised there is a reason why i’m having so much misfortune and negativity as at that point i was preparing my self for suicide, but then i had a sudden urge to try and out “why” as at that point i realised im not just unlucky i have been attacked and put in that position, and all my past paranormal experiences must be connected and that there are evil entities causing me to suffer, and considering how much violence i had been involved in by that time on the streets, i was willing to go through fire to get revenge and uproot these coward entities, as in my mind i no longer had anything to loose and believed they had done their worse to me, what els are they going to do that hasn’t been done. This thought caused a vibrational change in me and i lost my fear of them all together, and from then the experiences dropped by a lot and it was only reduced to moments when i’m sick, injured or depressed where i would sometimes find my self in sleep paralysis and not lucid or realise what is happening so they could get me.

    I then took my fight further and started doing Out of body experiences because i knew that’s where they were. This is when i started learning more about them and their fears and weaknesses, as their greatest defence against us was the fear they caused in us. I saw that as a hole in their game and thought well if their only willing to fuck with me when i’m unconscious or paralysed and even then they need to pump me with fear, then that means they must fear me waking up immensely. They can determine our level of wakefulness and doing out of body experience is not easy and sometimes you fall sleep and loose your lucidity.

    On one out of body experience as soon as i crossed over, i saw the evil spirit lying next to me and i turned and looked at him in the eye briefly. This one was not the dark caped/hoodie entities that surrounded my bed, this one was a 4-5ft midget, who looked several hundred years old, with large round blue eyes, no hair, piranha fish like teeth, all sharp and the same size, and relatively long fingers with bird like claws which it was piercing in my body. I tried to pull him off me, but it felt like i was fighting a very powerful magnetic force. He was attached to me with a magnetic force, as once i got him several inches of me, he would snap back into me like two magnets. Other times when i did out of body experience “successfully” meaning i stayed lucid, this entity would be in the bathroom taunting me and making that scratching sound with his nails as his scratched the door.

    As time went by and i started researching/experimenting more and learning more and spreading my findings on the internet so other people in similar situations can see and maybe learn from it, and maybe as time goes by we learn to defeat them properly on their own turf, as they clearly have vulnerabilities and fears and its for a reason. So after i started shedding light on them and their weaknesses, one night i was having a a lucid dream, when i was captured by this men in black suits and taken into a lab and injected with some substance, which when i woke up i found my self confused, with foggy memory and for about a year or so i forgot about all of this, lost all motivation to continue with that path and got preoccupied with everyday life, working etc I also read someone els having experienced the exact same thing with injection. It was only when my depression would come back that i would remember all this again and go back into it.

    Also everytime i become lucid in a dream something or soemone starts attacking me, as if there is a green light on your head which starts flashing when you become lucid and the guardians of evil start attacking like attack dogs once you go lucid, this happens all the time. When i become lucid in my dream i become god with god like powers, i can freeze an entire ocean and make it into soil, i can walk through walls and through ground, change the position of the sun with my mind etc etc so then it made me realised that’s why they attack me when i’m lucid, its because they realise we all have special powers, and if they want to feed of us and use us they must suppress our power so we cant fight back. Thats why they posses us and drain our energy and feed us negative thoughts and depression. So after learning about demon worshiping freemason illuminati etc then i could see the link between the non physical and physical world. The illuminati or these dark powerful cults which have presidents, bankers and religious figures in their ranks, they are thee evil entities representatives on this planet, and their tasked with keeping us in constant conflict, low vibration and stupid via education system, medical system, Mainstream media and the food we eat.

    Based on my experience everything points to the fact that this physical reality which where i’m writing you this now is created and manipulated by them and we are prisoners here, by trapping our soul in a physical body we are limited and controlled by fear and as long as they can control the physical body, they can control your soul and we are only here as food. All they have to do is create a environment of stress, inequality and un just and only allow a small portion of the population to live free and that’s all they need to keep this system going.

    If you watch the first matrix movie, that it pretty much what is happening, just replace those human tubes with the dark entities attached to us.

