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Halfway between Earth and Stars: A Meditation on Sacred Sites and Future Mysteries

At the very earliest appearance of human civilization we observe the presence and importance of geometry.  It is clearly evident that geometry was comprehended and utilized by the ancient Master Builders, who, laboring at the dawn of civilization some four and one half millennia ago, bestowed upon the world such masterworks as the megalithic structures of ancient Europe, the Pyramids and temples of Pharaonic Egypt and the stepped Ziggurats of Sumeria. That geometry continued to be employed throughout the centuries from those earliest times until times historically recent is also clearly evident. That it was made use of by cultures far-flung about the globe is evident as well, finding expression in China, Central and South America, in pre-Columbian North America amongst Native Americans, in Africa, SE Asia and Indonesia, Rome and of course in classical Greece and in Europe, from the Megalithic era some 4000 years ago, as stated, and again some 3000 years later, magnificently expressed during the Gothic era of cathedral building.

— Randall Carlson, “The Meaning of Sacred Geometry

Two of my favorite places to go in Georgia are the Marian apparition site in Conyers and the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton. What I didn’t realize until I had a wonderful conversation with Randall Carlson of Sacred Geometry International (based in Atlanta) is that both sites lie very close to one of the fault lines that diagonally traverses (SW to NE) the northern part of the state. In fact the Guidestones are just south of where the fault line exits the state at its northern border, and the Conyers apparition site sits south of the fault near the halfway point. Read the rest of this entry