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Is the spiritual counterculture doomed?

I would love to gainsay the point made by Nicholas Fuller in a recent essay at Evolutionary Landscapes. Sites like Reality Sandwich, and movements like Evolver, and the entire subcultural milieu that they represent, not to mention the general worldview they inhabit and promulgate, are near and dear to me. But damn it, Fuller is onto somethin when he says this is all destined for destruction. Especially see the part of his essay — not excerpted below (because I want you to click through and read the piece in its entirety) — where he describes his own workaday worries and pressures involving relationships and school and money, and points out that “No amount of DMT, books on Buddhism, and weekend retreats of spiritual practices can even begin to address any of the issues above, and frankly, between my 40+ hour work week and full time college work load, I barely have time for the sleep my body desperately needs, let alone the nourishment I’m told my soul needs.” In other words: If he’s feeling this disconnect, then it’s surely lodged in the collective psyche of America at large and people elsewhere as well. And that spells trouble for all of those spiritual concerns that have self-identified as standing outside and apart from the dreary inferno of everyday life. This is deeply perceptive. And tragic.

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