Interview with Thomas Ligotti:
It’s All a Matter of Personal Pathology

Published in The New York Review of Science Fiction, Issue 218, Vol. 19, No. 2 (October 2006)


Interview with Kim Paffenroth:
Horror, Dread, and Transcendent Yearning


Interview with Mark Samuels:
A Sense of Charnel Glamour



Interview with Stephen Jones:
Horror, Pure and Simple

Published in Cemetery Dance #59 (December 2008)


Interview with Nick Mamatas:
Let the Id Do the Writing


Interview with Quentin S. Crisp:
I Have a Buddhist Voice in My Head


Interview with John Langan:
That Occulted Part of Ourselves


Interview with T. M. Wright:
An Unleashed Imagination


Interview with Don Webb:
Art, Mystery, and Magic



Interview with J. F. Martel:
Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice



Interview with James Fadiman:
The Daemon and the Doors of Perception

 James Fadiman


Interview with Gary Lachman:
Occult Politics, Nihilism, and the Responsibility of the Imagination