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‘Demons and Devilry’ – Five tales of occult horror


Here’s a treat for fans of classic occult horror in the vein of Dennis Wheatley (author of the iconic/legendary novel The Devil Rides Out):

Teeming Brain columnist Stuart Young has edited a volume of five stories in this vein for Hersham Horror Books. Here’s the publisher’s description:

Hersham Horror Books presents five original stories from the minds of Peter Mark May, Thana Niveau, John Llewellyn Probert, David Williamson, and Stuart Young. The fourth anthology in our PentAnth range brings you five more satanic and demonic tales that hearken back to an age when Dennis Wheatley was the king of horror.

Here are the contents:

  • Introduction by Stuart Young: “Devilish Inspirations”
  • “The Abhorrent Man” by Peter Mark May
  • “Little Devils” by Thana Niveau
  • “The Devil in the Details” by John Llewellyn Probert
  • “The Scryer” by David Williamson
  • “Guardian Devil” by Stuart Young

Here is some praise:

“Featuring five stories based around the sadly neglected sub genre of Black Magic and Demonology from some of the best writers working today, Demons and Devilry captures the very essence of what makes for a great horror read. . . . A brilliant anthology, one which manages to perfectly balance stories of a lighter tone with more dark and heavy tones. If you are looking for some demonic fun, then this book is the ideal book for you.” — Ginger Nuts of Horror

“If Demons and Devilry sounds like your particular chalice of virgin’s blood, then you’ll find plenty to satisfy here. Despite the old-school theme, these tales aren’t dated or stale, they’re contemporary homages to the cause of all things arcane and infernal. And with such a stark appearance and title, it’s also a fun book to brandish in public. Dig out the black candles and enjoy.” — Matthew Fryer

“I’m a sucker for stories about demons and devils; they just draw me in and captivate me for some reason. . . . Every story in Demons & devilry is written well and flows at a nice pace. The authors go to great lengths to convey a lot of story in such a small space, and they each do a first-rate job. And as with Hersham’s previous titles, the quality of writing is superb. Each tale is carefully crafted and each writing voice unique. . . . An excellent collection of stories.” — Shattered Ravings

Also of interest: a blog post that Stu published about his experience of editing the anthology, bearing the ominous title “Why I Hate Editing (aka I’ve Edit Up to Here).”

The book is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Win a copy of Stuart Young’s ‘The Mask Behind the Face’


The Mask Behind the Face, the collection of metaphysical horror fiction by Teeming Brain contributor Stuart Young (see his column Sparking Neurones), was short-listed for the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection in 2006, and the title story — about brain disease, psychedelics, and the far outer and deep inner reaches of consciousness — ended up winning the award for Best Novella. Now its publisher, the UK-based Pendragon Press, is offering ten copies for free.

Here are the details:

Ten copies of Stuart Young’s The Mask Behind the Face up for grabs if you can answer the following question: who wrote the introduction to this collection?

First ten folk to join the Pendragon mailing list by this Friday and confirm their answer via email to Chris at pendragonpress dot net will receive a copy — unfortunately, I’ll have to invoice folk from overseas postage costs.

Note that the promotion launched just today, so “this Friday” means Friday, January 18. For the form to join Pendragon’s mailing list, visit the Pendragon Press site and see the right sidebar.

As for the novella that forms the book’s centerpiece, be advised that it’s a stellar piece of work offering a deeply personal and emotional take on its mind-bursting central subject. Here’s some enthusiastic praise from several people you’ve heard of:

“Emotional, brilliant and scary as hell.” – Brian Keene

“This is horror fiction as it should be: real, confrontational, yet simple, honest and intimate.” – Gary McMahon

“Wow, what an impressive story … ambitious, in fact downright audacious.” – T.E.D. Klein

“No one can accuse Stuart Young of avoiding the big issues — with insight and verve, he tackles head-on the existence of God, the mystery of human consciousness and the transformative effects of psychedelic drugs.” – Mark Chadbourn


“The Next Big Thing” is a meme that asks authors to answer ten questions about their next project, after which they tag five additional authors to do the same a week later. Last week I was tagged in this regard by my friends, fellow authors, and fellow Teeming Brain writers Stuart Young and T. E. Grau, whose own contributions to the fray involved Stu’s description of his forthcoming horror collection Reflections in the Mind’s Eye and Ted’s description of his forthcoming horror collection (co-written with his spousal other half, Ives Hovanessian) I Am Death, Cried the Vulture.

So here, right on schedule, is my perpetuation of the Next Big Thing meme.

1) What is the working title of your next book?

“To Rouse Leviathan.” It may or may not come with the subtitle “A Book of Daemonic-Divine Horror.” Read the rest of this entry

Teeming Brain contributor Stuart Young’s SPARE PARTS reissued as ebook

Spare Parts, the 2003 debut collection of short horror fiction by Teem member Stuart Young, has just been reissued in a new ebook edition by Stumar Press. Note the chorus of praise below from various fellow authors in the field. Note especially the final blurb, from a source that will be familiar to Teeming Brain readers.

A  collection of six horror stories from British Fantasy Award-winning author Stuart Young.

Six tales of love and death. Emotions and desires running wild, overwhelming the lives of all they touch. Happiness drifts, forever out of reach, taunting these poor unfortunates, but still they keep grasping. One day they will attain the contentment they seek. Or die trying. Featuring an Introduction by Tim Lebbon. Cover art by Bob Covington and story illustrations by David Bezzina.

“Young serves up six stories on the theme of love and loss, and the quiet desperation of ordinary lives suddenly transformed by accidental magic.” – Simon Morden

“Stuart Young not only writes stories, he gives them life.” – Tim Lebbon

“Young’s writing is never less than rewarding, while at his best he is thought-provoking and capable of genuinely moving the reader.” – Peter Tennant

“Stuart Young writes like Roald Dahl with a freshly sharpened butcher knife, effortlessly cutting straight to the heart.” – Mark McLaughlin

“A bitter-sweet collection which will bring both tears of sadness and cries of horror.” – Gary Greenwood

“Stuart Young excels in his portrayal of emotional pain.” – Matt Cardin

FYI, the blurb from the esteemed Peter Tennant comes from his full review of the book, which he wrote for the late Website Whispers of Wickedness. He recently republished the review at his blog, in recognition of Spare Parts‘ new electronic incarnation. Here are a couple of praise-filled excerpts, including one that provides the context of the blurb:

[F]or anyone familiar with the Small Press scene the work of Stuart Young surely needs no introduction, and this volume showcases six of his finest stories … Young’s writing is never less than rewarding, while at his best he is thought-provoking and capable of genuinely moving the reader. This is a strong first collection, demonstrating versatility, a real feel for the material and an enviable maturity of outlook. Recommended.

— Peter Tennant, review of Spare Parts

Stu, you’ll recall, writes our column Sparking Neurones, in which he muses about movies, books, comic books, television, pop culture, and the philosophical ideas that inform and inspire them. He won a British Fantasy Award in 2006 for his novella “The Mask Behind the Face,” which appeared in his collection of the same title.


Forthcoming horror books from Teem members T.E. Grau and Stuart Young

Teeming Brain contributors T.E. Grau and Stuart Young have just shared some information about their new publications in the pipeline. Both were tagged in the “Next Big Thing” meme, which is currently winding its way through the ‘Net-connected authorial community, and which asks authors to answer ten questions about their forthcoming works. Participants are also instructed to tag five additional authors, who will publish their own answers to the same questions a week later.

Ted uses the opportunity to talk about “I Am Death, Cried the Vulture, a joint collection of short fiction by me and my wife — author, editor, essayist, and intergalactic heartbreaker Ives Hovanessian.” He describes the book as “A collection of Weird fiction tales by T.E. Grau and Ives Hovanessian spanning the cosmos, the underground, and various shadowed places in between.”

Stu uses the opportunity to talk about Reflections in the Mind’s Eye, a short fiction collection containing “a range of stories all linked thematically by their examinations of reality and human consciousness … By some crazy coincidence it shares qualities with all my other books — hallucinations, disillusionment, dysfunctional relationships and all that other fun stuff.  Damaged minds, damaged souls, damaged realities; that seems to be my literary territory.”

Click through the links for further details, presented with plenty of Ted’s and Stu’s signature panache. And while you’re waiting for their next books to be published, remember that you can always read Ted’s column The Extinction Papers and Stu’s column Sparking Neurones right here.