A special note to Teeming Brain email subscribers

Be advised that as of this Sunday our email subscription service will be changing. We’ll be switching to a new service (MailChimp) that will send you a weekly digest of all new Teeming Brain content from the previous week. That’s as opposed to the current system, which sends you a separate notification for each new post.

This requires action on your part in order to avoid having your in-box clogged with duplicate content! Please click the “Manage Subscriptions” link at the bottom of any Teeming Brain email you’ve previously received (including this one, if you’re reading this notice via email) and follow the simple steps to unsubscribe from that now-abandoned service. (I would remove you from it myself, but I’m prevented from doing so by the way the system works. You have to opt out yourself.) You’ve already been added to the new email subscription list, so this Sunday you’ll receive the first installment of the new “Teeming Brain Weekly,” followed by a fresh installment every Sunday thereafter.

Also remember that you’re always free to subscribe via RSS instead of email.

About The Teeming Brain

The Teeming Brain is a blog magazine exploring the intersection of religion, horror, the paranormal, creativity, consciousness, and culture. It also tracks apocalyptic and dystopian trends in technology, politics, ecology, economics, the arts, education, and society at large.

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