  212. Hello ive had an experience of waking up to a shadow on top of me choking me and i couldnt move. I also experienced a shadow that s been chasing me for years that torments me and can go inside people and uses thier body to talk to me and choke me. It winks and says certain things to me thatz how i know whe its around and it torturez me.

  213. Just had an episode last night. I’ve had a handful of these throughout my life, but this is the first one I’ve had in at least a couple of years. They’ve all been slightly different, this one was actually one of the most vivid.

    I woke up in the middle of the night with the distinct feeling that something was trying to enter my room. I could hear it turning the door knob and starting to open the door to my room, and in that moment I realized that I was paralyzed and an intense feeling of terror came over me. The door opened, and a short (2-3 ft tall) figure wearing a dark brown hooded robe entered my room. It didn’t walk—it glided/floated towards me. At this point I tried to scream at it to “Get out!”, but I couldn’t speak, I could only scream at it inside of my head. As it glided towards me, I kept screaming at it, “Release me!! Release me!! RELEASE ME!!!” inside my head. Then it got right up in my face, about a foot away from me. And I could see its face—it kind of looked like the evil Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Pale white face, old looking. It looked evil and also slightly mischievous, as if it was finding humor in scaring the shit out of me. It had a devilish grin on its face. And then it growled at me, “Braaaaawrrrrn!!” And then it kind of chuckled, and vanished…faded into nothing. I noticed a small red light up near the ceiling, right by an air vent for a couple seconds…which then disappeared into the air vent, and I was able to move again. The weirdest thing is that there is only one tiny red light in my room at night, from a power supply outlet, but there’s no way it could possibly have been reflected up on the ceiling where I saw it.

    I see these things as kind of a nuisance more than anything. They are entities trying to fuck with us in our sleep, because that’s the only time we’re vulnerable enough for them to get at us. I just like to remind myself from time to time that they aren’t welcome in my room, or my house, and I’m certainly not down to hang out with them. Like others have said, I think they like to feed off our fear. So don’t fear them.

  214. I just woke up after having this experience. I have had it all my life but this time it was a bit more special.I woke up and I couldnt move and everytiem I tried I get electrical shockwaves trough all my body. How more i try to move how stronger this electricity becomes. SO I think for my self, calm down its just paralysis just be calm. Then I see a black shadow ball. It was a black dot uneven and arround it a halo with the colors of the aura. I was kinda in awe. After seeing this I was able to look at it for a very long time it just hovered above me. I didnt panic I know how more I panic how more energy it gets. So I calmed myself down and I said in my mind ok there is something evil here so what. After that it disappeared and I was free to move. These electrical shocks that go trough all my body feels worse then real electric energy. I have been electrocuted before when I as a kid plugged in a wire into a socket and got very bad burns on my hand. I can just say it feels the same way but maybe times 2 times worse.

  215. I lived in a house which I know this day is messed up. Especially one room that I had to sleep in as a kid. This room was my fathers work room. He tells me later that we were out one night as high school kids often do. He heard the front door shut, then he heard one of us walk up the stairs. He called out and asked who was home. No answer. He then heard something walk to the door of the room. He then turned around and nothing was there.
    This room is the same exact room I slept in alone as a kid. Every night I was in that room I experienced demonic nightmares. I often ran out of that room into my parents room to sleep. I came home from college and in the daytime looked and watched my cat play with a ball then i looked up over my bed and there was a red translucent face. I couldnt believe what I was seeing and could not move at all or scream. The face was there for half a minute or so looking down at me and then opened its mouth and i felt very cold air and my blankets were flapping and I passed out. I told my parents that i never want to sleep in the room again.
    My mother went to sleep in the attic because my father snores so loud. She woke up at the 3am hour and felt weird so she got up and she says something pushed back down a few times.
    Now I am older but now think something from that house has followed me. Everywhere I move to after a little while things start happening often 3am to 330. I was at work sleeping due to a project inside a locked room. I felt the blanket slide off me fast and something smacked my legs so hard the pain and the sound knocked me awake, I thought someone was messing with me. There was no one around.
    Last thing is an old Jewish guy goes to my girlfriends job, he cannot speak English and needs a translator. The translator walks up to my girlfriend and says the Jewish guy says that you have a boyfriend who had a surgery, he says dont be worried he is going to be alright. She was shocked. I had just gone through a big surgery. She gives her more at a later time, and says that I have something attached to me. I should get it removed by a person who does this. I have been hit, chocked when awake, and see other things I cannot explain.
    How do you get rid of something that maybe has attached itself to you?

  216. I am 58 years old and have sleep paralysis for a long time.I fall asleep on my stomach, but when I have the paralysis I always lie on my back. I am fully aware of my surrounding but can only move my eyes. My “visitors” are different every time. I don’t feel threatened, but I am scared. I noticed I can make throaty noises..(screaming for help… like loud humming). I do that to wake up my husband.. he then shakes me awake. I am relaxed after that and fall asleep instantly again. I remember only 2 instances where the visitors looked threatening. Last night’s was white, shiny and bending over me. Like I mentioned before. I do not feel threatened, but am scared of the unknown, and have no idea how to handle that. Other times they look like humans and just stand there and look at me. Just wanted to share 🙂

  217. I’ve only had a few of these experiences seeing a shadow of a person, but I’ve woken up and not been able to move or speak many times. The first time I saw a shadow person was when I was 14. I slept in my brothers room one night while he was away and I woke up to see a dark figure of a person just standing in the doorway. Suddenly I couldn’t get any breath in me but I didn’t feel as if someone’s hands were choking me, I just couldn’t breathe. And I just naturally knew the shadow was the cause. I was trying to scream but nothing would come out. I finally prayed in my head for god to help me and I instantly awoke. When I woke up the color of the atmosphere had changed back to normal. While I was in the “dream” everything around me was like a blue/gray hue. And every other dream like that has had the same hue. It does not feel at all like a dream though. Everything is the same as when I wake up. Everything around is the same but just with that blueish hue and a little foggy. I automatically assumed it was a spirit or demon. And I was terrified. But I knew god was protecting me and wouldn’t let anything happen to me and that’s the only thing that has kept me going. I really just feel like I have nobody to talk to about it. Nobody really takes it seriously, and they probably just think I’m making it up or something. I would probably think the same if I hadn’t experienced any of this. I’ve told my mom but she really didn’t have much to say. I’ve thought about talking to a priest but idk. I mean I’m fine. Nothing has happened to me. It’s just the most terrifying thing. I’m scared to go back to sleep when it happens. Oh and I couldn’t see anything on the figure. It was literally just a shadow. I didn’t see any hair or anything. It was kind of tall and I’d say skinny-ish. I got the feeling it was a man maybe. But really it didn’t seem female or male. Almost alien. And even though I couldn’t see any eyes I just felt it staring at me. It was like choking me by just looking at me. I hope one day I get some answers, but for now I’m just assuming it was a spirit/demon. And around that time my family was falling apart and life was just going downhill daily. I felt like I was going crazy. But I’m trying to not be scared of it. I want to fight it.

  218. Well i aint no stranger too these stuff ,I thought i was going crazy ,now I’m 40yrs old and havnt felt this paralysis for a long time ,I use to call it the invisible fogg of terror , and taught myself beatit

  219. I was part of a revival team years ago and was in a hotel when I woke up in the middle of the night paralyzed and saw a dark figure like described in these posts. I felt very tired and prayed in the name of Jesus then managed a scream that woke my two team members. I told them I was ok. The next morning, they asked me why I screamed and I said I thought I saw a dark shadow in front of the door which had the security latch on. My friend’s eyes opened up and he said he saw it too and was terrified. I told that to my friend who is a pastor and he said last October 2019 he preached on spiritual warfare and he came home and saw a dark figure next to his wife. They are a praying couple and they discovered their son fell asleep with YouTube on auto scroll and it was playing something about witchcraft. We both believe that these demons will fight against us but our God is greater. Even as an evangelist, I chalked up what I saw as a dream, but how do you explain my roommate also seeing it too? As an Army Chaplain, I also was told by a soldier that he and a fellow soldier saw shadow figures at the same time while they were working! By the way, God is also in thick darkness. Google Exodus and thick darkness. We do not need to fear when the God of Angel Armies is on our side if you call and believe in Jesus. Thoughts.

