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Sleep paralysis, horror fiction, daemonic creativity, and dark religion: Matt Cardin interviewed

Teeming Brain founder/editor Matt Cardin was interviewed on the October 14, 2012 edition of the Expanding Mind Radio show, which is devoted to exploring “the cultures of consciousness.” The hour-long conversation with co-hosts Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust delves into the deep psychological, philosophical, and spiritual underpinnings of the dark side of religious experience and explores the implications of the fact that this aspect of religion, which is so foreign to modern, mainstream Western ideas about religion’s nature and function, actually stands at the very center of what it has always been about for people around the world and throughout history.

The episode is titled “Daemonic Creativity” — indicating another subject that it explores at some length. You can download it from its main page or click to listen to it here with this streaming player:

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“Parapsychology Today” – David Metcalfe interviewed

Our own David Metcalfe recently appeared as the featured guest on the Expanding Mind radio show. The episode, which is fully streamable and downloadable, is titled “Parapsychology Today” and described like this: “Parapsychology, esotericism, and the changing information landscape: a talk with writer and blogger David Metcalfe.”

Click the player to listen, or visit the episode page to download:



Expanding Mind is a weekly show in which co-hosts Erik Davis and Maja D’aoust “explore the cultures of consciousness: magic, religion, psychology, technology.” Erik is of course the author of, among other things, the widely praised 1999 book Techgnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information, about the hermetic, mystical, millenialist, and apocalyptic-visionary impulse that has always accompanied technological revolution in general and the current digital information technology revolution in particular. D’aoust, as described in a nice 2010 profile by LA Weekly, is the self-proclaimed “White Witch of L.A. … a writer and lecturer on mysticism, magic and ancient teachings.” She is the co-author (with Adam Parfrey) of The Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and Its Hermetic Influence throughout the Ages. Their past guest list is an amazing roster of significant mainstream and subcultural figures in the realms of religion, technology, academia, esotericism, the paranormal, and more.

So, congrats to David for being invited to appear in such excellent company and add his voice to the conversation.

Image: “John Beattie Eugene Rochas seance” by Eugene Rochas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons