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If Science Kills God, What Fate the Devil?

The Extinction Papers – Chapter One


Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to the First Chapter of The Extinction Papers.

I’m genuinely thrilled that The Teeming Brainfather Matt Cardin has asked me to pour out my often daft and hastily supported thoughts into this ever-growing dossier as I attempt to document the multitudinous Mass Extinction of Things happening all around us.  The felling of gods and monsters, culture and mores, tradition and fairy tale.  The annihilation of traditional communication and existence in the moment.  The second toppling of undead Disco.  We are living in deleterious times, and for every spotted owl brought back from the brink of oblivion, often by the efforts of hard science and compassionate preservation, other things — more subtle and possibly more important things — are being blotted from existence with nary a peep.

In The Extinction Papers, I will attempt to chart and discuss the death of those nouns, those persons, places, and things (both concrete and nebulous) that are dying with the day.  Put on your butchers apron and come with me, won’t you?

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