  220. Am Ricky long ago after a meditation I went to my bed .was seven pm rigth when I lay down suddenly couple black shadows appear on me they had kind red eyes looking at me and pushing me down ..I couldn’t move and very scare …only I thought in that scary moment say….help God…and like that..they dissapiar …I never forget this….I thanks GOD….this is was not a dream it was real ….thanks

  221. Not sure if you are still reading comments. But my night terrors specifically started when my parents got divorced and we left my father. My night terrors are as follow; I wake up paralyzed, and I feel something’s hand grab me by ankle and try to pull me out of my body. I would get so terrified, that something was trying to possess me. I dabbled on and off with witchcraft, and realized when I was in a deep depression I could feel something feeding on my energy,and it would always try to push me to kill myself. So I started to use what I knew of the craft and CBT to change my thinking and ward it off. In my thirties I started to notice, and see/feel a presence at the main door of where I was living. I could “see” sense a face in the window of the door, and feel it knocking asking to come in. I knew enough of horror movies and the occult to tell it fuck right off. Well recently I went through a really hard time, and have been in therapy for numbness. I spoke to my therapist about my messed up night terrors, and how they happened in my new house, only worse. Often,in addition to my normal night terrors, since I moved to an old colonial house with my husband I would always feel something lift the covers and get into bed, whenever my husband was working overnight. It terrified me so bad, I got a second dog, a guard dog to help me feel safer. My therapist took the chance to mention that connecting with people of the same faith would help me with my isolation, and feeling less alone, so she referred me to a Shaman not far from Hebron, CT. So I went, and the Shaman told me she could see my light guides, my deities who have really helped me to fight off the darkness and heal, but could also see a dark energy attached to me on my right. She said this thing latched onto me when I was really young. That something really bad happened to me, so I created a box inside to keep myself safe and stuff a lot of memories and emotions inside of it. She said this thing, attached to me then. And it was responsible for my night terrors, and visiting me at night. She said that this thing was tied to the box. That it looked black, and had only half of a body, and was a great trickster, she nearly described a Djinn. She said it came from a land and time she couldn’t pin point, but a long, long time ago and it was never human. She thinks it possibly could have even come from a previous life that I had lived and followed me to this one. The weirdest part was, she said to me that it was like this thing was always knocking at the door. Right there I knew she wasn’t BSing because, I never told her that part…Her guides with the help of mine, got rid of the box, and the entity. And strangely I feel better. I feel like a weight, a dark cloud has been lifted and I can move forward. My night terrors were so infrequent, it’s hard to say if they are gone.

  222. Well interesting I would stumble upon this after last night. Now this has happened to me numerous times before and it is like there are time intervals between. Since a child,I have had this nightmarish entity in my sleep where I wake up screaming and crying multiple times like I know what is going on and am trying so hard to escape but it will by no circumstance let me go. This just happened again last night and I was at a friends house of which we have been talking about the paranormal and watching all things paranormal because they too ha e experienced the “shadow people” but not anywhere near the manner I have. Last night I scared the shit out of them and again myself. I mean, is there a way to stop this and unattach them!? My whole life has been full of negative experiences and much trauma. When I try to do good something bad happens to me. Not anyone else in the situation, just me. I am a recovering addict as well and have overdosed multiple times to the point of having to be “returned” from the side of death. I feel like all of those episodes have only fueled this phenomenon.

    • Hi I’m someone who has suffered from these attacks as well. just want to help, so if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you will the next time you have one of these dreams. Just speak His name, Jesus. They have to leave. His name has the highest authority. I mean, you’ve tried everything else right? I pray this helps someone. sorry if this is to late

  223. I have had dreams of a dark figure sitting on my bet but he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at my door and when I wake up normally I the middle of the night he’s standing by my door so… I am TERRIFIED AND I DON’T NO WHAT TO DO!

