David Metcalfe talks about liminal states, ESP, and more on the DisinfoCast


On a recent edition of the DisinfoCast, the popular podcast put out by The Disinformation Company, host Matt Staggs spoke with Teeming Brain columnist (and Disinfo.com contributor) David B. Metcalfe about parapsychology, liminal states, ESP, and various other matters. You can download the podcast in mp3 form or stream it directly from the site:

The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: David B. Metcalfe

Not coincidentally, David’s Teeming Brain column De Umbris Idearum is devoted to exploring that very same nexus of subjects, issues, and illuminations, including ESP, parapsychology,  liminality, science, skepticism, esotericism, the occult, religion, philosophy, and more. If you’ve fallen behind, catching up on it would represent an eminently worthwhile use of your time:

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  1. Psi would have been a way to leak secrets internationally. I think this is the main reason it is so suppressed. Fear of communism. Shamanism is a practice that socially engineers far more enlarged kinship networks. I believe many governments don’t want international kinship ties to be strengthened because it is against their interests

  2. the United Nations is currently holding a summit meeting on controlling and limiting the open internet. I am a supporter of the open and unrestricted internet and have myself used its potential to the fullest for learning about shamanism . I would not have been able to initiate without it. Powers that be are not interested in world peace – at all.


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