Can dark matter, the multiverse model, and the observer effect help to explain UFOs and paranormal entities?

Here’s some fascinating, cogent, incisive, and subtle speculation/theorizing (marred in places by a mild stylistic clumsiness) from Kathy Kasten, whose accompanying bio describes her as “an experienced writer/researcher who delved extensively into the UFO phenomenon and related subject matter” and whose “resume includes acting as staff liaison on the Human Subjects Protection Committee while employed at the University of California at Los Angeles.” Ms. Kasten is ably connecting all kinds of compelling data dots, and is doing so in an admirably open-minded, nondogmatic way — which surely accounts for the philosophically and emotionally evocative vibe of her developing line of thought.

In order to get at the real phenomena we will have to begin to understand just what is human perception and how it functions…[M]ost of the time what appears to be happening “out there” is really happening “in here.”  Humans are continually projecting from “in here” to “out there”…[T]he universe does not exist in a state independent from the observer.  That new rule is according to Robert Lanza, M.D., scientist and author of “Biocentrism”…Dr. Lanza [states] that while we are in the process of sorting out the fact that time and space don’t exist without us, our reality will feel like a bit of madness. According to Dr. Mark Robert Waldman, the madness comes from the fact the human brain generates every type of belief.  Each human brain constructs its own version of reality and is biased by its experience of perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social beliefs, resulting in a limited view of reality of what actually exists “out there.”

…Scientists and cosmologists have postulated there is a condition of universe called dark matter and dark energy…[N]o wonder we can’t figure out whether extra normal phenomena is “real” or not, because if there are weak particles attempting to interact with our world, should we be wondering if [by] this the method another world is emerging into ours?…Other researchers are attempting to describe multilevel universes.  Again, they have encountered paradoxes…[S]earching for dark matter and dark energy isn’t only taking place “out there.”  A research team at the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis is claiming dark energy resides in the human brain…According to [Marcus E.] Raichle, “(I)n years to come the brain’s dark energy may provide clues to the nature of consciousness.  As most neuroscientists acknowledge, our conscious interactions with the world are just a small part of the brain’s activity.  What goes on below the level of awareness — the brain’s dark energy, for one — is critical in providing the context for what we experience in the small window of conscious awareness…Over time neural dark energy may ultimately be revealed as the very essence of what makes us tick.”

…[W]hen I let go of my limited worldview and begin to wander into new territory, I have to wonder if the Matrix, Zero Point, Multilevel Universes are all part of the phenomena physicists are calling dark matter and dark energy.  A glimpse into Alternative Realities (ARs), as it were…I am going to suggest that [entities of an alternative reality] who make their appearance in our reality are able to create the energy to emerge into our worldview for a short time, do whatever they need to do to attract our attention, and then dissipate back into their separate reality.  Further, I suggest it takes cooperation — whether consciously or subconsciously — between the entity and the human mind…The ascribing of meaning by the ego should be discouraged by the observer.  Only the flicker of whatever is attempting to manifest should be encouraged…I am proposing that the human personality, worldview and physiology is influencing what the “witness” is experiencing.  That goes for all involved: The witness.  The interviewer.  Anyone with an opinion related to the experience.  Even if it is reported as a “light in the sky”…Experiencing an awake hallucination should not mean that the event that took place is not “real” (meaning taking place in the agreed upon reality), but real in the alternative state sense of the word.  Alternative states may be where the events start and then emerge into our agreed upon reality.  

– Kathleen Kasten, “Possible Key to Understanding the Phenomena,” The UFO Trail, June 30, 2012

I encourage my readers to consider these things in light of what I’ve said and speculated about regarding the ontology of paranormal phenomena and the question of whether an event or entity that is located within the subjective realm is, therefore, “not real.” Ms. Kasten’s thoughts also dovetail with what I’ve written about the daemonic muse and the subtle question of its ontological status (a mere linguistic convention? a metaphor for the unconscious mind? an independent entity/intelligence? all of the above?). Also note their resonance with the idea — and experience — of the DMT “hyperspace” as explored most famously by Dr. Rick Strassman.

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