    • Like I tell my kids, ask God to bless you’re dreams and you’re sleep, if that doesn’t help, Tell the figure in the name of Jesus I command you to be gone. Have faith my friend.

  224. I ran across this post because im in need of help. I jave suffered from sleep paralysis ever since i was little. In my late 20s it was extremely bad. It would happen every night and put me in a really place. As of late i have been experiencing something else. Its like paralysis but more awake. Whatever the entity is is sucking information from my head. I can move my arm i try to cover my head but it uses the same force to hold my hand back. It doesnt seem like a dark or good entity it seems neutral. But when i woke up i fell right back to sleep and didnt remember it happened until later that night. I also remembered that it has happened before. Does anyone know what this is. Its been bothering me for 2 days now. I asked around to friend’s and no one has experienced this sort of sleeping state.

  225. Last night I was laying in my bed staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. I saw some movement in the corner of my eye and looked at it. A short shadow figure walked from my bedroom door, past my bedside, and through the wall. It did not look at me but I looked at it. After reading several other posts here I have concluded that I may have not actually been awake when I was staring at the ceiling and the shadow. While I watched the shadow go by, my bed started vibrating from the far end up to me. A heavy feeling came over me and I started feeling weighed down. The vibrations stopped as the shadow left, but the heavy feeling did not. I started praying with my eyes “shut” and after a few minutes, the heaviness went away. What happened? Why did my bed “vibrate”? All I know is that I kept checking my clock until about 4:00 in the morning. I could not “go to sleep” because I was terrified. Was I asleep the whole time, or was I awake? Someone please clarify. This has happened once to me so far. Was this sleep paralysis, or something else?

  226. Hello – I never experienced sleep paralysis as a child, but I have always had hyper-realistic dreams and have felt “different” somehow from everyone around me. A few years ago, while living in a very tense and abusive situation, I began experiencing what I now know to be sleep paralysis. It started off fairly innocuous – shimmering colors or a bag floating around the room. Occasionally a spider above my head, but nothing so scary that I couldn’t handle it. They weren’t very frequent, and seemed to come and go. I still had the hyper realistic dreams, in all of which I felt like I was an “alternate self” – me, but not me. Recently my dreams and sleep paralysis have increased and become very negative – I have felt for a few months now that there is a heaviness around me. An acquaintance even remarked on it – that I seemed to have a “darkness” following me. Last night, I believe I saw it fully in my dream for the first time. I know I looked it right in the face, but I can’t remember or really describe what it looked like, but it left me with an all-consuming dread that has followed me all day and into this evening. This led me to start searching the web for answers, which led me to you. Half of me thinks I must be crazy, but this seems to be a shared experience. I’m at the point where I’m dreading going to sleep and wake up often practically in a full panic. The lack of sleep from this is likely making the issue worse, but I don’t know what to do. Do you have any thoughts or advice that might be able to help me? I’m sure this sounds insane, but I don’t know any other resource that might understand. Thank you.

  227. pH. 618-917-4196 for serious possible assistance only and experience with enities

  228. Has anyone had any positive and felt the force was good? I wrote this out to document my first experience last night. I’ve never had sleep paralysis and don’t dream much and rarely have nightmares. I’ll preface this with a few details. I’ve been sick with what I can only assume to be covid19 since March. I’ve been feeling generally better but having a lot of inflammation everywhere. The dog that I mention we had for 7 years, he was my best buddy and his health began to decline recently, finding out he had metastatic liver cancer and anemia, and we made the hard decision to say goodbye and not let him continue to suffer. Also like much or the world right now, my stress and anxiety levels have been pretty high. Last night I went to sleep watching tv. My breathing and heartbeat feels weird, but it has been for the last several days. Body begins to vibrate, increasing gradually.

