Forthcoming horror books from Teem members T.E. Grau and Stuart Young

Teeming Brain contributors T.E. Grau and Stuart Young have just shared some information about their new publications in the pipeline. Both were tagged in the “Next Big Thing” meme, which is currently winding its way through the ‘Net-connected authorial community, and which asks authors to answer ten questions about their forthcoming works. Participants are also instructed to tag five additional authors, who will publish their own answers to the same questions a week later.

Ted uses the opportunity to talk about “I Am Death, Cried the Vulture, a joint collection of short fiction by me and my wife — author, editor, essayist, and intergalactic heartbreaker Ives Hovanessian.” He describes the book as “A collection of Weird fiction tales by T.E. Grau and Ives Hovanessian spanning the cosmos, the underground, and various shadowed places in between.”

Stu uses the opportunity to talk about Reflections in the Mind’s Eye, a short fiction collection containing “a range of stories all linked thematically by their examinations of reality and human consciousness … By some crazy coincidence it shares qualities with all my other books — hallucinations, disillusionment, dysfunctional relationships and all that other fun stuff.  Damaged minds, damaged souls, damaged realities; that seems to be my literary territory.”

Click through the links for further details, presented with plenty of Ted’s and Stu’s signature panache. And while you’re waiting for their next books to be published, remember that you can always read Ted’s column The Extinction Papers and Stu’s column Sparking Neurones right here.

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