    Tunnel vision imagery of Marley playing in the backyard of our old house. Looks like looking through binoculars backward and is blurry like I’m not wearing any glasses or contacts. Images begin to change shape into a curved bridge composed of the different images and it flowing at a fast rate. I’m seeing the images from above now and I feel my body begin to lift and go forward in the same direction and speed as the images. This stops suddenly and I now see our bedroom but as if in 3rd person. My eyes are closed and I cannot move. My breathing has slowed and my breaths are shallow, my heart begins to beat very hard and increasingly fast. In the corner I see a black shadow figure, it almost looks to be human in shape but has the fluid movement of a cloud. As soon as I see the figure it suddenly appears much closer now and is sitting at my side. I feel what I can best describe as a hand, but much larger, place itself on my abdomen. A sudden, extreme rush of euphoria overcomes my entire body. The closest example I can compare to is receiving IV morphine in the hospital, it was an immediate effect. I no longer can feel my heart beat and I don’t notice myself breathing. I begin to feel very warm but in a euphoric, summer sun shining on you first thing in the morning feeling. The figure begins to pull a large glowing reddish-orange ball from my abdomen. It does not hurt, the more the ball of light comes out the more euphoric I begin to feel. Behind the figure I see the walls of the bedroom change into different scenery and patterns, mostly desert and sand. The figure conceals the ball within itself and floats out of the room, taking me with it. I begin to feel as if I am floating above my body, first slowly, then at jet speed. After that it’s blank, I wake up and it’s around 1:30 am and I’m drenched in sweat.

    So far today the long list of Symptoms I have been experiencing over the last month, and some of the worst being within the last week, all appear to be either gone or unnoticeable.

  229. Let me begin with I don’t have prior or after fact sleep paralysis. After 3rd child is first incident. pic taken where person is reg pic but the distorted. TV unbroken and channel clear. Constant feeling not alone. 13 yrs later living alone towel jumps of rail,week later basket of wash clothes tips over into trash. Months and nothing. One morning I wake up with fingerprints on arm close to wrist. Few nights later am talking on phone drifting off to sleep when dark person like figure appears I try to jump up but weight on chest,friend still talking i scream help no sound. The sheet on window is coming off and going to cover me several times of screaming help before audible.weight gone catapult up as running out house friend screaming concerns. Next morning fingerprints. 3 yrs nothing similar since until few days ago drifting off look over am living with someone now and 3 black figures above him but lower half swirling.

  230. I don’t know exactly what it is or was that used to visit me, but in my teens it was very scary, let me give a little background. My mother was a devout catholic but never forced her beliefs on me but would teach me if I asked. I have always struggled with being afraid at night just little kid stuff but as I grew older it developed into waking up to 1 or 2 dark figures at my bedside or foot of my bed just looking at me, I was petrified and had a very bad feeling but would close my eyes tight and go back to sleep eventually because that’s all I could do I am not sure if I was so scared I didn’t dare move or I just couldn’t move. But as time went on I decided to get baptized and attend classes at church to do so but then the “visitors” became more and more frequent and nightmares began same one over and over, I was fighting for my soul per say it was like a Freddy Kruger movie but it wasn’t Freddy it was and Satan in it. Needless to say a few days before I got baptized I had my usual nightmare but so intense i felt very awake I could see and feel myself kicking, flip flopping in bed like I was physically fighting for my life and screaming in my mind until poof it all stopped I saw a warm yellow bright misty light and could hear a undistinguishable voice coddling me and instantly feel into a peaceful sleep. The next morning I woke up feeling light hearted like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me, however I noticed my mom’s painting of Jesus had fallen off the wall that was above my bed on the floor next to my bed. I left it and went to the living room my mom greeted me as usual and kinda smiled and I asked why? She stated I had a very bright Ora which I had no clue what she was talking about and shrugged it off, I asked if I could talk to her without judgement and went on to tell her about my night, She was not surprised about my “spiritual warfare” but was puzzled about the painting considering the wall it was hung on was brick and my bed was a waterbed and the frame doesn’t move. Never got any answers as to why. I stopped having those dreams and dark visitors until my mom passed away and I went home for services I got up in the middle of the night to get a bottle for my daughter and was sitting in the living room feeding her and looked up to see a dark figure sitting in my old rocking chair in the dinning room I quickly look away as I got a familiar uneasy feeling and then looked up again and it was gone thankfully. I’m 49 now and no dark figures but still get an eerie feeling when I go to bed sometimes as if something is there just lurking.

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